DDA Housing Scheme 2023

In 2023, the Delhi Active Government introduced a programme designed to help individuals purchase homes and plots that work best for them. Read this blog to know more about the DDA housing scheme of 2022.

About DDA Housing Scheme 2023

The Delhi Active Government has launched a scheme in 2022 specifically for individuals to buy houses and plots according to their convenience. This scheme will go operational on 12 September 2022.

According to the plan. Residents in Narela can reserve around 8,500 apartments. The price range for Narela’s EWS flats is roughly ₹ 8 lakhs to ₹ 12.5 lakhs, while the price range for LIG apartments is approximately ₹18 lakhs to ₹ 22 lakhs. An EWS apartment requires a booking deposit of ₹10,000, whereas a LIG unit requires a deposit of ₹15,000. Booking has become more easier, and whoever pays will have their selected reservation made.In the first phase, there will be no distributed allocation because three towers with around 1,000 units each will be available for booking. Flats in other areas will be added when they become available.

DDA Housing Scheme Highlights

Scheme Name DDA Housing Scheme
Year 2023
Launched By Delhi Development Authority
State Delhi
Beneficiaries People of State
Registration Process Online/Offline
Objective Providing homes at affordable rates
Official Website www.dda.org.in/

Preparation of Draft Master Plan 2041 under DDA

We are all aware that the state government has developed a drafting master plan 2041 under the DDA Homes Scheme 2023, which was founded with the intention of providing housing and assistance to the state’s needy. The state government has also granted this master plan under this programme preliminary approval. This master plan advises the Delhi Calamity Management Authority to establish a cutting-edge State Disaster Response Force under the DDA Housing Scheme so that quick action may be done in the event of an unexpected disaster. This plan will also include the establishment of a draught disaster response process. The method will need to be specific, as well as the actions that must be taken in the event of a disaster.

  • The agencies of the state government will start creating emergency response plans and protocols to ensure the provision of crucial services and to aid residents of the state in the event of a disaster.
  • The state’s needy residents have benefited greatly from the DDA housing initiative, and each year the government builds homes under this programme.

DDA Housing Scheme – Online Flat Booking

The application process is as straightforward as it sounds:

  • The official page can be found by clicking here. http://www.dda.org.in/eservices/ or http://www.dda.gov.in/
  • On the webpage, you will find “Login for Applicant”, click that. 
  • A login form will be displayed.
  • You can log in using one of two methods if you are already a member of the Awas Yojana or the Bhoomi Yojana. After selecting one of them, enter the associated user ID and password. then press the login button
  • Choose the link for first come, first served apartments after checking in.
  • Choose an apartment.
  • It will be disabled for 30 minutes, during which time online payments will be permitted.
  • If payment is not received by the deadline, the flat will be auctioned off.
  • Interested parties may apply online and pay the needed down payment for the flat.
  • The DDA will then send the petitioner a demand notice. Under this, the allottee will have three months to pay the entire sum.
  • Following full payment, DDA will issue a possession letter.

DDA Housing Scheme – Method of Payment

  • The applicationor registration processing fees can be transfered from any account
  • After the release of the demand cum allotment letter the desired amount shall be deposited from the allottee’s own account or from the account of a relative using NEFT/ RTGS/ online banking
  • Any charges for transferring the cash will be met by the allottee

DDA Housing Scheme 2023: First Come First Serve Basis

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) plans to sell the 13000 units surrendered by allottees in various schemes in the capital under the new housing policy beginning in August. These apartments will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Because the Union Housing and Urban Development Ministry has now approved in principle the DDA plan. Applications will be accepted for these flats, but there will be no draw. As a result, purchasers are quickly drawn to these units. Now, under the DDA’s new housing scheme, any individual/organization/government/NGO can easily purchase these flats on a first come, first served basis.

Norms for the DDA Housing Scheme Master Plan Relaxation

The Delhi Development Authority has loosened its restrictions as part of its all-inclusive strategy so that Delhi’s rejected state groups can establish the social order. A new scheme has been developed for this proposal. Under this new programme, the DDA has relaxed the requirements for all-inclusive plans so that individuals can establish social hierarchies and validate group dwelling designs. The base plot’s size will decrease to 2000 square metres from 3,000 square metres, and its distance from the street will decrease to 12 metres from 18 metres. The DDA website has been made available for locals to give comments and suggestions regarding this plan. If the plot fits specified parameters, the social order can be shaped.

Green places should be available and all containment requirements should be fulfilled. A 12-meter lane should be provided on the plot so that the ambulance can enter without difficulty.

