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How Much Does It Cost to Register an International Trademark?

In this article we shall understand how much it will cost to register a trademark internationally!

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The nature of trademark registration is territorial. Each country where you want to register your trademark requires a separate application.

It is essential to register your trademarks in the countries you intend to sell and market your products. The party who first registers a trademark usually owns it. As a result, it’s critical to register your trademarks in each country where your company sees a potential or key market. A national trademark registration ends at the border, and the owner of the trademark has no rights outside of the country in which it is registered.

Maximum businesses realise the importance of a trademark registration once the water is above the bridge. Developing businesses into new countries only recognise the value of registering their trademarks once it is too late. At the same time, when they are being confronted with counterfeiters/imitators or accused of infringing on others’ rights.

Madrid Protocol Filing Costs

One of the most ideal ways to protect the brand image and products is to register the trademark internationally. International trademarks, like American trademark registrations, play an important role in attempting to prevent infringement by third parties and are extremely useful in resolving domain disputes, among other things. After all, having a realistic idea of what such an endeavour might cost is the first step in securing these investments for your intellectual property portfolio.


The fees for filing an international trademark application via the Madrid Protocol would be as follows:

  • The cost of the Madrid Protocol is $740. ( The price can vary as per exchange rates)
  • Individual country fees range from $100 to 850 dollars (each country charges a filing fee, these fees differ country by country)
  • Expenses for legal counsel: $950+ (Legal fees are usually defined by the number of countries you file in.)

As you can see, there are three ‘fee buckets’ to take into account. The first one is a fee for using the Madrid Protocol system exclusively. The second factor is the fees charged by individual countries. Eventually, there are legal fees for the application’s preparation, filing, and tracking.

Direct Filing (via Local Attorney) Costs

The Madrid Protocol may not be the best choice for international trademark filings in some cases. Unless you only need to file in one or two countries, filing directly through a local lawyer may be less expensive than using the Protocol.

The cost of filing a direct trademark application through a local attorney in any given country ranges from $1500-to $2500. The price varies by country (depending on the filing fee) and by the amount of service and time you require from the local lawyer.

In most cases, filing trademark applications in a foreign country is not possible. However, many trademark attorneys in the United States (including ourselves) have established relationships with these local attorneys to help make these filings go as smoothly as possible.

European Union Trademark Filing Costs

An ‘EUTM’ is also a viable option to consider when filing internationally. An EUTM (European trademark) is a single trademark registration that applies to all EU members. Although the appeal of an EUTM has deteriorated as a result of the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU, the cost of filing on a per-country basis is among the lowest in the world.

The preliminary filing fee for a trademark application in the EU is around USD 990 (depending on exchange rates) for a single-class application. An application with two classes would cost around $61, with each additional class costing another $183. Local attorneys in the EU typically charge between $600-$800 to aid with the filing (on top of these filings costs).

Legal Fees for International Trademark Filings

As previously stated, legal fees account for a large portion of the costs of filing trademarks worldwide. Though it may be tempting to save money by not hiring an attorney, it is in your best interests to invest in trademark counsel upfront to avoid expensive mistakes down the road.

Trademark applications are nuanced, complex legal documents, particularly if they are not written in your first language. Mistakes can result in delays in registration or even rejection of the application. Furthermore, prior to filing your application, a trademark attorney can conduct a clearance search in the country in which you wish to file, which can help you better understand the risks associated with the mark you have chosen in that country. This gives you the opportunity to make changes if necessary, avoiding the need for costly legal action down the road.

An attorney also has the experience and connections to help you navigate the application process in a foreign country—their professional relationships with international counsel and other lawyers around the world ensure that your application is successful and that you have the best chance of obtaining your desired trademark.

Please contact Vakilsearch intellectual property consultation today if you need assistance determining the next steps for your trademark portfolio, need advice on the Madrid Protocol filing process, or simply want to review your international options. Vakilsearch is ready to assist you with expanding globally, with experience filing applications all over the world and dozens of successful international registrations.

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