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Name Change

Is Gazette Enough For Name Change?

Changing one's name is quite common, especially in India. Changing a person's first, second, or last name is possible by adding or deleting an initial. We have been able to see the large number of name changes women have undergone because of marriage.

Many individuals would want to change their name, but the procedure takes time and effort for the public. What is the period? Is a possible question on your mind right now? Should I hire a professional or do it myself? Do I need a Gazette for the name change? We will explain what we are talking about to help you understand what we are talking about.

What Does It Mean To Have Your Name Changed?

An individual’s name may be changed by the legal procedure of altering their birth, marriage, or adoption name. When a person gets a title change, the new moniker becomes the individual’s legal and sole name. It is vital to highlight that a legal name change gets a legal impact before deciding to alter one’s name.

How Can We Online Rename My Driver’s Licence?

You may alter your name on your driver’s licence in India by visiting the authorised Parivahan website & following the procedures outlined below.

Apply for a name change by selecting the state you want to get the service from. You’ll be sent to a website with information about DL services. Enter your driver’s licence number and name by clicking the “Continue” button. Take the next step.

Afterwards, the applicant’s name or other information will be displayed on the computer. To proceed, pick ‘State’ and ‘RTO’ and then click ‘Proceed’ again. Your home or office address will be shown on the screen. If everything is correct, click on “Confirm”.

Hit “Generate OTP” after completing e-KYC verification. Your registered cellphone number will send you an OTP, which you must enter in the appropriate area. Once you’ve clicked on ‘Authentication with Sarathi’, continue the following step.

Now, you will see a drop-down menu with options for getting your driver’s licence renewed online. You will see a box with a declaration and a captcha code. Select “Proceed” and input the captcha code after checking the declaration box.

The requested service, such as changing a driver’s licence name, will create an acknowledgement form.

Upload the essential files by the provided guidelines (discussed below). Complete the payment process by uploading a photo of yourself and signing your name.

How Do You Change The Name On Your Birth Certificate In India?

The following are the procedures to be followed to update the name on an Indian birth certificate:

  • Download the application here to update your birth certificate with a new name.
  • An affidavit is needed to modify the birth certificate’s name. Contact a local registrar public, who can assist you in listing your current name and the new one you want and explain why you’re changing it. Non-Judicial Stamp Paper with Minimal Value Must Be Used For The Affidavit.
  • Obtain a certified copy of the judge’s signature on an affidavit or rectification form and bring it to your local District Court to be reviewed by a Magistrate.
  • There should be a press release in both the official language of the country as well as in English.
  • By filling out this form, publish your name in the state’s official gazette—approach the Government Press of the state for that. Pay the needed fees and complete the corresponding form. Your name change application announcement will be published in the state’s official gazette. The same will be sent to the address you provided.


A notary public is required to verify the affidavit. Some papers, such as medical records, may need to be checked by the Municipal Corporation.

Costs Associated

A non-judicial stamping paper charge of Rs. 20-100 is required for the affidavit, and state fees for changing the name on a birth certificate vary. Check out the state or local government websites to learn more about the cost.

Relating to the Documents At Issue

The papers needed to alter the name on your birth certificate are as follows:

  • It is necessary to get from the Controller for Publication, Department of Publication, a “Deed changing name form.”
  • A declaration letter stating that the name must be changed.
  • Ads in their original form were published on the day they were first published.
  • Authenticated images
  • Verification of one’s identification, including proof of one’s address.

What Is The Point Of Doing It Lawfully?

It is vital to remember that any alteration to someone’s identification, no matter how little, should be done lawfully, particularly currently when technology has become so integral to our daily lives. 

To verify our identification, our names appear on various papers, including our PAN, bank accounts, school transcripts, Aadhaar cards, and birth certificates. Once your identification is validated and updated by a company or office designated by the Centre/State, you may proceed with making any changes to these records.

To hide their criminal affiliations, criminals would assume a new name to perform illicit activities, such as identity theft or credit card fraud. A legal name change is required to ensure that a person’s new name is legally recorded for all reasons. The procedure’s legality assures that your identity or verification is accountable and transparent.

Benefits Of Changing Your Name Officially

Practical Advice from the Majority of Legal Experts

Even while changing your name is time-consuming, it does not need the assistance of a lawyer. On your own, you may use a name change service. We perform all the effort, so you should not have to give up part of your own home.

It’s The Easiest Whether You’re Married Or Divorced

Changing one’s name after marriage or divorce in India is a piece of cake. A divorce procedure may be started under a woman’s maiden name or another name chosen and announced in the gazette notification under the Family Court system Act, 1988, if she has not taken her husband’s name after marriage. 

In addition, after divorce, if one of the parties wants to continue using their married name, there is no prohibition on it unless one of the parties intends to cheat the other.

Recognised By The Government

When applying for a document and public service as an Indian resident, you can use your new moniker as the official name. If you choose an erroneous or incomplete method for a name change, it might not be the case. 

Some government agencies and public sector banks, including the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), may refuse anybody whose name has not been formally altered.


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