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Consumer Complaints

Handling Consumer Complaints in Gadgets Industry

In this article, you will learn about how consumer complaints in the gadgets industry are poorly addressed in comparison to airline industries.

Handling consumer complaints in gadgets industry is a tideous task. The electronics industry includes the manufacturing of television, washing machines, refrigerators and so on. These are now found in every nook and corner of the world and has been made to make our life more easy and comfortable to work. The utilization of all these resources from home to office has made our work more efficient which in turn helps to keep things compact. 

But besides satisfaction gadgets industry must also address the issues faced by them in order to retain their customers. The organizations which have a high level of customer handling tricks will enjoy the most customer loyalty. Customers are the ones who will decide whether they should continue with the service or not depending on their level of satisfaction. 

In this article, we will get to learn the improper management of customer complaints in gadgets industries and their poor services resulting in delayed response to customer complaints.

How Does Consumer Complaint Work in Gadgets Industry?

Consumer complaints in gadgets industry face two key challenges.

  • A high volume of complaints– A complexity or defect in products or services can increase the volume of consumer complaints and the process underlying their journeys. In spite of the advancement in technology there remains a mere improvement in their services and thus there is a high chance of an increase in consumer court online complaint procedure volume. This remains a challenge for the gadgets industry. Compared to the other best industries, gadgets industry raises twice the number of complaints. 
  • Long cycle time for complaints resolution– It struggles to resolve the complaints in a speedy manner. Although it promises to resolve those complaints in a few days but it somehow manages to do so in ten to fifteen days. In case where there are fixed services the condition is much more worse. The complaints are all the more delayed. This might take place due to additional challenges around operational fields. 

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Examples of Consumer Complaints in the Gadgets Industry

  • Example 1– Due to the unavailability of a product. In case a product is out of stock, a customer becomes impatient or repeatedly orders that product. The demand for such a product might be high during that time and this particular phase indicates a time-sensitive need for your product which must be immediately full filled so as not to lose the old customers. 
  • Example 2– Due to poor product or service. Sometimes a product may break due to poor service and you can expect the customer to complain. But in some other cases, the customer may itself be responsible for its damage and shall blame your industry for this. This means it was not a product fit for your customers. In spite of all these, no matter what your customer blames you for your need to keep the situation calm and never give them a chance to move on to their competitors. 

Educate your customer on how to deal with a product. Determine their goals and needs and try to achieve them by giving them satisfaction through your service.

  • Example 3- Due to a new product or feature request. A customer may demand new features in your products. Basically, this cannot be treated as a consumer complaint but on the basis of what they might encounter daily suppose an ongoing trend. In case your product does not meet customer needs and demands they might ask for a new feature in your products. In such a scenario you should hire some reps who will take care of the customer requests and value them. They might create a platform to address the customer requests where the customers might also be able to post ideas for your development of a product. You should ensure that it is properly done by working as a team. 

How it is Different from Consumer Complaints of Other Industries?

There are innumerable flaws in their management which makes them different from consumer complaint of other industries- 

  • If there’s poor management. Basically, when a proper way of management is not provided. The partners who are actually needed for outsourcing ecommerce complaints handling will not be taken care of effectively in improving their performances. This might result in their poor management and stagnation. 
  • In some situations, poor relationships with other supporting staff members can make the progress slower. 
  • There is a delay in addressing the consumer’s complaint. A delay in addressing their issues might lead the customers to feel that they are least interested in fulfilling their needs and demands. 
  • Sometimes there might arise a chaotic situation between resolving groups. This might hinder the information flows across the process thus arising in critical delays. 
  • Similarly, a lack of digitalization can also result in poor management.
  • Not meeting customer expectations might result in not valuing their demands. Lack of clarity among responsive groups and faults in your logic can end up an increase in consumer complaints.

 How You Should Respond to a Customer Complaint?

The process in which how things should be done- 

  • Properly go through the customers’ complaints;
  • Pay attention to what a consumer notice format wants to convey;
  • Wait for a moment to analyze the criticism raised;
  • Determine the goals or fix the issue by critically thinking what actions you might take;
  • You must thank them for their feedback;
  • Apologize to them for any such problem raised and understand the issue;
  • Outline your plan in a clear way to provide them with a solution;
  • It is important to thank the customer once again and offer them follow-up information;
  • Kindly check whether your customer is satisfied with the solution you provide


Consumer complaints are common in all industries. However, you should be aware of the right ways to handle the same. If you wish to know more about consumer complaints and how they work, you may get in touch with Vakilsearch. Our in-house legal advisors will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the same in a streamlined manner. 

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