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How to Search Construction Project Details in the UP-RERA Website

The article explains the role of UPRERA in governing construction procedures in Uttar Pradesh, one of the largest states in India

Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest states in India. Having a vast population load, the state reflects a high demand in the real estate market. The real estate industry in Uttar Pradesh has experienced maximum growth during the last five years, although construction work was stalled during the pandemic outbreak.  Most interestingly, experts had noted that, as per the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, UP was one of the premier states to have implemented the governing procedures in the real estate market. At the same time, RERA Complaint status had come up with user-friendly guiding procedures to help the reputed builders to manage profits in a competitive environment.

Uttar Pradesh launched its Real Estate Regulatory Authority on May 1, 2017 as one of the first states to notify the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA). Although the State implemented the Central RERA Act, it mitigated some clauses, such as those defining ongoing projects and common areas, to the dismay of homebuyers. Nevertheless, the State assured homebuyers that revised rules and a consumer-friendly act would be implemented.

What is the Scope of the Construction Industry in UP?

UP has a vast scope for the construction industry. Real estate builders state that UP has some stringent norms associated with construction. UP-RERA has a very important role in the construction market in UP. Playing a pivotal role in protecting consumer interest, UP-RERA emerged as one of the most popular nodal agencies in UP.

Establishment of UP-RERA: Quick facts

  • Data collected from registered authorities state that, 
  • The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) incorporated during 2016
  • UP was one of the first states to come under such a regulation
  • UP-RERA has been established to help the consumers address issues related to the construction of buildings or apartments
  • As per experts, UP-RERA is formed to take care of consumer interest in the real estate segment 
  • UP-RERA has constantly addressed issues related to the construction of housing, co-operatives and apartments in the market of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Being one of the premier nodal bodies handling consumer grievances, it remains one of the exclusive, authoritative bodies in UP.

What Falls in the Purview of UP-RERA and How Does the Nodal Exercise the Same?

Managing and addressing consumer grievances in the real estate industry, UP-RERA sometimes entangles the builders under litigation. A significant business objective remains to protect the consumer interest while serving the broader community. UPRERA can:

  1. Enquire the details of the progress of a concerning construction project;
  2. It enables a smooth registration process for the existing and the upcoming builders in the market UP;
  3. UPRERA is the nodal authority involved while selling and buying flats or apartments are concerned. But, to come under its purview, the transaction must happen in the market UP;
  4. Endorsing a construction project in UP’s jurisdiction remains a primary criterion for a nodal agency like UP-RERA.

How many litigations have been solved by UP-RERA till now?

As far as UPRERA is concerned, the nodal body has solved a number of cases related to conflicts of public interest. As available through authentic data sources, the state regulator solved more than 4500 pending litigations during 2019. Coupled with the above, the governing body had sent about 146 cases to the forum for reconciliation. On the other hand, the reconciliation forum collected feedback from the builders and the buyers to address specific issues. However, legal experts related to the industry state that UPRERA has a long way to go in a competitive real estate market. By the beginning of the year 2019, UP-RERA had more than  6500 registered cases yet to be solved. 

Does the number of litigations being handled vary as per jurisdictions?

Since UP falls under the National Capital Region, legal experts reveal that the number of registered cases pending with UPRERA varies from one segment to the other. Categories of registered instances are classified into ‘bench categories’, stating the content and context of the litigation.

What should the homebuyers do before purchasing a building or an apartment?

Legal experts from the construction industry suggest that home buyers need to do careful homework in UP before buying an apartment. The endorsement of the respective project needs to be checked, while pertinent information should be collected about the builder to make a valuable investment.

Homebuyers willing to buy a project in UP can go through this step-by-step guide s directed.

How to find project details related to particular construction?

official rera website
official rera website

Type ‘Project Name’ to get the details. The registered project will appear with all necessary details. Click Search to search by the name of the builder.

official rera website - project name
official rera website – project name


How to Make Sure the Builder is Registered?                                            

Click on ‘Registered Promoter’. You can get the enlistment in one go. Names of the concerned builders can be found by giving a specific phrase.

How to Check the Compliance Status?

To find out the compliance of a builder with UPRERA, you need to go to the compliance section. Typing the name of the builder can give you the correct status.

How to Register a Complaint with UP-RERA?

Registering a complaint is easy as you have a separate section. You just need to click on the complaint section and put your identity details. Feeding proper information can help you in registering a complaint.

Is UP-RERA Beneficial for the Users?

This is a pertinent question about the experts related to the real estate industry. UPRERA is a nodal agency created under the supervision of the State Government. Such a body caters to real estate buyers and protects their interests against fraudulent operators. Therefore, UP-RERA can help the consumer fight litigation against the builder.  


UPRERA related search is simple and useful. Buyers in UP can now protect themselves from fraudulent builders by making registered complaints on their websites. However, registering a complaint requires proper documentation and one needs to be careful while divulging personal details. 

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