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Logo Design

How to Choose a Company Logo and Name?

he logo and name of your company give the impression of your company's mission and Vision. It is a crucial managerial decision, and we are here to help you know about the company name logo along the way.

A good company name should clarify any confusion or ambiguous words to help the customer clearly picture the company. The internet is full of information. Google different words and make a list of a few of the best names. You can Choose a Company Logo Online! The logo of the company could be derived from the name of the company.

Design a logo that stands you apart from the competitors. This way, you could create a competitive advantage over the competitors. Keep the design so simple that it can be used anywhere on the letterhead or website of the company. Keep reading to know about the company name logo.

There are an estimated 300 million companies today, roughly one company for every 26 people, with so many companies in the world ranging from huge multinational conglomerates to small corporations. It is becoming harder and harder to stand out. Close to 627000 new companies open each year, and only a handful of the companies survive at the end of the year.

Vakilsearch’s company name generator has many Company Name suggestions for you to use on your new unregistered company.

Figure Out a Company Name

Brainstorm different company name ideas with your company partner and list down the names you and your partner conclude are appropriate for them. You could use a part or different permutations and a combination of names from the list.

Then, Try to choose a short name that conveys the intended image you want to build with your company. After all, a company is a social asset that serves the community for years ahead. In most cases, the Company Logo and name are easy to pronounce and spell if they are short in any known language like Sony. 

Your customer may have a hard time remembering a long company name. Thus, Use a name that is easy to memorize. The name you choose will go on throughout the life of the company. You should make sure that the name speaks for itself and create an exciting and encaustic image of the company in the mind of the customers.

As per the provision contained in The Companies Act, a company shall not be incorporated with an undesirable name that contains –

  1. A word or expression which is supposed to give an idea that the company is in any way associated with, or has the support of, the Central Government or any State government or Any local authority, corporation, or body set up by an act of parliament.
  2. A name of a company in English or any other language giving the same meaning unless the prior approval of the Central Government has been obtained for the use of any such word or expression as follows –
  • Board
  • Commission
  • Authority
  • Undertaking
  • National
  • Union
  • Central
  • Federal
  • Republic
  • President
  • Rashtrapati
  • Small Scale Industries
  • Village and Khadi Industries 
  • Municipal
  • Panchayat
  • Development Authority
  •  Nation
  •  Forest corporation
  •  Development Scheme
  • Statute or Statutory
  • Court or Judiciary
  • Bureau

You can make the Naming Process Online for Companies Online So that Experts Can Help you.

Think the Future

It is an old saying, Think about what you want to be in the future, and you will figure out your present. These things also work out for the company’s name as well. You want to start a company to explore an identified opportunity. Your company is meant to add value to customers and their lifestyles and serve its social responsibility. A name that conveys your vision for the company and defines your operation would be the perfect fit. Avoid a name that sounds funny but will eventually become annoying over the years. Rather opt for a name that conveys the image of your company.

You may want a name that gives an impression of luxury or status symbols in the mind of customers. So, choose a name that defines your company so that customers are not left with guesswork about what you are trying to sell.

A Logo for Your Company

Make a quick examination of the logos of your competitors. This way, you will be sure not to choose a similar logo. You will want your logo to stand out from your competitors.

It is also important to note that your logo should not resemble a trademark registered in India to avoid unnecessary litigations. Brainstorm ideas and choose a long-range desired image of your company that could be the best-picked logo. Think about vibrant and bold colors that match the kind of perception you want to build. If your company deals in toys for kids, you will avoid dark and somber colors in your logo.

Create Types of designs and compare them to choose the one you think best represents your company. Your logo should be tiny enough to get on company holdings, company cards, and letterheads. Enlarge your logo and shrink it to a small size to check if the logo is marketable in different places like the company website, letterheads, Business Cards Etc.

Compare your logo in different background colors like white, green, or black to make sure it looks as you think it will be.

Trademark Your Logo

You have invested significant time in thinking and designing the logo. Make sure you get a Registered trademark from the government of India, and it will be your Intellectual property over the life of the company. Be mindful if someone tries to use it without your permission because such a practice could ruin your years of hard work in making the image of the company. It is also important that your logo shall not resemble a trademark already registered. 


The logo design and name of your company is an important decision you are required to make since it is the desired image of the company that you are trying to convey. The logo and name of your company represent the intended future of the company. Hope you have enjoyed reading it so far.

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