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How to claim the Kerala lottery prize?

Are you one of those fortunate people who has won a lottery in Kerala? Are you looking for ways to claim your reward money? Read this article to learn how to claim lottery prizes in Kerala.

The Kerala Lottery Department offers bumper tickets worth ₹ 100 and ₹ 200 as well as weekly tickets worth ₹20, ₹30, and ₹50. If you have won a lottery prize, you must be excited to claim the reward. 

Claiming lottery money in Kerala is a simple process if one can follow the proper procedures. Before knowing the process, one must possess detailed knowledge about the documents which are needed for claiming the Kerala lottery prize. Read on further to know every detail regarding claiming a lottery prize in Kerala.

Which forms of identification are needed to claim the lottery prize?

You must ascertain whether you have a winning lottery ticket before claiming a reward from the Kerala lottery. The steps to cross-check your ticket are as follows:

  • Verify the digits on your lottery ticket with the declared winners of the particular Kerala lottery draw. Typically, the Kerala State Lottery Department’s website or regional media will publish the winning numbers.
  • Check to see if your lottery ticket is still eligible for a claim. Lottery winnings in Kerala have a 30-day window for redemption. You won’t be able to collect your reward if your ticket has passed the deadline for claims.

Now to claim the prize money for the lottery ticket, one needs to bring the necessary documents for verification, which are stated below:

  • A claim form and a self-attested Photostat copy of the ticket’s front and back.
  • Two photographs (passport size) of the prize winner officially verified by a Gazetted Officer/Notary.
  • An official prize money receipt in the required format bearing the winner’s full address and a revenue stamp for ₹1.
  • Guardianship certification from a reputable agency is required if the award recipient is a minor. In the event of joint claims, one of the award winners must be permitted to receive the winnings, and a “Joint Declaration” on stamp paper costing ₹ 50 need to be filed.
  • PAN Card copy that has been self-attested.
  • Valid identification proof such as a photocopy of a Ration Card(self-attested), Driving License, Election ID Card, Passport, or any other document.

Additionally, the prize money may be collected from Nationalised, Scheduled, or Government Cooperative banks. If necessary, the winning lottery ticket should be presented to the bank along with all the mentioned paperwork. The bank should provide the following certificates with the claim when submitting it to the General manager of State Lotteries:

  • The winning contestant’s letter of authorisation.
  • A certificate from the bank from where you will receive the prize money.
  • Collecting bank’s certificate.

What are the procedures for claiming the lottery prize?

There are a few ways of claiming the winning prize money in Kerala. It is done in two methods which are:

Claiming the winning prize money in person

  • One can collect your reward in person by going to the Kerala State Lottery Headquarters or a certified Kerala lottery agent. The steps are given below:
  • Firstly, one needs to visit the office of the Kerala State Lottery Department or a licensed Kerala lottery agent. Any person can get the location using the website of the Kerala State Lottery Department or by directly calling their phone number.
  • Present the winning ticket and the necessary identification documents. Bring a government-issued identification along with any other required paperwork, like a certified affidavit, when you are claiming the reward on behalf of another person.
  • To prove your claim, sign the back of the lottery ticket.

Claiming the winning prize money by mail:

You might be able to get your reward by mail if you are unavailable to pick it up in person. The steps for receiving the prize by mail are as follows:

  • Obtain a claim form, which must be filled out and signed by from Kerala State Lottery Department or a licensed Kerala lottery agent. Your personal details will be requested on the claim form, and you could be asked to enclose a photocopy of the government-issued ID. 
  • Include a copy of the legitimate government-issued identification as well as the winning ticket. To make sure that your claim may be processed, include both the original lottery ticket and a photocopy of your ID.
  • Mail the Kerala State Lottery Department the filled-out claim form, lottery ticket, and identification. One can find the mail on the website.

As per the amount won, there are certain ways which one needs to keep in mind when claiming the winning prize, which is given below.

Prize money of more than 1 lakh

You must collect your reward at the Kerala State Lottery Department headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram if it is worth more than INR 100,000. This is because larger awards require more verification and administration.

Visit the Thiruvananthapuram location of the Kerala State Lottery Department. Bring the winning lottery ticket as well as any necessary identification required for claiming the prize money. Tax withholding may also apply to larger awards. If taxes are due on your reward, the Kerala State Lottery Department will inform you and provide instructions on how to do so.

Prize money of 1 lakh or less

If you win the Kerala lottery and receive a prize of ₹1 lakh or less, you must visit the district lottery officer for that district. The Kerala lottery winner must submit all required paperwork for claiming the winning prize money.

Prize money of ₹ 5000 or less

Every Kerala lottery dealer can accept the lottery ticket and provide the winnings to the winner of the Kerala lottery if the prize is ₹5000 or less, but he is not forced to do so.

Income tax at the prevailing rate would be subtracted from reward money over ₹10,000 and credited to the central government account. As of right now, any prize-winning claims that exceed ₹10,000 would be subject to a 30% income tax deduction. An amount equal to 10% of the agents’ reward claims will be subtracted as income tax. As per the norms of income tax, no charge or academic cess is now deducted.


If you win a lottery prize in Kerala then you need to know the procedure for collecting it. The technique for winning the Kerala lottery is pretty straightforward. Depending on the amount of prize money won on the ticket. 

Different steps must be followed to claim the winnings. To guarantee that your application is processed quickly, it’s crucial to adhere to the directions given by the Kerala State Lottery Department and the licensed lottery agency.

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