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Copyright Registration Processing Time

Copyright is a part of IPR that protects the exclusive rights of an owner over his work. Registration of copyright brings extended benefits. But how long is the registration processing time? This article will fetch you all details about it.

Copyrights protect the rights of an owner over his original work. Copyrights come into existence right after the work is completed. A person can copyright any kind of work that belongs to the field of literature, drama, sound, music, cinematography, and art. One of the major objectives of copyright license is to encourage and enhance creativity.

Is It Important to Register a Trademark?

You don’t have to mandatorily register your copyright. However, it is advisable to obtain the copyright registration certificate as it proves to be evidence of your ownership over the work in the court of law, in case any dispute arises. Also, registering your copyright ensures you enjoy some exclusive rights over your original work. It also safeguards the original work from being forfeited.

What Are the Details and Documents Needed for a Copyright Registration?

The following details and documents are required to be submitted to the Copyright Office while applying for copyright registration:

  • If the work is published, three copies of it will have to be attached
  • If the work is not published, then two copies of the manuscripts
  • Special power of attorney signed by him or her, and the party, if the application is filed by an attorney
  • Letter of authorisation, if the work is not the work of the applicant
  • All information regarding the language of the work and its title
  • Information about the nationality, name, and address of the applicant
  • The mobile number, and email address of the applicant
  • A no-objection certificate from the trademark office is required if the work is to be used on a product
  • A no-objection certificate, if a person’s photo appears on the work
  • In case the applicant is not the publisher, a no-objection certificate from the publisher
  • Information about the year of publication, the address, and the country of subsequent publications
  • For software, the source code and object code of the copyright

Copyright Registration in India

It is necessary to confirm the number of copies you need to deposit and check if there is a need for any special deposit for the type of work you want to register.

For example, you must deposit a copy of a motion picture, and a separate written description of its contents, to register a motion picture. You can look for more details about the requirements on the copyright office website, or by writing or calling the copyright office. Also, note that the copyright public performance office will not return the copies of your deposit.

Online Registration of a Copyright

You need to log in to the copyright office’s online registration system, file out the registration form, and submit a fee. In a few cases, there is an option to submit a copy of the work electronically.

Types of Copyrights You Can Register Online

Some basic types can be registered online. Such copyrights include literary works, performing arts work, visual arts work, sound recording, and motion pictures.

There are some kinds of work that can be submitted electronically. Such works include:

  • Unpublished works
  • Works that are only published online
  • Photographs or prints of actual work, if it is a three-dimensional work.

Following Up on Your Application to Copyright Registration

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You will receive an email confirmation once you register your copyright online. You can receive one of the following responses to your registration application:

  • For any questions, you will receive a letter, phone call, or email from the copyright office
  • If in case your copyright registration is rejected, you will receive a letter explaining the reason for rejection.
  • In case your application is accepted successfully, a certificate of registration in the mail will be sent to you by mail.
  • If the registration is successful, you will receive a certificate of registration in the mail.

How Long Is the Copyright Registration Processing Time?

It would usually take somewhere between from 3-9months to process a copyright registration application, and issue a certificate. A copyright registration takes effect from the date the copyright receives all of the required materials for registration. Hence, you do not have to wait until you receive a registration certificate from the copyright office.

After filing your application and receiving a diary number, you must wait 30 days to ensure that no objections are made with the Copyright office against your claim that a certain work was created by you.

Registering your copyright will not only safeguard your rights but provide you with The Bottom Line ome extended benefits. One of which is the reimbursement of any damages, along with the attorney’s fee, if in case any dispute of infringement appears in the court. Your application can be rejected if the documents are improper or the application is incomplete.

You can hence register your copyright online by yourself, or prefer to hire professionals like Vakilsearch to apply for you. The experts at Vakilsearch will file the application for your Copyright Reproduction Rights registration online, with a complete and correctly filled form, and all proper documents, while ensuring that your documents and data are safe. The business experts will also make sure you receive your copyright registration speedily.

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