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GST Login India – Guide to Login into the GST Portal

The introduction of the Goods and Service Tax has transformed India’s taxation system by streamlining it and eliminating the cascading effect of taxes. The government GST portal enables individuals and businesses to pay their liabilities and file the required GST returns.

GST Login India – Introduction 

The Goods and Service Tax has helped streamline the taxation system in India. Since its introduction in 2017, GST has helped in digitizing the taxation infrastructure by implementing various rules. Login into GST portal is the website the government uses to display information regarding the GST.

It also enables taxpayers to pay their GST liabilities and file their GST returns. Hence, all registered dealers must know how to log in to the GST portal. Are you confused regarding how to log in to the GST online portal? If so, then this article is perfect for you! Read on to learn more about the government GST portal login procedure and why it is crucial.

What Is the Government GST Portal?

The government GST portal or website is the official web page that facilitates various tax-related services. The website allows taxpayers to access information regarding new amendments or GST rules. It also allows individuals to obtain a GST Login Online,  file their returns, and make payments. Additionally, the portal also enables users to cancel their GST registration and apply for refunds and other claims. 

As per the Goods and Services Act, 2017, all businesses whose annual turnover exceeds ₹40 lakhs must register under the regime. For companies operating in hilly states and the North East, the turnover threshold is INR ₹lakhs. Additionally, certain types of businesses require a mandatory GST registration. Users can visit the official government GST portal through this link –

Why Is the Government GST Portal Important?

The Indian government has relied heavily on technology to implement the GST regime. As a result, the tax administration and the infrastructure supporting it has grown tremendously. All of this has helped India’s taxation system to become more efficient over the past few years.

Additionally, since the GST regime has shifted proceedings online, taxpayers no longer have to visit tax departments physically. All tax-related services have gone online, helping create a paperless taxation regime. However, to support those who might not have the required internet access, the government has established various facilitation centres.

The government GST portal provides taxpayers with pertinent information and also facilitates several services. Some of the services offered by the portal are as follows:

  1. Serves as a primary communication channel between the tax department and taxpayers
  2. Responds to applications
  3. Reject or approve applications 
  4. Intimate notices by the department 
  5. Responding to taxpayer queries
  6. Filing of returns
  7. Claims for refunds and ITC

GST Login India – Contents on GST Portal Homepage

The two main subparts of the government GST portal homepage are as follows:

  • Before login: provides eight options on the menu bar, which we will discuss in detail below
  • After login: provides two main options, which we will discuss in detail below 

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Before Login

GST login india

1. Services

Provides links for GST registration. After applying, users can also track the application status of their GST registration online through this tab. It also allows the creation of GST challans and tracking of refund applications. Additionally, it also enables taxpayers to locate GST practitioners nearby. 

GST Login

2. GST Law

This section contains details regarding GST laws, rules, and guidelines. It includes the CGST Act, SGST Act, and all other relevant rulings and guidelines. Additionally, all new notifications, circulars and amendments concerning the GST will be available under this tab.

3. Download

The Indian government offers individuals both offline and online methods to file GST returns. This tab allows taxpayers to download GST tools that will help them file returns offline.

GST Login India

4. Search Taxpayer

This feature allows users to search for registered taxpayers using their GSTN or PAN number. It helps registered dealers verify the details provided by potential buyers and sellers. Additionally, it allows taxpayers to search for dealers who work under the Composition Scheme.

5. Help

This section helps address common questions that users have regarding how to use the portal. It also features several guides, how-to manual, FAQs, system requirements, and user manuals. Additionally, it contains videos that help explain how to use the portal, ensuring complete resolution of user queries and doubts.

6. E-way bill system

This section serves as a guide to using the eWay Bill portal and contains FAQs and user manuals regarding the same. 

7. News, Updates, and Events

This tab helps users keep themselves updated regarding GST news and events. Through this section, taxpayers can stay abreast regarding changes in due dates, processes and GST rates. 


8. Important Dates

The last section contains details regarding upcoming deadlines for filing GST returns. It also reflects changes that occur due to amendments made to GST guidelines so that people stay updated regarding such changes.

After Login

  • Dashboard: The first option on the top bar, the dashboard displays all prominent information regarding your profile. This screen also enables taxpayers to create challans and file their GST returns.


  • Services: One of the most integral tabs on the GST portal is the services tab which users can access after logging in to the portal. Here’s a quick look at the various services users can access through this tab:
  1. Registration tab

GST Login

2. Ledgers tab

GST Login


3. Returns tab

GST Login India

4. Payments tab

GST Login India

5. Refunds tab

GST Login

GST Login India – Services Available GST Portal

Taxpayers can access the following services once they log in to the GST online portal. 

  1. Application for GST registration 
  2. Application for registration for GST practitioner
  3. Opting for and out of the Composition Scheme 
  4. Stock intimation for Composition dealers
  5. Online GST return filing 
  6. GST Payment
  7. Filing export refund under Table 6A of GSTR-1 
  8. Claim refund for excess GST through RFD-01
  9. Submitting transition forms 
  10. View e-ledgers and submit a letter of undertaking

GST Login India – Other services include:

  • Changing core and non-core fields
  • Searching for notices accepted
  • Filing ITC forms
  • Engage or disengage GST practitioner 

Conclusion – GST Login India

In case you have any queries regarding how to log in to the GST portal, feel free to reach out to Vakilsearch. We also provide various GST-related services to help companies stay compliant at all times. Partner with us to build a sustainable, compliant, and successful business!

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