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Color Tricks For Indian Company Logo

This article will help you understand the kind of colours you need to choose in order to create the best company logo.

A Great Company Logo goes hand in hand with the enterprise it represents. Think about revolutionary brands like Apple, Nike, Pepsi etc. The Indian Company Logo Present an instant impression of the business model itself.

A Indian Company Logo is nothing but a design used to symbolize a brand. Detailed studies have revealed that most of these logos express a hidden meaning, many times, these things point to the business’ background story. Also, certain logos offer a witty visual pun. We must remember that branding is simply storytelling – a way through which new customer relationships are intensified.

However, a Indian Company Logo color conveys many things about a particular brand. For reputed business entities, colour dictates the brand’s overall identity. For example, you may think of McDonald’s red and yellow food packaging or Starbucks’ popular green and white disposable beverage cups. New brands ought to be more careful while choosing a color as this will define the status of their business with the target audience.

In this blog, you will learn about the logo strategies adopted by big-name market players in selecting their company logo colours. Also, we have shared the famous patterns disclosed by famous logos. You may get out of the box ideas once you go through these minute details.

Color Tricks For Indian Company Logo

Before jotting down this blog, we first studied the company logo trends of each Fortune 500 company. We came across one common influence: blue is the most widely accepted choice for logo colour.

Now the question arises why blue is such a widespread influence out of hundreds of other options? The answer is not complicated. Blue is an unobjectionable shade that delivers sophistication. For security-related organisations like IT companies, financial firms, and health regulatory bodies, blue has done a commendable job.

The second-most picked colour is red, although it is a striking and case-sensitive hue. Labrecque and Milne’s research involving colour differentiation has been proved valid by the red colour choice of many Fortune 500 food and retail business firms. 

Another popular choice emerging up throughout the years in the Fortune 500 list is purple; although pink is a closer alternative yet it has performed miserably whenever companies have tried experimenting with it. Get the Unique Company Logo from the Experts Designers.

Colour Psychology

The discussion on choosing a particular Indian Company Logo stays incomplete if we do not understand the basics of colour psychology. This field of knowledge deals with the relationship between different shades and human engagement.

Over time, marketers and researchers have noted the patterns of human behaviour in various colours. None of the reports is indisputable. You can notice a certain community considering red as a happening colour that naturally excites them. On the other hand, even men associate this shade with violence. 

From this, we can understand that niche and clientele are vital factors. Other governing conditions include local culture, intended age group, gender, etc. Again the standards are established in different ways by audiences across the world.

Consumers seem to have consolidated their emotions with specific colors.

For example, the colour orange subconsciously indicates a message of energy to many people. There is no valid reason behind this perception, but somehow, this has been instilled in the customer’s mind via consistent marketing efforts. In this way, we can agree that colour psychology has been acting as a self-actualisation prophecy. We can also Create the Trademarks for Business Assets and New Inventions.

To sum this up, there is no particular hue that guarantees the success of your business. You need to understand your customer first to make an informed decision. Otherwise, if you choose an apparent wrong colour that drastically affects your commercial performance, the clients simply ignore your offerings.

Ways to Create Your Indian Company Logo

We have discussed three ways that you can refer to before you start with the company logo creation journey:

  • Perform market research: Always begin with self-questioning. Understand who your primary group of customers is. Finally, set values and principles of the business based on the niche. 

    Keep in mind that the logo must attract the majority of the consumers. Do not overlook the trends followed by your direct competitors. Your company strategy eventually dictates if you are fit for designing something that opposes the industry tradition or should you follow the standards effectively. Having surface-level knowledge about every possible logo-making strategy at present is vital. 
  • Select the logo category: Primarily, we come across two types of logos. The first is a wordmark, while the other is a symbol. The company’s name is the centre of attraction in wordmark logos. Colour choice is very crucial in this category. A symbol company logo depends on iconography for better brand visibility.
  • Assess your colour compatibility: Consider the future associations you desire customers and other businesses to establish with your company. Think what colours will best complement this cause? The chosen colour appears everywhere, starting from your official webpage to business cards, merchandise, etc. thus, it will add life to your brand.

How Indian Company Logo Colour Shows Brand Identity?

It is better if we discuss the impact of each hue as it will clarify the concept of Colour psychology. White logos define simplicity and dedication, and sometimes they refer to hygiene. 

The colour white means different to different people; for example, Christian people wear white coloured apparel to attend their wedding parties, while another group selects white for funeral occasions. You should get a clear idea about your audience’s background before choosing any colour. 

Brands like FedEx wisely implement the white Indian Company Logo in the negative space to create a vivid contrast against the wordmark.

The colour silver gives a sense of wealth. Companies incorporating this colour in their icon are generally tech-related or high-end industrial manufacturers. We can notice the use of silver in the prominent automobile company logo of the Mercedes-Benz. 

Green is also a go-to option as this hue soothes human eyes. Because of this, green is a global shade used to represent nature and radiates positive energy promoting relaxation. Eco-friendly brands rely on this colour for their efficient marketing campaigns. The fruit juice company Tropicana uses this colour strategically in their logo. 

Brown is a shade that gives hope, support and comfort. Companies dealing in food commodities, family products, and transport services choose a brown company logo. Brown is used by brands like Paulig, UGG and Hershey’s.

Bottom Line:

To ensure maximum chances of success, you have to put your customers in the first position in your list of priorities. Once you choose a design, make sure it finds consistent exposure. 

The exact right choice out of all the options available in a Indian Company Logo wheel is impossible. However, still taking the help of sufficient expertise, you will grab an idea about the significance of different colour codes. Eventually, you must remember that no logos remain immune to market trends, so you need to stay on your toes to select the right hue every time. If you have any queries make sure to reach out to Vakilsearch.

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