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Correction in Kerala Birth Certificate –

Birth certificate correction in Kerala is very much possible in exchange for a nominal fee. Many reasons however contribute to the decision of incurring such changes. Go through this blog to receive all-around knowledge on how to change the name and address details in a birth certificate.

A birth certificate issued to an infant in India happens to be one of the vital documents that come in handy throughout life. Under certain circumstances, mistakes are spotted at the end of the hospital’s administration in recording the baby’s name, the name of the parents, gender, and date of birth. Also sometimes address specifications related to municipalities are wrongly entered by the staff. 

These discrepancies are to be promptly sorted as soon as the mistakes are noticed by the right person i.e., the parents. This blog is all about the birth certificate correction procedure followed in the South Indian state of Kerala.

How to Correct Child Name in Birth Certificate?

The parents can apply for a name correction request by producing the school admission records of a child if initially the spelling was entered incorrectly while drafting the birth certificate. To bring in necessary changes the parents should maintain the following directions:

  • Address the issue immediately to the Birth Registrar monitoring the operations of domestic self-government bodies. If the applicant lives in a village he must visit Gram Pradhan’s office otherwise city dwellers must report the discrepancy to Municipal Corporation or the Municipality.
  • To resolve the purpose the applicant must produce an affidavit mentioning the justification on why the entered name has been written wrongly. 
  • When the concerned person has turned out to be a major he/she is eligible of applying on their own.
  • There is a compounding amount of ₹ 50 that must be paid to avail of the service.
  • The name is edited as per the information displayed in the respective school certificates. Applications based on other legal documents are considered invalid.

Documents Needed for a Probable Name Change in Birth Certificate

The following set of documents is mandated by the Birth Registrar if an individual or his parents (in the case of minors) is wishing to change the name on a birth certificate:

  • Genuine advertisement copies displayed in a newspaper along with the date
  • Identity details and address specifications
  • Attested passport-sized photographs
  • A photocopy of the official deed changing name declaration that is issued from the office of the Controller of Publication
  • Legal letter issued by the Gazetted officer who will review and approve the requirement of amending the formal name

Initials Correction Procedure for Birth Certificate

If you have applied for a birth certificate after the birth of your child in Kerala, then there are measures of correcting the details regarding initials once the certificate has been already issued. Again to do this you must visit the domestic Self-government institution to address the issue sincerely to the Birth Registrar. 

For minor kids, the applying parent should draw a legal justification on why the information has been incorrect initially. Compounding charges of ₹ 50 are attached to the application request. Correction is duly notified by the Registrar following which the applicant must procure the new birth certificate.

The detailed procedure has been explained on the official webpage of Kerala’s state government on how to amend the initials of a child in an existing birth certificate.

Correction of Parents Name in Birth Certificate Kerala

Kerala Government provides the facility of correcting the names of parents in a child’s birth certificate if previously the spellings have been recorded incorrectly. You can read the drafted circular from the state government’s online portal.

To maintain the regulations while executing the matter the applicant must procure a set of legal documents before appearing in front of the authorized council headed by the Registrar. 

To edit the parents’ names you must give:

  • Certificate attested by at least a couple of gazetted officers
  • Provided if are a village dweller then you must present the certificate issued by respective rural officers
  • Hospital prescriptions and invoices support the fact that the concerned people happen to be the applicant’s biological parents. Also, these documents should state the date and hour of birth.
  • Marriage certificate of guardians

Whether the authorities will approve the request or not depends on the authenticity check conducted by the appropriate board of members who are entrusted to verify the documents provided. These documents are forwarded to the Birth Registrar’s Department only after they pass the screening criteria of at least two gazetted officers.

How to Correct Address in Birth Certificate Kerala Online

If the hospital administration has wrongly entered the residential address line then you can easily change that mistake by applying for related services online. To do this, you need to deliver address proof documents to the Municipality or Panchayat office depending on your present location. Another copy must be forwarded to the Birth Registrar at the same time. 

Before reaching out to the governmental offices procure certifications from at least two gazetted officials otherwise the application is considered void.

Reasons to Change Name in Kerala Birth Certificate

Spelling mistakes or wrong entries due to the recording of pet names are two common reasons that lead to name correction requests. However, there are various other factors as well that influence the decision of changing an individual’s name in India. Some of the reasons are:

  • The concerned person has married a partner and now wants to change the surname to acknowledge the post-marital status. In India, this ritual is common for women across all states.
  • Sometimes requests for a name change arrive simply because the applicant dislikes his/her name 
  • Astrological orientation is also a factor in many cases
  • Political reason

Whatever may be the reason, the person raising the appeal needs to bear a compounding fee to realize the request.


Vakilsearch has presented the criteria that you would likely meet if you are intending to change the name of your child or yourself on the birth certificate. The process is hassle-free as all the information is given online on the official website of the Kerala State Government: To get access to more seamless legal inputs like this topic is highly advised that you may follow our other articles.

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