CIBIL Login & Registration Process for Individuals & Companies

When applying for a loan from financial institutions or other organisations, CIBIL is essential. It aids in establishing your creditworthiness. Read this blog to learn more about CIBIL.

The banks and other financial institutions believe that CIBIL is the most reputable credit reporting organisation. As soon as you sign up for an account on the website and log into your account, you may see the credit score and the credit report provided by CIBIL.

CIBIL Registration Process for Individuals

Step 1: Go to https://cibil.com, which is CIBIL’s official website

Step 2: Click the “Get Your CIBIL Score” button to select the necessary plan

Step 3: Fill out the form’s first option, “Create your account,” with your personal information, including your name, email address, kind of government identification, ID number, and cellphone number

Step 4: To access the form’s second part, “Verify your Identity,” click “Accept & Continue” 

Step 5: To pay for the subscription, proceed to the “Payment” section after finishing the section

Step 6: After making a payment, your registration with the website is complete. To use the services on the website, sign into your account.


CIBIL Registration Process for Companies

Step 1: Go to https://cibilrank.cibil.com/

Step 2: Complete the form with information about your business, including your corporation, business kind, ID type, Identification value, Goods and services tax value, company registration address, state, city, PIN, and the contact info for the authorised signatory.

Step 3: Press the “Proceed” button after completing the form

Step 4: Pay the ₹3,000 using a credit/debit card or net banking

Step 5: The email address associated with this firm account will receive a special CIBIL Registration ID and a payment transaction ID

Step 6: To access your account, proceed to step 6 and log in using your credentials. 

Another option is to download the form, complete it, and mail it or email it to the addresses provided below: TransUnion CIBIL Limited, One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 2A, 19th Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai 400 013, 61404300 (toll-free), info@cibil.com


CIBIL Login Process for Individuals

Step 1: On the CIBIL website’s home page, click the “Get Your CIBIL Score” button

Step 2: To go to the login page, click “Member Login”

Step 3: Type your username and password into the appropriate sections to access your account

Step 4: Click the “Enter” button to enter your dashboard.


CIBIL Login Process for Companies

Step 1: Visit the official CIBIL website and log into your account

Step 2: After logging in for the first time, provide your KYC documentation so that authorised staff members may check your account and send your CIBIL rating and report.


What is CIBIL Rank?

Companies receive a CIBIL Rank, which summarises their Commercial Credit Report (CCR), similar to how individuals receive a CIBIL score. The rank is on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 denoting the highest rank. Only businesses with credit exposure of between ₹10 lahks and ₹50 crores are eligible. The rank primarily represents the likelihood of your business falling behind on payments. When making loans to firms, lenders take this ranking into account.

List of KYC Documents for CIBIL Registration

Ensure that the address you enter while enrolling on the website matches the address on your KYC documents, which the government gives. Both individuals and businesses can use this. The following is a list of admissible proofs: 

Concerning People: 

  • PAN card, Aadhaar card, passports, voter ID cards, and licences serve as identity proof
  • Address Verification: bank statements, utility bills, and phone bills.

For businesses: 

  • Address Verification: Telephone, power, and bank statement.

How to Upload these Documents?

Step 1: Go to https://www.cibil.com/kyc-upload

Step 2: Users will see two options, one for people and the other for businesses. Click the “Submit” button after selecting the option that best fits your needs

Step 3: If you choose the option for persons, a page that requires you to enter information about your identification evidence and address proof will be redirected to you. Upload the necessary proof papers as well for validation. To finish the KYC upload procedure, click “Submit”

Step 4: You must submit KYC-compliant address evidence and upload the documents if you selected the corporate credit report option

Step 5: Press the “Submit” button to finish the procedure.


Eligibility to Check Your CIBIL Score

  • Users will be given a CIBIL Score if they’ve ever taken out a loan or a credit card. 
  • If you haven’t used any credit products, you’ll be referred to as “new to credit” and won’t have a credit score. 
  • To examine your credit score, you must have a PAN card that is currently active.

How Does Your CIBIL Score Impact Your Loan Eligibility?

A lender will take your CIBIL score into account before approving your loan. A low CIBIL score gives the lender the power to reject your application. If your CIBIL score is high, lenders will look into further information to assess your creditworthiness. The probability that your application form will be approved will thus increase if your credit score is good. 

More factors than your CIBIL score are considered if you seek new credit. Lenders will take into account a variety of characteristics, including your employment record, debt ratio to income and field of work.

Benefits of a Good CIBIL Score

  • Your chances of receiving cheaper interest rates on loans increase if you possess a high credit score. 
  • Applications for loans have a better probability of getting granted. 
  • A pre-approved lending programme will be available to you. 
  • We will rapidly approve any credit cards and loans. 
  • On your processing charge, you will receive a discount.


Customers and members may quickly get their credit score articles online using the CIBIL login registration option. It is simpler to constantly check one’s credit health and take advantage of the advantages of having good credit, as well as to address any issues. Contact our legal staff at Vakilsearch to learn more about CIBIL Login & Registration Process for Individuals & Companies. 

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