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How Much Does it Cost to Close an LLP?

Due to its benefits, the LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) is one of India's most popular legal entities.However, it becomes equally difficult to maintain and close a business if the owners are unaware of the technicalities. In this article, we'll look at some of the technical and monetary aspects of LLP closure.

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An LLP is principally closed due to several reasons. Maintaining an LLP sometimes becomes compelling in the face of maintenance of compliance costs, legal penalties, hiring chartered accountants, company secretaries, etc. Some startups began with an idea, but discovered their concepts were not profitable, and they wished to close the LLP. Or maybe, for a long time, there has been no business activity in the firm; partners are unwilling to continue the partnership or business. Following the loss of a partner, the other wants to close the business or lastly due to unforeseen circumstances, if the Courts issue an order to shut down. In all such circumstances the owners shall be acquainted with the cost and procedure of an LLP closure.

LLP Costs and other requirements:

If you do not intend to file the return and close the LLP for any reason, the LLP must be closed in accordance with the LLP Act. When it comes to LLP registration of closure, Vakilsearch showcases a remarkable and efficient reputation.

The approximate costs for closure of an LLP are around 5-10,000, assuming all filings are completed. This includes drafting charges for applications, filing charges, preparing affidavits, statement of assets and liabilities, surrender of documents and all other compliances.

The government fees for filing Form 24 is 500. The penalty for LLPs defaulting in filing of any statutory return is Rs.100 per day, without any maximum limit.


There are two conditions In LLP:

  1. The LLP should have been dormant for at least a year, or it should have been inactive since its inception.
  2. The second stipulation is that the LLP must be debt-free at the time of application. Furthermore, there is extensive paperwork to complete. The first step is to submit the application, along with the requisite fees and an affidavit, as well as consent from all LLP partners.
  3. The closure of an LLP can take up to two months if the partners are diligent in completing the necessary procedures.

Procedure for closing an LLP:

A brief idea of the process involves filing a resolution and filing Form No. 1 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA). A statement of assets and liabilities of the firm needs to be submitted and also a final account statement. An advertisement is given out in the local newspaper for getting authorized by the creditors. Finally the partners shall submit a declaration along with Form 24 post which the registrar will upload it on the website and declare the LLP closed.

Documents Required for LLP:

Pan Card of partners, Aadhar Card of Partners, Latest address proof of partners and a consent letter signed by all partners.

Some checkpoints:

  • All the pending compliances related to filings of LLP shall be complete. The LLP should file all the overdue returns in Form-8 and Form 11, if any. Also check that LLP Agreement has been filed in LLP-3 with ROC
  • Ensure that all the statutory dues due to any statutory authority are cleared.
  • All the liabilities must be paid off and if any liabilities remain due then a NOC from the creditors is required.
  • The bank account of the LLP shall be closed and a letter of closure shall be taken from the bank evidencing the closure of the bank account.

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