How GST is Calculated On Gold Jewellery?

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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) significantly impacted the gold market. For the most part, the price of gold is not subject to the same GST rate at all levels, from purchasing to manufacturing. Consequently, the supply of the precious metal and its manufacture into gold ornaments are subject to GST. Those looking to buy gold should learn all they can about the gold GST rates and their implications.

What is GST on Gold?

Reports indicate that gold imports in March 2021 reached a two-year high. This explains why the demand for gold is rising as the economy begins to recover. On the other hand, investing in gold and gold commodities is subject to various taxes.

Individuals who purchase gold jewellery must pay a flat rate of 3% GST. In addition, he must pay a GST of 5% on the manufacturing costs. Gold import, purchase, and manufacturing charges are all GST rates.

However, if you sell your old gold jewellery and buy new jewellery simultaneously, you won’t have to pay tax. Individuals can avoid paying goods and services tax registration on purchasing new gold by exchanging their old gold.

Comparison of Gold Prices During and Before the GST

The cost of gold extraction, gold processing, and profit margin are all included in the price of gold bars, bullion, and pure gold. Tax has an impact on all of them. Gold imports have not been affected by a rise in demand for precious metals. Before and following the implementation of the GST regime, the import duty remained unchanged at 10%. The GST has not led to increased smuggling, as some have speculated. Profit margin is an opinion, so it is omitted from this discussion. For gold jewellery, additional charges apply.

There is currently three percent GST on gold and gold-related jewellery, five percent on the cost of making gold jewellery, and 7.5 percent on import duty. Thus, the customer’s total GST and duty implication on pure gold is 10.5% of the total price.

GST’s Impact on Gold

It’s become more expensive to buy gold since a new tax rate was implemented for the precious metal. As a result, gold prices have fallen across the board. With this in mind, let’s see how the introduction of GST affects gold at various levels.

Impact On The Importation Of Gold

This precious metal’s rising price has decreased demand for it and affected the liquidity of those holding gold investments. With the Free Trade Agreement with South Korea, GST-registered importers can ship gold without paying an additional 10% customs duty.

The Effect On Ornaments Of This Influence

By 2022, gold jewellery sales will have a 5 percent tax. In most cases, the Tax on gold jewellery is either a fixed charge or a fixed percentage of the gold’s value, depending on the jurisdiction. As a result, gold coins and ornament GST are frequently affected by differences in the cost of making among jewellery 

Organizational And Non-Organizational Sector

The Tax system requires gold dealers to record all transactions. Both industry segments are expected to benefit from increased accountability and transparency. Notably, only 30% of this sector can be categorized as organized. Thus, it is feared that vendors will be encouraged to smuggle gold or sell it without a proper bill if the rate is too high.

In addition to the Tax on gold, high liquidity, a decrease in gold mining due to exchange rate fluctuations, and an increase in international rates all contribute to higher gold prices.

Gold Tax Calculation

This sector does not adhere to a standard billing system, leading to a wide range of billing practices among jewelers. Each city’s jewelry association makes a daily gold rate announcement.

Typically, the final cost of jewelry is calculated using this simple formula.

The cost of gold is calculated as follows: gold price x gram weight + fabrication costs + 3 percent GST.

Taxes On Gold Ornaments Under GST Have Been revised. What Are The New Rates?

Previously, gold was sold at a 2% premium to the consumer, with 1% of that going to service tax and 1% to VAT (Value Added Tax). Customers will have to pay an additional 3% on the gold price and 5% on the manufacturing costs of an ornament after Tax is implemented.

These rates are higher than before the Tax, but they were lowered in response to public pressure after the government had announced 18 percent. After implementing the Goods and Services Tax (GST), gold prices have skyrocketed because the vast majority of gold is imported to India.

Exclusivity From The GST

GST exempted gold supplies to licensed jewellery exporters were declared at the 31st GST council meeting. This exemption aims to help India’s gold export sector compete in the global market by lowering the GST burden on gold jewellery exporters. On the other hand, licensed jewellers can claim a 2% Input Tax Credit on the costs of making jewellery. As a result, the exemption will not benefit domestic consumers but rather gold jewellery exporters.

Suppliers are turning to unorganized gold markets and illegally importing raw gold due to Tax implementation, despite expectations that it would lead to greater transparency and accountability in this sector.

Considerations Before Investing in Gold

  • As gold prices frequently fluctuate due to factors such as demand, supply, and currency fluctuations, the final transaction amount impacts GST on gold. 
  • The purchase bill should include both precious and semi-precious stones separately because they are subject to different Tax rules.
  • To ensure the purity of your gold jewellery, always purchase it with a hallmark.
  • Depending on the quality of the gold, it can cost significantly more or less. As a result, the Tax rate varies with gold quality. The best quality of gold, 24 karats, is used by most jewellers to make gold jewellery. However, 22 karats, 18, and 14 karats of gold are also commonly used.


One such commodity, gold, is subject to various taxation regimes throughout its entire production cycle. To make a wise purchase, you need to be fully informed. To compute Tax on gold, you need the advice of experts such as Vakilsearch indeed. 

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