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How to Check Your Provident Fund Balance

Employee’s Provident Fund is a fund that is contributed both by the employers and the employees, to enable the employees to save for their retirement.

Employee’s Provident Fund is a fund that is contributed both by the employers and the employees, to enable the employees to save for their retirement. Employees often wish to check the balance in their PF accounts, to enable them to plan their financial and wealth goals better.

Nothing but money is sweeter than honey! That’s exactly why people want to save and invest. While there are many savings and investment schemes, an Employee Provident Fund (EPF Registration) is the most prominent one. A provident fund is an investment or savings fund that is voluntarily and intentionally taken up by employers and employees and acts as long-term savings to benefit the employees at the time of their retirement. 

The Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) simply serves as a savings tool for employees. The fund is contributed both by the employer and the employee and can be availed by the employee after retirement or when the employee chooses to switch jobs. The applicable rate of interest for EPF accounts is 8.1% for the period October 1st 2021 to December 31st 2022.

Most employees wish to know the amount that is being accumulated in their PF account. Managing the EPF account has now been made effortless. Verifying the balance available on the EPF accounts enables employees to plan their expenses, apply for loans, and help them to strategise their financial responsibilities. One can also use a PF Calculator Online to make their PF related calculations simpler. Hence, it is very crucial that an employee keeps an eye on the EPF account through the following methods:

  1. Through the EPFO Portal:

To check the PF balance in the portal the employee must be aware of the Universal Account Number (UAN) that is activated by the employer. The UAN is a unique 12- digit identification number that both the employer and the employee are assigned to, under which both contribute to the EPF. The UAN is issued by the Ministry of Labour and Employment and is employed by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). Once the UAN is activated, the employee has to pursue the following steps to get to know the fund balance in the PF account:  

Step 1:

The employee has to visit the official EPFO portal and select ‘For Employees’ under the ‘Services’ tab

step 1 to check  pf balance
step 1 to check pf balance

Step 2:

The employee has to choose ‘ Member Passbook’ under the ‘Services’ section

step 2  to check  pf balance
step 2 to check pf balance

Step 3:

The employee will be navigated to a login page, wherein the UAN and password are to be entered after it has been activated

step 3 to check  pf balance
step 3 to check pf balance

Step 4:

The employee has to choose ‘Member ID’ and click ‘View Passbook     [OLD: FULL]’ option. The PF details will be displayed and it can be printed by clicking ‘Download Passbook’ option

step 4 to check pf balance
step 4 to check pf balance

  1. Through SMS:

This method can be chosen after the UAN is linked with KYC details by following the steps mentioned below:

  •       Send out an SMS to 7738299899 in the format EPFOHO UAN ENG
  •       The employee can select the language preferable for communication through the SMS
  • To choose English send EPFOHO UAN ENG- wherein ENG stands for English. Whereas for Marathi type the code as EPFOHO UAN MAR
  • Other language options available are Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali.
  • After doing so, the balance and other details will be received via SMS.

  1. Through Missed Call:

The PF balance can also be verified by simply giving a missed call to 011-2290-1406 from the registered mobile number. This service can be used only if the UAN is linked with the KYC. Also, this method is most popular in rural areas as not everyone will have access to the internet at all times. After dialing the number, the employee can disconnect after a few rings. Thereafter the PF balance will be sent to the number through a text message.

  1. Through the UMANG/EPFO App:

The PF balance can be verified in the Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance (UMANG) app by downloading it on the smartphone. The app not only helps one to check the PF balance, but also helps in filing and tracking claims. The members are required to complete a one-time registration using their UAN-registered smartphone number to log in to the app. The PF account can be verified through the app by following the steps mentioned below:

  •   Select and download the UMANG app from Google Play Store or App Store
  •   Choose the ‘EPFO’option under ‘All Services’ tab


  •   Choose ‘View Passbook’ under ‘Employee Centric Service’.

Withdrawal of  PF:

The amount from the Provident Fund can be withdrawn by the employee in many ways. While it requires the intervention of the employer in some circumstances, it only requires the employee’s presence at most times. To accomplish this, a couple of forms need to be filled out and filed to withdraw the amount required.

When the amount from Provident Fund is withdrawn through the Employer:

The following forms are required to be furnished when the PF amount is drawn in the presence of the employer.

  •       Form 19
  •       Form 10C
  •       Form 15G.

UAN forms are generally submitted when the employee does not want the employer to intervene in the process of withdrawal. Alternatively, a UAN Form is not required when the employee wishes to withdraw the amount with the assistance of the employer. The employee merely requires the signature of an authorised signatory and a company stamp at the bottom of each page. The details in the Forms should match those given by the employee to the company at the time of joining of the company. Any mismatch or discrepancies will delay the withdrawal process and will lead to investigations to check the validity of the application. Other documents that are required are:

  •   Copy of the PAN Card
  •   Canceled cheque or copy of bank statement or first page of the passbook
  •   The UAN Number .

The above documents are to be attached along with the forms and should be submitted to the employer. The employer will thereafter pass the same to the PF office that is handling the employee’s account.

When the amount from Provident Fund is withdrawn without the help of the Employer:

When the employer is not involved, Form 11 should be filled out and submitted. Since January 2016, this form has become mandatory to be filed in order to withdraw the funds. The employees who have not contributed to the PF account, cannot use this form and hence cannot withdraw funds without the help of their employer. Other forms that are to be filed are:

  •       Form 19 (UAN)
  •       Form 10(C) (UAN)
  •       Form 15G
  •       Attach a canceled cheque, signed, and stamped by a bank manager.

Requisites for Verifying the PF Account:

  1. An Activated UAN ID
  2. The database must have the details of the employee pertaining to the bank account number, PAN card and Aadhaar number
  3. Employer-approved KYC documents
  4. The employee must be registered with the UAN portal
  5. Correct Inputs to the UAN Portal.

The PF account can have a nominee named by the employee, although it is not mandatory. It is advisable to mention a nominee in the records as it helps the nominees to access the EPF account after the death of the employee, thereby being able to secure the family.

Hence, the EPFO has made it extremely simple for employees to take a quick look and verify their PF balance. Not only has it simplified, but has also made it possible through several channels such as through the website, app, SMS or missed call, to access the PF account, which is truly appreciable.

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