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Easy Understanding of Notice Writing Format

Learn about the notice writing format and different types of notices we encounter in our daily lives. Also, you will find the necessary tips that one needs to take care of to avoid common notice writing errors.

Notice is a written form of communication that uses formal language. Primarily, notices are meant to announce a piece of information or notify a group of people about the upcoming events that might interest them. Another purpose of the Notice Writing Format is to warn somebody against a set pattern of actions from which they must refrain themselves to avoid any sort of penalisation.

It is crucial to assimilate the notice writing format as notices act as the primary source of communication in the commercial scenario. The main reason behind this is its proper language usage. Employees working for a firm are notified from time to time about the essential managerial decisions through notices. So, we can assess that the notice writing format serves as the widely accepted written communication mode in the business world. Other than this, there are other forms of business communication, such as presentation, which is semi-verbal. Also, a business email has recently overpowered other forms of communication due to its easy access.

Different Types of Notice

Notice writing format differs depending on the type of organisation they are issued. Here, we have listed a few types in offices, schools, colleges, newspapers, online portals, etc.

  • Informative Notice
  • Warning Notice
  • Public Notice
  • Invitation Notice

Also, there can be other miscellaneous types that we read at different organisations.

Standard Features of a Notice

Notices have a definite structure that distinguishes this communication format from other formal write-ups. Ideally, they are short and crisp, and the word count typically goes about 50 words. Within such a short length, a notice clarifies its agenda, i.e., it mentions to whom the message is addressed and effectively communicates other necessary pieces of information. It can be information related to a concerned place where a seminar will be organised, the exact timing of that event, and the meeting. And lastly, the notice writing format ensures a link to a person or organisation whom the reader may contact if they are seeking for further information. Thus undoubtedly, notices are capable of communicating a message or alert unconditionally. 

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The authenticity of the notice have to be approved by the head of the governing council issuing the notice. Thus, a signature has to be there at the end and the publishing date.

Ideal Notice Writing Format

We mentioned notices are formal messages circulated in different organisations. Therefore, there should be a set notice writing format to maintain its effectiveness. This article puts forward one of the most popular notices’ writing structures in this article.

  • The organisation’s full name is written in the first line. This organisation or authority must be the one who is furnishing the notice
  • In the next row, we write ‘NOTICE’ in block letters
  • Write the date of issue  on the left-hand side of the notice
  • Next, we must enter the main subject of this notice, i.e., the topic about which information has been shared with the intended readers
  • The body or gist of the notice is then vividly communicated. The word count should ideally range between 40-50 words but the information shared must be wholesome
  • In the end, the writer’s name and signature are given followed by his designation and the name of the institution he/she is representing. All these things are written left-aligned.

Useful Insights 

Notice writing format must be consistent; otherwise, any useful essence of information may not transfer to the receiver. Thus, some vital tips have been shared in the form of questions that will eventually fulfil the purpose of notice writing if addressed by the writer, will eventually fulfil the purpose of notice writing.

An ideally structured notice must answer all the below-mentioned questions:

  • What is the notice all about?
  • Where will the future event be organized?
  • What is the exact timing and date of the gathering?
  • Who is organizing the meeting?
  • Whom should the reader call or visit for more information regarding the subject?

Notice Writing Format – Samples 

Example 1: For upcoming Children’s Day, the school has planned a get-together. As the school’s Principal has to draft a formal invitation, you assume the role and write a notice addressing everyone to gather for a feast.

Example 2: On the upcoming event, World Tourism Day, XYZ Hospitality School has planned to hold an International Food Festival. Sangita, who has recently assumed the leadership role of the final year culinary team, wants everyone in her team to gather for a group discussion to exchange thoughts about the arrangements. Draft a crisp notice.

FAQs Regarding Notice Writing 

Why do we write notices?

In an office, all the employees of a concerned department or sometimes even all the staff, in general, need to be informed about a certain event all at once. Thus notices serve this purpose in a formal tone appropriate not only for offices but also for other organisations like schools, colleges, factories, etc.

Why must students learn about the writing format?

The students must know the correct format as notice writing is a part of the board examinations of both CBSE and ICSE. Also, state boards incorporate notice writing in exams.

What do you mean by public notice?

Public notice is a formal mode of communication issued by the jurisdiction to inform the population about a new law or rule. It is essential to collect input from the public in the form of feedback or opinion.


This blog has covered the necessary reminders that a writer must adhere to while composing a notice. Notice format is predefined as it is a formal written communication. It follows a simplified short structure and provides a source of information that the reader can reach for further information.

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