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Hindu Marriage Act – Documents and Registration Details

In this article, you will learn why it is essential to get your marriage registered and a step-by-step guide to registering the marriage

Hindu Marriage Act: A marriage certificate is the Government of India’s official declaration and recognition that two people are married. A certificate of marriage is legally considered proof that you are officially married to your spouse. It is a vital document that you must keep safe for life. A marriage is usually registered in addition to being solemnised according to the parties’ customs, rituals, and religion. Unfortunately, many Indian couples do not register their marriage due to ignorance. Therefore, the couples fail to recognise the legal significance of a marriage certificate. In this blogs tells about Importance to Get Your Marriage Registered.

You will be required to provide your Indian marriage certificate in a variety of situations, such as when applying for a passport, changing your maiden name, or when you need to apply for a visa to visit abroad for a vacation or to meet a relative. It is the most crucial evidence that you are officially married to your spouse.

If your partner dies, the certificate will be needed to access the insurance policy or the bank account for financial assets. Many people are perplexed by the procedure for registering marriages! What documents are required? When will you receive the certificate? How do you even go about registering your marriage? You will know everything in this article. 

Registering Marriage Under Hindu Marriage Act 

You and your spouse must be recognise Hindus to be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act. After the marriage is solemnised, the registration is completed.

The application process is simple, but it must be finished within one month of your wedding. You must first apply to the sub-registrar in whose authority the marriage was performed. Alternatively, you could apply for registration in the county where you or your partner lived for at least 6 months before marriage.

You must complete the application and send it along with multiple other documents, including identification documents showing your age and your resident’s address. In addition, as proof of your marriage, you should provide a certificate from the priest who performed the ceremony.

You must reveal your previous marital status, including whether you were previously married and if you are lawfully divorced from that marriage.

All of your documents must be attested by a gazetted officer. At last, you must deposit an ordinal fee of ₹100 with a cashier to complete the registration. Along with the form, the receipt should be attached.

If the case if you and your partner have recently converted to Hinduism, you must bring a certificate of conversion with you. This certificate is usually given by the same priest who officiated at the wedding.

After submitting the application and verifying the documents, you will be designated the date for the marriage registration. On that day, the certificate of marriage will be finally issued.

Witnesses to the marriage must accompany you to the registrar and must show Identity proof such as an Aadhar or PAN card and proof of address, such as a driving license.

The marriage certificate can take up to two weeks to arrive. You can make a special request to the registrar if you require the marriage registration to be speeded up for a special reason, such as applying for a visa. Such requests are usually taken into account.

Some states, such as Delhi, offer the option of registering marriage online. To apply, you must be a native of that state. For instance, you cannot apply through the website of marriage registration Delhi if you are a Karnataka resident.

Documents Needed for Registering Marriage Under Hindu Marriage Act 

  • A completed application form signed by both the partners
  • Attested photocopy of Proof of Address (Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Passport, or Driving License).
  • An attested photocopy of any valid certificate containing the date of birth.
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs, as well as one wedding photograph
  • A special marriage affidavit signed by both husband and wife in the proper format.
  • Wedding invitation card

Registration of Marriage Under Hindu Marriage Act 

The Special Marriage Act – governs both the solemnisation and registration of marriages. It requires most documents required by the Hindu Marriage Act (as listed above), except for a wedding card and a priest’s certificate.

When you file your application with the registrar, it will be posted on an official board in the registrar’s office, and copies will be mailed to both spouses’ registered addresses. Suppose there is no reason to object from a concerned party, such as either of the spouses’ parents or a former partner. In that case, the marriage is registered right after 30 days of the notice being published.

If there is an objection, the marriage officer conducts an investigation. Then the marriage registration takes place after all outstanding issues are resolved. A government-appointed marriage officer performs the marriage ceremony. A nominal charge of ₹150 is required.

Marriage Certificate in Tatkal

Some states now provide a tatkal Marriage certificate service if you need your marriage certificate within 24 hours. It is, however, quite costly – that is ₹10,000. One hundred times the cost of submission of your application in a regular manner.


The Online Registered Marriage process allows you to apply for future documents that you may require. For example, if you change your name, you must legally update your Passport and identity card. So you must register your marriage in order to live a happy life without any troubles of travelling or missing out on an important opportunity. If you are planning a court wedding, make sure you are up to date on the registration marriage guidelines so that everything goes smoothly. Both demand the same documents and follow similar processes, so knowing about them can be beneficial. Vakilsearch helps you understand the detailed process before you decide to register your marriage following the laws. 

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