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A birth certificate happens to be a mandatory statement that is issued to a newborn by the Chief Officer of Birth. In this article, we will get to know how you can apply for a similar document in Delhi.

The Birth Registration Act (1969) has demanded compulsory birth registration of each child who is born in Delhi. It is regardless to mention that the Delhi birth certificate is assumed to be one of the vital legal documents of an individual that is required right from school admission purposes till the end of one’s life. 

The details mentioned in the birth certificate are verified on numerous occasions. Delhi’s State Government has authorized the Chief Registrar for granting the birth certificate to whomever it may concern. In this article, we will take a closer look at the complete procedure on how to acquire a birth certificate in Delhi.

Purpose of Obtaining a Birth Certificate in Delhi

Parents are responsible for applying for a birth certificate immediately after their child has been born. There are a few reasons that support this argument:

  • When the child will grow up and attain adulthood, then his/her marriage certificate cannot be issued if the person fails to produce a valid birth certificate. A birth certificate validates the age claimed by the concerned individual.
  • A birth certificate is a mandatory legal paper without which you will be unable to generate a voter card, passport, and driving license
  • Insurance policies ask for a copy of the birth certificate to check reported data entered by the policy buyer
  • Educational institutions like colleges, universities, and schools ask for the birth certificate before approving admission of a candidate

Who Are Allowed to Register for Birth in Delhi?

A birth certificate is provided to the guardian in Delhi if the applicant reports the incident of birth to the appropriate authority within three weeks from the birth date. The committed person liable to register a birth can be:

  • When a child is born in a family, the chief of the household will be accountable to apply for the birth certificate 
  • Provided a child takes birth in jail, then under such situations, the jail supervisor will need to announce the event
  • If childbirth takes place at a clinic, hospital, or similar healthcare institution, then any representative authorized and permitted by an in-house medical officer is held liable for registering such births
  • The vehicle driver or someone in charge of a moving vehicle is held credible for reporting childbirths if such circumstances arise in any automobile

Sometimes cases arise where a birth certificate has not been issued to an infant even after one year starting from his/her birth date. Under these circumstances, the responsible guardian must communicate with the officials employed in the institution where the baby was born. They will assist in the registration process by mediating with the personnel stationed at the Registrar’s Office. 

Fee Structure for Birth Certificate in Delhi

In Delhi, the State Government has declared a rigid fee structure that the registrants need to bear while enrolling a birth. 

The amount is nominal and it keeps on increasing if the event is reported at a later phase within one year. 

Registration span

Amount charged (in ₹)

Registration is done within 3 weeks of birth  Nil
Registration completed after 21 days starting from the birth date 7
Registration is completed based on reporting after one month but the period has not been extended more than 365 days 10
Registration charges after one year since the individual was born  15

In Delhi, usually the Registrar of Birth requires 7 working days to generate the birth certificate starting from the day on which the event of birth has been reported.

Required Documents for Birth Certificate in Delhi

In order to acquire a birth certificate, the dwellers of Delhi must produce the below-mentioned documents after filling out the application form.

  • Evidence of the existence of the infant for whom the birth certificate needs to be issued
  • The parent’s active residential certificate of the present year
  • Parent’s original ID proof
  • Affidavit mentioning the location, correct date, and the moment when the person was born 

If an applicant puts forward the request of opting for this certification at a much later stage, i.e., in cases of delayed reporting, the following documents come in handy:

  • Address proof where the childbirth took place
  • A request letter was written on behalf of the parents
  • Proof of date of birth 
  • Affidavit in a set layout that portrays personal information of the child
  • Aadhar card

Virtual Application Process for Birth Certificate:

If you have decided to apply for a birth certificate online, then follow the guidelines provided by us to fulfill your necessity in a simpler fashion. 

Step1: Search for the official web page of the State Government of Delhi: https://delhi.gov.in/. Click on the appropriate link to open the landing page

Step 2: Navigate to the “online services” button. You can find this option on the official portal’s homepage

Step 3: By going through the complete list of options, choose “online services”. To conduct a birth certificate check online in Delhi, you must enter the birth inquiry answers on the next page. 

Step 4: Navigate to the bottom half of the screen and click on the ‘Search’ icon

Step 5: A new tab opens that shows the birth details of the concerned child

Step 6: The searcher must find the required birth record from the table of birth reports that are listed on the website

Finally, you can download the birth certificate to save it on your personal device as a PDF file.

To accomplish this task, click on the button – “Get Certificate’. In the next stage, you will be asked to enter personal details and contact information. Once you are done with the process, press the “Show Certificate” button.

The birth certificate is now stored on your device. You can procure a printed hard copy any time you want. 


Delhi birth certificate embodies a crucial legal statement that validates a person’s birth details along with significant information about his family. In this article, Vakilsearch has brought to you the steps following which you may apply for a birth certificate in Delhi. Make sure to grab this certificate as it is strictly prioritized in issuing other important legal attachments later in life.

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