FSSAI Registration for Petty Food Business

Every Food Business Operator (FBO) needs to get certified by the FSSAI. Petty food businesses are no exception. This article will explain the registration process of these entities with the FSSAI.

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The demand for food is always on the high, and that is why the petty food industry is always flourishing. Let us first know about petty food businesses.

Who are Petty Food Business Operators?

Petty FBOs are those that manufacture and sell food products themselves. They are a great source for snacks and luncheons in the Indian food industry. As per the FSSAI ( the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India), all FBOs with an annual turnover of fewer than ₹12 lakhs fall under this category.

Food businesses above a turnover of ₹12 lakhs are to obtain a license from the FSSAI. Such FBOs mandatorily need to register with the FSSAI.

Petty Food Business Operators That Must Register With FSSAI:

1. Manufacturers

  • Meat processing units with a turnover of less than ₹12 lakhs per annum
  • Dairy units include chilling units involved in processing or in-handling
  • Dairy units that produce up to 2.5 metric tons of milk solids per year or manage 500 litres of milk per day
  • Slaughtering houses that deal with 50 poultry birds, 10 small animals, and 2 large animals per day
  • Units producing vegetable oil by the solvent extraction process and refineries including oil expeller unit
  • Re-labelers, or re-packers of food processing units. Those that trade in food capacity of 100kg or 100L, whose annual turnover must not surpass ₹12 lakhs.


2. Storage Units

  • Cold or refrigerating units with turnover less than ₹12 lakhs per annum
  • Controlled atmosphere units whose turnover does not exceed ₹12 lakhs per year
  • Other storage units that do not cross the threshold of an annual turnover of ₹12 lakhs.

3. Other Businesses That Need Registration:

  • Hotels/restaurants
  • Wholesalers/retailers
  • Hawkers/mobile food vendors
  • Canteens and clubs
  • Distributors, marketers, and transporters
  • Dhabas and food stalls
  • Fish/Meat seller
  • Canteens that are home-based
  • Social and religious institutions that supply food to the needy.

Why Should You Register Your Petty Food Establishment With the FSSAI?

FSSAI registration is mandatory for any food business. As it deals with the safety and health of the country’s population, the FSSAI regulates all FBOs. Without an FSSAI registration, you cannot operate a food business.

Also, your customers would feel safe buying from you. It increases your business credibility and goodwill in the market.

Documents Required to Register Your Petty Food Business:

As a petty FBO, you will have to submit fewer documents than the other businesses. You might have to submit the following documents:

  1. Photo Identity of the owner
  2. Utility or rent bills
  3. Partnership deed/ incorporation certificate
  4. List of products manufactured
  5. Completed and signed Form B.

How to Register Your Petty Food Business With the FSSAI?

You can apply for registration with the FSSAI, right from your home. The following steps will guide you through.

  1. Visit the FoSCos portal 
  2. From a list of business types, select the type of business you want to register
  3. Fill out the ‘Form A’
  4. Submit the mandatory documents. Self-attest them if needed
  5. Make payment for registration. Registration would cost you ₹100 per year
  6. If your application is accepted, your business will be registered with the FSSAI.


FSSAI deals with the health of millions of people in the country. Every FBO must register with it. The Government can unleash penalties and punishments on businesses that do not register or adhere to the regulatory standards set by the FSSAI.

All the food products must have the FSSAI number mentioned on the packaging. The food sellers need to keep their FSSAI registration copy in the vicinity. FSSAI registration process can sometimes be overwhelming, you can seek the help of professionals at Vakilsearch to guide you through the entire process in a timely manner.

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