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Home-Made Food Sellers To Face Penalty Without FSSAI License

To ensure the safety of the consumers, FSSAI has come up with the latest notification. To avoid any unfortunate consequences, we would recommend you complete your registration as soon as possible.

The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has asked food regulator FSSAI to take appropriate action against adulteration reported in certain honey brands. In the first week of December 2020, environment watchdog CSE claimed that honey sold by several major brands in India is adulterated with sugar syrup.

 Are you in the business of selling homemade food? You must have made a lot of money during the lockdown, right? If you do not have a license/registration from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI License), your lucky streak may just come to an end .

Yes, you read that right! The State Food Safety Department recently issued a notification to businesses like yours in accordance with FSSAI rules. Unregistered home kitchens cooks selling home-cooked foods without a license/registration will be fined up to ₹ 5 lakh and even be imprisoned for up to 6 months, according to the law. The fine/term of imprisonment may differ depending on the nature and type of the offense.

During the pandemic, catering and delivery of homemade food became extremely popular businesses. During the lockdown, many restaurants were closed and many people were trapped indoors for extended periods of time. As a result, many people preferred to order food online. Moreover, since people preferred cheap and local home-cooked food delivered to their doors many improvised home kitchens appeared out of nowhere!

This was a cause of great concern for the FSSAI as no one was sure about the precautions and safety guidelines that were being followed by these ‘home-cooks’. Furthermore, FSSAI had been considering regulating such businesses for quite some time. 

According to FSSAI regulations, any food business earning more than ₹12 lakh requires a license to operate. However, FSSAI registration is required for all restaurants earning even  less than this amount. However, according to reports, the authorities have only received 2300 registration applications since March, despite thousands of new Food Business Operators (FBOs) operating during the pandemic period. This implies that many of these units continue to operate illegally without registration or licensing. This could also cause people to be unaware of the law as well.

To ensure that you’re on the right side of the law, ensure that you get a FSSAI registration at the earliest if you’re a home cook generating revenue over the threshold limit. 

Steps Involved in FSSAI Registration  

Step 1: Vakilsearch experts will collect and verify the required documents like Form B, list of partners, processing unit plan, food category list, NOC, etc.

Step 2: After choosing the right type of registration for your business, our licensing experts will file the FSSAI application on your behalf.

Step 3: Once we get the application processed, we will ensure that you are able to procure the FSSAI License without any delay and will be able to enjoy legal benefits, goodwill, and create consumer awareness.

Food establishments and restaurants can display the FSSAI mark on their display boards, menu cards and brochures to advertise their adherence to FSSAI Act.

Documents Required to Start a Food Business at Home

  • ID proof of the applicant
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • Proof of address of the business location
  • NOC from the owner, in case the premise is rented
  • Bank account statements
  • TAN
  • PAN card and Aadhar card
  • GST certificate
  • Passport size photos
  • Site plan and layout of the premises
  • Water quality report
  • Food category list
The Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS), which was established in 2012 to issue FSSAI Licenses and Registration across India, has been re-launched under the Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS).

Benefits of FSSAI Registration for Home Food Businesses

  • As the FSSAI mark is widely recognised, it can help develop consumer trust
  • When FSSAI registration is obtained, hygiene and cleanliness are better monitored and observed
  • Better work policies can be created or improved through studies to which you have access to after obtaining FSSAI registration. 
  • For importing and exporting food goods you will require an FSSAI license.
  • It is mandatory for selling food items online. 
  • It is also in charge of developing rules and methods for quality assurance in recognised labs in accordance with ISO17025. Hence getting ISO certification will become extremely hassle-free. 

The registration process is a fairly simple one. Vakilsearch can help you get the FSSAI registration quickly in a simple way. In fact, you are assured of receiving comprehensive help with FSSAI online application filling, guidance on selecting the right food license type as well as 24/7 support during the entire registration procedure. Get in touch with our experts today! Our experts are always ready to serve!

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