E-Way Bills Login & SMS E-Way Bill Generation on Mobile

This article discusses eWay Bills Login and SMS E-Way Bill Generation on Mobile. This article provides everything you need to know regarding the generation of such important documents on mobile.

eWay Bills Login & SMS E-Way Bill Generation on Mobile

Have you ever created eWay bills login & SMS e-way bill on your mobile phone? If not, then this blog is for you!  Generating e-Way bills on mobile phone Please read on to know more! 

GST e-way bill processing on Mobile Phone: Certain Basics

The GST e-way bill is an electronic document that monitors all interstate product transportation. All vendors and carriers of the items must have a GST E-way bill. The enrolled individual has access to several methods for creating the GST e-way bill, the E-Way Bill website, the Goods and Services Tax Suvidha Provider, an Android app, and SMS. The Ministry of Finance developed the SMS service primarily for the benefit of small taxpayers who struggle to establish technical equipment. This post examines how to generate an e-way bill via SMS. However, please note that the generation of GST e-way bill is easy but a one-time password (OTP) verification might be applicable. You are requested to use the OTP within the given time limit, failing which a new OTP shall be generated.

SMS eWay Bill Generation: What Do You Need to Know?

Generating SMS eWay Bill is easy if you know the procedure. However, it is important for you to follow the process on a step-by-step approach. At the same time, experts reveal that you must be a little tech savvy to continue with the procedure.

Creation of Mobile e-Way bills: Basics

Mobile e-way bills can be created using every cell phone and are simply SMS-based waybills. Small customers who may not have access to a computer or an internet connection typically generate these e-way bills. As it would be wise to utilize other techniques in more enormous volumes, SMS e-way bill creation is perfect for organizations with limited trading volume. Taxpayers may also use the SMS e-way bill production feature in an emergency, such as one that occurs late at night or while driving. The following are the top 3 functions of e-way bill operation via SMS mode:

  • Create the e-way Bill, 
  • change the vehicle information, 
  • then cancel the e-way Bill.

Generate GST E-Way Bill

Activating the SMS E-Way Bill Generator

The taxpayers must first enrol their mobile number on the GST e-way bill website before they may begin to interact. Only mobile numbers listed on the website for a specific GSTIN are enabled by the system and are responsive.

Following the user’s selecting the “for SMS” option under the primary “Registration” option is the following page.

To enrol the mobile number, the client must input it and finish the OTP.

The cellphone number associated with the GSTIN is shown on the next page. The user may delink or change the mobile number using this interface if necessary.

Step 1: Log in to the portal

To access the e-way bill site, the taxpayer or the carrier must access it and log in using their details.

Step 2: Register a Mobile Number

Follow the instructions below to enable SMS eWay bill generating on mobile. You can print an e-way statement through SMS once the mobile phone has been validated and enrolled.

77382 99899 is the mobile number for the SMS E-Way Bill.

To generate an e-way bill on a mobile device, text the number 77382 99899. Each parameter must have a blank space next to it. The following is the SMS format.

SMS Format for Generating eWay Bills

The relevant data must be included in each of the SMS as mentioned earlier format settings following the table below:

The act is indicated by the critical word EWBG e-Way Bill Generate.
Refer to the Code list for TranType Transaction Type.
RecGSTIN GSTIN of the recipient (GST Identification Number).
DelPinCode Delivery Location PIN Code.
GST Invoice or Bill Number on the supplier’s paperwork, InvNo
Invoice or Bill Date of the Supplier’s Document (InvDate).
Total value in Rupees of the products as stated in the invoice or Bill.
HSN code The first commodity’s HSN code.
the km-based approximate distance between the consignor and the consignee
The products are being transported in vehicle numbers.

Updated SMS Format for Vehicle Information

Only the customer or carrier who created the e-waybill is authorized to amend the vehicle’s information. Furthermore, according to the distance specified in the e-Way Bill, automobile information may be changed during the legality term. The following SMS format must be used to update the information on the automobile transporting the shipment.

Key Word for EWBV e-Way Bill Vehicle Updating.
EWBNo, a 12-digit E-Way Bill number, must be entered for the replacement car.
Vehicle identification number for commodities movement
ReasCode: Reason Code to specify the rationale behind adding the vehicle number.

Cancellation of E-Way Bill in SMS Format

Within 24 hours of creating an e-way bill, an e-way statement may be cancelled; however, e-way information that has been verified may not be cancelled. E-way invoices can be cancelled using the SMS format:

Key Word: EWBC E-Way Bill Cancellation
EWBNo, which is a 12-digit E-Way Bill Number that needs to be cancelled

Before registering for GST, you can calculate your owed GST using our GST Calculator India


The automated system would verify the Bill after receiving the SMS before executing the request. The system notifies the registered cellphone number of errors if the validations are unsuccessful. An e-way bill can only be declared void by the person who created it. Additionally, the taxpayer must exercise extreme caution while transacting by SMS because the SMS must adhere to the required format without input errors. 


This piece of the blog is apt to understand in depth the ways bills login procedures and how to get your vehicles registered through an SMS portal. Understanding the process is important although a step-by-step approach needs to be taken by the applicant. Experts reveal that, although such kind of a digitized process is automated, you need to be careful in fulfilling the online requirements. We, at Vakilsearch, hope the blog will be helpful in allowing you, as the applicant, to go for the same. 

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