What is a Field Measurement Book (FMB)?

What is Field Measurement Book (FMB)? The FMB is a compilation of the measurements made in a particular field. Learn more about this critical tool here!

The FMB is a compilation of the measurements made in a particular field. The book contains information on the location, type, and extent of the measures and the dates when they were taken. The purpose of the FMB is to provide a record of the measurements for future reference and analysis. Scale 1:1000 or 1:2000 is the individual survey number sketches that are maintained. It is divided into subdivisions. The owner owns the subdivisions. 

The FMB is typically used by engineers and other professionals who need to know the precise dimensions of a field to make calculations or carry out different tasks. It is also often used by surveyors, who use the book to verify the accuracy of their measurements. 

The FMB can be a valuable tool for anyone who needs to measure a field accurately. It can help to ensure that the measurements are made correctly and that the results are reliable

Types of Field Sketches under Field Measurement Book Sketch 

There are three types of field sketches that can be made in a field measurement book: 

Profile sketches, plan drawings, and sectional elevation sketches. 

Prfile sketches show the ground profile along a line, while plan sketches show the layout of an area. Sectional elevation sketches show how the ground changes in elevation along a line. All three types of graphics can be helpful for different purposes.

  • Profile sketches are typically used to show the ground profile along a proposed route for a pipeline or other linear feature. 
  • Plan sketches can be used to show the layout of an area, such as the location of buildings, roads, and other features. 
  • Sectional elevation sketches often show how the ground changes along a line, such as a proposed pipeline route. 

When making field sketches, it is essential to use symbols consistent with those used on engineering drawings. This will ensure that others can easily interpret the graphics.

5 Purpose of Field Measurement Book Sketches/Field Book

Engineers and surveyors use a field book to record their measurements and observations while working in the field. The book typically contains blank pages with lines and grid patterns that allow the user to draw neat and accurate sketches. 

Field book sketches are an essential tool for engineers and surveyors, allowing users to quickly and easily record their observations and measurements in the field. 

  1. The sketches can be used to document the layout of a site, the location of essential features, or the progress of work over time. 
  2. They can also be used to communicate information to other team members or to provide a record of what was done in case of future disputes. 
  3. Field book sketches are typically made using pencil and paper but can also be created using software such as AutoCAD. The graphics must be clear and legible and should be labelled with any relevant information, such as the date, location, or project name to provide the information.
  4. The purpose of field book sketches is to provide a quick and easy way to record measurements and observations in the field. 
  5. They are an essential tool for engineers and surveyors, as they allow the user to communicate information to other team members or to provide a record of what was done in case of future disputes. 

When to Use a Field Sketch? 

A field sketch is essential for any professional working with land or property. It can record measurements, note land features, and track changes over time. A field sketch can also create a visual record of a property, which can help plan purposes or communicate with other professionals.

In addition, a field sketch can help to identify potential problems or opportunities on a property. By keeping an accurate and up-to-date field sketch, professionals can make sure that they are fully aware of the condition of a piece of land and can make informed decisions about its future development.

What is Field Measurement Book (FMB) Online?

Field Measurement Book (FMB) online is a cloud-based software application that allows users to create, manage, and share field measurements. The application provides a central repository for field measurements, which authorised users from any location can access. FMB online also offers tools for creating reports and exporting data to other applications.

The Components of FMB

The FMB (field measurement book sketch) is essential for any surveyor dealing in lands and properties. It is used to record the measurements of a specific area and can be used to make a map of the site. 

  • The sketch includes various components, such as the G-line, which represents the boundaries of the surveyed area; 
  • The F-line represents the property lines of the land.
  •  The subdivision lines divide the surveyed area into smaller sections.
  • The ladder helps to identify the elevations of points within the surveyed area.
  • The extension lines are used to connect points on the sketch. 
  • In addition, the sketch also includes neighbouring field survey numbers, which can be used to cross-reference other surveys of the area. 

The FMB field measurement book sketch provides a comprehensive record of a specific area by including all of these components.

How to Obtain an FMB Field Measurement Book Sketch from the Concerned Tehsildar?

The field measurement book (FMB) records land measurements for official purposes. The interested party must first submit a written request to obtain a sketch of the FMB from the concerned tehsildar. The request must include the name and address of the applicant, as well as the specific reason for requesting the sketch. 

Once the request is received, the tehsildar will review it and may either approve or deny the request. If the request is approved, the applicant will receive a copy of the FMB sketch. However, if the request is denied, the applicant may appeal the decision to the District Collector.

Field Sketching Tips

The field measurement book (FMB) sketch is an essential tool for engineers and surveyors. It provides a clear and concise record of measurements made on a construction site. Obtaining an accurate FMB sketch can be challenging, but a few tips can help. 

  • Make sure to take measurements from multiple points of reference. This will help to ensure that the sketch is accurate.
  • Use a tape measure or other measuring device marked in feet and inches. This will help to avoid errors when converting between metric and imperial units. 
  • Take care to label all measurements. This will help to avoid confusion when reviewing the sketch later. 

By following these tips, you can be confident that your FMB sketch will be accurate and helpful.


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