Objective of DDA Housing Scheme

The primary goal of the DDA Housing Scheme is to provide housing to all those who are unable to own homes due to financial constraints. The government is giving dwellings at reduced rates under the DDA housing scheme so that everyone can own a home. As a result, all Delhi residents’ dreams of owning their own homes would be realised, and no family will leave them homeless. High-income groups will also be provided with lower-cost housing under this scheme.

Benefits of DDA Housing Scheme

  • Housing benefits will be provided by the DDA to all impoverished persons who cannot afford to buy their own home in Delhi.
  • Flats will be supplied at a reduced cost to residents of Delhi NCR.
  • The discount will be approximately ₹5 lakhs.
  • Many people’s dreams of owning a home will be realised thanks to DDA housing.
  • The allocation will be made through computer draw under this approach, which will decrease the possibility of cheating.
  • Newly constructed units would receive a discount of up to ₹5 lakhs. A parking area and lift amenities will be provided for the units.

Eligibility Criteria for DDA Housing Scheme

  • The Applicantmust be a Citizen of India. 
  • The applicant must have reached the age of minimum 18 years. 
  • Only citizens who do not have a wife or spouse or any dependent relation, including unmarried children, are eligible to apply for the plan. Full or partial freehold and leasehold ownership of a residential plot with an area greater than 67 square metres or a flat/build-up to house with an area greater than 67 square metres in the urban areas of Delhi, New Delhi, and Delhi cantonment.
  • Both husband and wife can apply for flats independently, subject to meeting the eligibility requirements, with the caveat that if both are declared successful, only one would be assigned a property and the other’s application fee will be reimbursed.
  • Applicants may only apply once, either in their or their own name or as a joint or co-applicant.
  • The applicant’s individual or joint income should not exceed ₹3 lakhs per year, and the applicant’s household income should not exceed ₹10 lakhs per year.
  • Other groups have no income requirements.
  • In the application form, the applicant must provide his or her bank account information.
  • The individual must have received a permanent account number.
  • In the case of a joint application under the SC or St restricted categories, the partner applicant must be a member of the same family.
  • In the case of a combined application under the reserved categories of war widows, persons with disabilities, ex-servicemen, and others, the applicant himself or herself must fall within the corresponding reserved category, and the joint applicant must be from within the family.

Registration Amount Under DDA Housing Scheme

Flat Category Registration Money Application Processing Fees Total
EWS/JANTA ₹ 25000/- ₹ 2000/- ₹ 27000/-
LIG ₹ 100000/- ₹ 2000/- ₹ 102000/-
MIG ₹ 200000/- ₹ 2000/- ₹ 202000/-
HIG ₹ 200000/- ₹ 2000/- ₹ 202000/-

Cancellation Charges Under DDA Housing Scheme

Period Surrender/cancellation charges
From the date of the draw to the 15th day following the date of the demand cum allotment letter block start date. 10% of the registration fee, up to a maximum of ₹10,000
From the 16th to the 30th day following the date of issue of the demand cum allotment letter block state date 20% of registration fees applicable to the designated category
Block start date is from the 31st to the 90th day after the demand cum allotment letter is sent. 50% of the registration or application fee for the designated category
After 90 days from the date of the demand cum allotment letter’s issuance Complete application funds eligible to the designated category

Required Documents under DDA Housing Scheme

All Categories

  • Self-attested copy of PAN card
  • Proof of residence
  • Identity proof
  • Proof of income if they belong to economic weaker section.

Reserved Categories

  • Self-attested copy of PAN card
  • Proof of residence
  • Identity proof
  • Proof of income from the economic weaker section category
  • Self-attested copy of guardianship certificate
  • Attested copy of original caste certificate
  • Attested copy of thehandicapped certificate(original).
  • Attested copy of the requisite certificate
  • Attested copy of discharge certificate

Other Documents

  • Self-attested copy of bank account passbook/bank statement from which the cost of the flat has been deposited
  • Undertaking in accordance with the proforma outlined in Annexure E of the scheme brochure
  • Affidavit in accordance with the proforma provided in Annexures C and D of the scheme brochure
  • Photograph and three signatures of self and spouse, duly attested in accordance with the Proforma in Annexure F of the scheme booklet.


Overall, it has been identified that, objective of the DDA Housing scheme is to provide housing facilities to people who are unable to purchase houses due to financial issues. The state government has prescribed particular requirements for applicants, and it is essential for them to comply with the same. 

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