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How to Cancel Learning License Application?

Deleting or cancelling an active licenseApplication request is easy, all you need to do is follow this blog, register with the services of Sarathi Parivahan and keep the necessary documents handy

Cancel License Application: Based on the term of the Motor Vehicles Act (1988), any Indian who wishes to learn to drive a two-wheeler or car must apply for a learning license first. This is a preliminary requirement that guarantees one’s chances of getting a driving license in the future after he/she successfully passes the practical test. 

Documents specified by the RTO need to submit along with form fill-up procedures which a candidate must go through either online or by visiting a registered office. LL or learner’s license is issued after the fees are paid by the aspirant upon subsequent license request. However, due to some reason, you may face the necessity to cancel your LL or DL application. 

This article will serve you as a guide if you are confused regarding this process and constantly searching for solutions once you have applied for LL or DL through the Sarathi Parivahan portal. This requirement arises mainly due to amendment requirements in the already dislodged application request. 

Readers need to understand that if they have made some mistake while filling the form they can cancel the application well in advance also the procedure of re-applying has no fixed maximum attempts in online Sarathi Parivahan.

Learning License: Cancelling Procedure

An online application or request for a learning license is canceled following simple steps. We will explain each step in detail to assimilate the entire procedure.

  1. A candidate who is interested in availing of the DL cancellation services must visit the genuine web page of Sarathi Parivahan first.
  2. Now you will be asked to choose the appropriate state. Proceed with the task.
  3. Now you will be directed to a new menu, this appears on the device screen’s top corner. Select the first other option to access the consequent submenu. The submenu displays the following options:
  • DL search
  • Search oriented applications
  • Change in mobile number
  • Application cancellation
  • Fetch application number
  • Adding a class of vehicles
  • Registration of camp
  • Service denied by applicant
  • Generate printout of application form
  1. All you have to do is select the option saying ‘Application cancellation’. 
  2. A new tab automatically pops up in the next stage. Here you will be asked to provide your date of birth and valid application number. After these criteria are met proceed to click the ‘Submit’ option.
  3. An OTP is forwarded to the applicant’s registered phone. Enter this to finalize the application cancellation procedure.

Now you are again eligible to request for fresh learning license. We are going to discuss how it is done. 


Learning License Application Online

To apply online the new user must visit the official website of Parivahan gov. Then you have to set the menu option as ‘Driving License related Facilities’. After this proceed with the appropriate state. Even before all of these, you need to figure out which license will serve your purpose. When you are requesting to get a learning license please proceed with the application process of the same, select the option – ‘New Driving License.

A new tab appears once you have followed the previous instruction. Correct details must be fed into the system while you are asked to fill up the application format. Next, the user is asked to put forward his present address followed by the license category. 

Altogether nineteen classes of vehicles are identified separately by the RTO; the user shall be able to identify the appropriate type while selecting the category of license. Once figured out you must only select the car or motorbike that you are about to drive. Now enter every detail associated with the vehicle quite carefully.

After successful submission of the application form, the application number has to be recorded for future requirements. Next, the person is asked to upload the necessary documents for the DL application. Also, this section will ask for the owner’s signature and a passport-sized photograph. Once the soft copies are all uploaded you must book a slot from among the available time slots to sit for the computer test. This procedure is completed by visiting the Sarathi Parivahan portal and then booking a particular appointment. Once the slot has been booked confirmation note is forwarded to you which can be retained in a hard copy format.

Please note that there is an associated fee for processing the request of issuing a new driver’s license. Payment is accepted in the Sarathi Parivahan app itself. To pay fees you have to enter the unique application ID besides some personal information such as the date of birth. Then see the exact fee amount by selecting ‘calculate fees’. 

Eventually, you will proceed to the payment gateway. After this there is a complete facility to check the payment status online, this service is useful as at times money gets deducted from the sender’s bank account but does not enter the authorized receiver which hinders the overall process.

Guide to check the Payment Status

After paying the challan fees required for the driving license exam you must check whether the payment has reached the desired destination or not. If the answer is yes then there is no need to worry on the other hand if the transaction is turned down or if the money gets credited to someone else’s account then re-payment is needed from your end. 

In the beginning, log into the official website of parivahan gov. Navigate to the option – ‘driving license related facilities’. Then select the state’s name to view the payment status.

Some additional information that you need to enter includes the application number and D.O.B. At the end tap on the verify option.


Applicants are often required to turn their active driving license request as void due to many reasons. The most common reasons are mistakes identified in filling the form at a late stage, some unavoidable circumstances faced by the candidate due to whom he or she would not be able to make it to the test center on provided dates, etc. 

However, the readers have been much more aware of this cancellation policy after reading this article. Cancellation can be done online using Sarathi online portal. Once the cancellation has been confirmed a person can proceed to start a new application for LL or DL. 

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