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E-PAN – Everything You Need To Know About It

In this article we will look at E-PAN in detail and understand how one can obtain an E-PAN.

PAN, which stands for Permanent Account Number, is the most common document after the Aadhaar card. It is a document that contains a unique alpha-neumeric code that identifies an eligible tax payer in the database of the tax authorities. Any person who is liable to pay tax or even file a zero income return is required to have a PAN card. However, with the government’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, most documents are being digitised in electronic format. The government makes most of its communications through email. Passports and driving licences also can be accessed electronically through the Digilocker app. So it was only a matter of time before E-PAN was introduced, given that almost all income tax returns are filed online.

On 28 May 2020, the government launched an instantaneous program for generating an Electronic Permanent Account Number (E-PAN). The program is open to all applicants who have their Aadhaar attached to their mobile phone.

The Income Tax Department (ITD) had made it mandatory to link the Aadhaar number to PAN l by 30th June 2020. You can check PAN Aadhaar link status through SMS or find details at

The Indian Income Tax Department issues a unique ten-digit alphanumeric code to every Indian taxpayer to identify them and help them process IT return statements. It is the backbone of every financial transaction related to taxation in India. The Permanent Account Number, popularly known as PAN, is one of the most important documents you can possess. Hence, it can also be used as Proof of Identity or address on several occasions and platforms.

The PAN is also used to help the IT department keep a watchful eye on the taxpayers to prevent mishaps, frauds and tax evasions. The e-PAN is an improvement of the system which is already in place, and it is expected to help boost our economy by making financial dealings a whole lot more transparent and accounted for. Read on, to know everything there is to know about e-PAN. 

E-PAN: What’s It All About?

The e-PAN is a new initiative of the Government to make things easier for first-time taxpayers by granting them an instant PAN card. The Government believes that such schemes will encourage more people to register for PAN in India. Also, as financial transactions have gotten more secure, people are applying for PAN in large numbers, and hence, such initiatives will make it easier for them to get the document in time and without delay.

However, e-PANS will not be granted to anyone who already has a PAN, and it is only available to individuals and not companies. The facility comes with no added costs, but is on the market, for a short period of time. The process will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis. The service was kick-started on 29th June.

Details Required For Obtaining E-PAN

The following details are required to be furnished while applying for an E-PAN.

  • Permanent Account Number
  • Name of the cardholder
  • Account Holder’s Father’s name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Photograph for proof and identification
  • Signature for identification and verification
  • QR Code for easy scanning

Uses of E-PAN Card

The E-PAN can be used for the following purposes.

  • Required to file IT returns
  • Needed for TDS/TCS filings
  • Required to withdraw an excess of Rs 50,000 from any bank account
  • Required when depositing more than Rs 50,000
  • Necessary for big-ticket sales and purchases

Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining E-PAN

There is a certain criteria that has to be fulfilled in order to apply for an E-PAN. You are eligible to apply for an E-PAN if and only if:

You are an Indian resident. For the purpose of PAN, any person who has lived and worked in India for period more than 180 days in a financial year is considered a resident of India irrespective of their nationality

  1. You are an individual who pays tax; not a HUF or organisation
  2. You do not already possess a PAN card
  3. You have a verified Aadhaar Card which is up-to-date
  4. Your SIM card is linked to your Aadhaar card
  5. You are a person who does not fall under Section 160 of the Indian Income Tax Act

Applying For an E-PAN

  • Go to
  • Apply for a new PAN
  • Choose the e-PAN only; No physical PAN card option.
  • Fill in the required details.
  • Double-check the information and click Submit.
  • To close the request, the user must sign a blank paper and scan it. The scanning must be done so that it complies with the following specifics:
  • Resolution: 200 DPI; File type: JPEG; Max Size:10 KB; Dimensions: 2 cm x 4.5 cm

Post-Application Procedure for E-PAN

Once the process ID is done, a 15 digit acknowledgement number will be sent to your mobile and email ID. This number can be used to check the status of your e-PAN. Once the processing is complete, and the card is ready to be downloaded, you will be notified the same way.

  • The e-PAN notifications will be mailed to the registered email id of the applicant.
  • Make sure you cross-check all the details provided with the ones on your Aadhaar card.
  • Applications may be made via NSDL and UTIITSL portal.
  • UTIITSL charges ₹8.26 to download the e-PAN, and this payment can be done online via several methods. 
  • To download the e-PAN, applicants must submit a request for reprint on the UTIITSL portal.
  • Expected time, if you are applying for PAN correction and updation into e-PAN is 30 days.
  • It requires no document; only the Aadhaar.


The PAN application process takes quite a few days and if any information is wrong or if there is any kind of discrepancy in the form, then the form can get rejected causing unnecessary delay. And sometimes the delay can be costly as you may not be able to file tax return on time and may have to pay a penalty. So it is always advisable to have your application vetted with the assistance of an expert who has experience in making such applications. If you require any assistance with applying for your PAN or have any further queries in this regard, feel free to get in touch with us and our team of experts will ensure that your requirements are addressed.

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