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Five Reasons Why A Business Plan Is Important

Planning is essential in any phase of our life. It can be anything from a short trip to setting up a business. Planning helps you stay prepared to face any untoward situation and lets you mitigate losses, if any. When you set up a business, it is essential to frame an efficient and effective plan.


Our lives would not be complete without planning. No matter what we do, from getting up in the morning to taking a trip, we plan for it. It is the beginning of all successful endeavours. A business plan indicates a conclusion, but it also allows us to prepare for unwanted situations and minimise losses. It is the beginning of all successful endeavours. When planning to establish a business empire, it becomes all the more imperative to have an effective and efficient plan. This plan should be implemented when and where required.

Planning, as such, has been defined as a process that lays down the organisation’s objectives together with developing various courses of action. But there are also other reasons for having a plan ready.

Business Plan

It is pertinent to note that when one is involved in making a business plan, one must always give greater thought to the role that one’s audience will play. This is because it is only because of their help and support that the business will become a reality. Thus, to get a positive reaction from the desired audience, one must give considerable importance to their audience. The benefits of having a business plan are:

Feasibility of the plan:

A business plan will help one understand whether pursuing the opportunity is worth it without delving into it and losing the two most essential resources, money and time.

A business plan acts as a blueprint:

The business plan will provide a detailed outline of the business, which will not only attract capital and help people be on the same page but will also help equalise our emotions and prevent us from making mistakes, which at the initial stages, can be very harmful.

Helps identify potential weaknesses:

As the head already suggests, despite preventing us from making fatal mistakes, business plans can also locate inherent and unrealised loopholes. Further, through a business plan, one can also receive potential opinions and feedback.

Raising capital:

Having a business plan will make it easier to raise funds as it will become very easy to communicate with the investors. It will give a detailed view of the business, which will be advantageous for both the aspirer and the investors.

Chances of Success:

By evaluating factors such as the feasibility and the potential weaknesses, one can avoid the pitfalls, thereby making a progressive step towards success. It increases the chances of success considerably.

Other Advantages

There are more advantages to having a proper business plan, some of them are as follows:

  • Set precise targets for managers – Good governance requires setting specific objectives/business plans followed by proper monitoring and tracking. This also makes the managers and other stakeholders accountable for their tasks and decisions. 
  • Displacement is the most important concept you’ve ever heard of in practical business. It goes as follows: ‘Whatever you do is something else you don’t do.’ A proper business plan helps business owners to deal with displacement. 
  • The decision on location and space requirements: It helps the business owners to decide whether a new place has to be rented, leased or purchased depending on the size and structure of the business.
  • Business expansion: With a proper plan, any business can understand its workings and make necessary changes to pursue business expansion at the right time. One can regularly review assumptions, monitor progress and capture new developments to adjust them with good planning. The plan-to-actual analysis is a dashboard, and the plan is controlled by adjustment.
  • Growing the existing business: The business plan allows the owners to establish new businesses and helps them grow in their desired direction. Good planning for business sets milestones that you can work towards. These are key goals you want to achieve, such as attempting to achieve a defined level of sales or opening a new facility. When we have visible goals that we can work towards, we work better.
  • The decision on assets and liabilities: Employ your business plan to help you identify what will happen in the long run, which should be a major input to the classic make vs buy.


A business plan is vital as it is the first step. It is essential as it helps an organisation fight the startup phase, which usually decides the fate of an organisation. Further, it is another step that affirms the commitment that one has towards one’s aspirations.

If you want to set up a business, then it is better to have a business plan ready. Remember that a business plan is crucial for its success. Moreover, the right strategy will help you fight external factors in the startup phase. The rightly planned steps will decide the fate of your business.

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