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How Do I Withdraw My Full and Final Settlement?

Employee's Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement programme in which an employee's employer contributes a portion of the employee's salary while the employee is still employed, and the member withdraws the lump sum payment upon retirement.

After leaving a job, an employee may also ask for the employee’s Provident Fund account’s ultimate settlement.Form 19 must be filled out in order to withdraw funds for the final settlement from the EPF account.

Form 19 :

It must be completed by a member in order to settle his PF account.

By obtaining the PF settlement form (Form 19) from the official EPF website, you can get it fast. Before sending the form to their former employer, a member must fill out the necessary information.

Salary people occasionally forget their EPF account details, in which case they can submit a formal request to the human resources department of current employers, who may then get in touch with the employees’ former employers.

However, members can finish their PF Settlement Form (form 19) with all required data before having their bank manager certify it. In addition to providing identification verification, members must also supply personal information. The regional PF manager should then be contacted to request approval and a stamp of authenticity for Form 19.

How to Complete an Online PF Settlement Form

The person must fill out Form 19 and submit it in order to settle a PF account. This paperwork is available on the official Employee’s Provident Fund website and is simple to get. If you want to withdraw the PF balance, Form 19 is necessary.

Specifications Needed for Form 19 (PF Final Settlement)

Members can withdraw their PF balance via the PF Settlement Form after leaving their jobs, upon reaching retirement age or upon reaching superannuation. The following data must be entered on Form 19. Any institution or organisation cannot, under any circumstances, stop members from taking money out of their EPF balance.

  • Member’s name (Should be typed in capital letters and clearly. It is crucial to remember that the names on the claim form, bank account, and form 9/5 must all match
  • Name of the father (Should be typed in clear, capital characters. It is crucial to remember that the names on the claim form, bank account, and form 9/5 must all match
  • Birth date
  • Name and complete address of the factory or business (including pin code)
  • State/office/Establishment Code/PF Account Number is the format for the PF account number. Until the member leaves the factory or establishment and transfers the money to the new employer, the assigned account number remains the same
  • Universal Account Number (UAN)
  • Joining Date (establishment)
  • date when you leave your job
  • justification for leaving the service


  1. voluntarily retiring scheme
  2. Disability
  3. moving overseas (permanently)
  4. Retrenched
  5. Resigning (claims must be made two months after leaving a position). However, women who leave the workforce to be married receive immediate settlement.
  6. Service ended because of the member’s illness, the employer’s decision to stop operating, or any reason beyond the member’s control

Use Vakilsearch`s EPF calculator to determine out how a whole lot cash might be accumulated on your EPF account while you retire.

  • Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • duplicates of Form 15G/15H
  • full mailing address for the member (house number, street name, block, city, state, pincode)
  • payment system (Payment is made by a money order for amounts under 2000 and a check for sums beyond  2000.)
  • together with the IFSC code, bank name, address, and savings bank account number. It is significant to note that the account payee cheque is delivered to the designated bank that manages the member’s savings account.Consequently, it is necessary to supply the full address of the bank branch
  • participant’s signature
  • When paying with a check, the member must sign a receipt that has been stamped in advance.While the amount will be filled out by the OIC at the EPFO office, the member must affix a one rupee revenue stamp
  • contribution for the current fiscal year (you must include your wages as well as details about your PF contribution). An alternative is to submit Form 3A with the employer’s attestation
  • along with the employer’s seal, is the employer’s signature. Any of the officials listed below may provide attestation in the event that the factory or establishment has been closed:
  1. Sub-postmaster
  2. Gazetted officer
  3. Bank manager
  4. Magistrate
  5. Chairman of municipal body
  6. Head of village panchayat
  7. Head of an educational institution (recognised)
  8. Central Board of Trustees
  9. Member of parliament/legislative assembly
  10. Liquidator (appointed by court)

Filling Out Form 19 Online

The actions you must take to fill out Form 19 are listed below:

  • Visit the Employee’s Provident Fund website and use your UAN number to log in to the portal
  • Choose ‘Claim (Form – 31, 19, 10C & 10D)’ under ‘Online Services’ after that.
  • Your bank account number’s last four digits should be entered, then you should click ‘Verify.’
  • To sign the ‘Certificate of Understanding, ‘click ‘YES.’
  • Choose the option ‘Only PF Withdrawal (Form-19)’ from the drop-down menu under the ‘I wish to apply for’ section
  • Put your address on the new page that will show on your screen, check the disclaimer box, and click ‘Get Aadhaar OTP.’
  • Your registered mobile phone number will receive a ‘One time password (OTP)’ message. Enter the OTP to submit your application.
  • Your application will be successfully filed once you are given a reference number. Keep it on hand for future needs
  • In around 15-20 minutes, the withdrawal money will be deposited into your bank account.

You Must Complete a Checklist Before Submitting Form 19 Online

  • At the Employee’s Provident Fund portal, you must first activate your UAN
  • You must have a UAN connection on your mobile device.
  • It’s crucial that you link your UAN number to your PAN number and bank account.
  • If you are not qualified to receive the final payout, the Form 19 won’t appear on your portal
  • You will also be able to view Form 10 C if you are qualified to receive the final payment, in addition to Form 19

Form Composite (For Offline Withdrawal)

The Composite Form combines Forms 19, 31, and 10C, with Form 19 being used for final PF settlement, Form 31 being filled out for partial EPF withdrawal, and Form 10 C being used for pension withdrawal.

Composite Form is only utilised, nevertheless, if you want to process your withdrawals manually. To learn more about PF, withdrawal, and other programmes, contact our Vakilsearch experts.

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