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How to Calculate PF Withdrawal Amount After Resignation

A pension fund is sometimes known as a provident fund. Its purpose is to provide lump-sum compensation to employees who leave their jobs. In contrast, pension funds include both lump sum and monthly pension payments. A monthly wage deduction is made for the Provident Fund.

To Calculate PF Withdrawal Amount After Resignation pension fund is sometimes known as a provident fund. Its purpose is to provide lump-sum compensation to employees who leave their jobs. In contrast, pension funds include both lump sum and monthly pension payments. A monthly wage deduction is made for the Provident Fund.

Provident Fund and Gratuity

Although both gratuity and provident funds offer lump-sum dividends at the conclusion of employment, gratuity is a defined benefit plan, and provident funds are defined contribution plans.

When Can PF Claims Be Made?

When you leave your work, you can claim your PF balance. There are a lot of people who don’t get their PF when they switch jobs, or who don’t get their PF transferred to their new employer.

EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization) safeguards the funds, which continue to receive tax-free returns. The Income-Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) has, however, eliminated the tax exemption on interest income earned after leaving work. To avoid paying taxes on interest after departing your work, you must withdraw the funds or transfer the PF to the new company.

After Resignation, Epf Money

There is usually a two-month waiting period following resignation before you can withdraw your PF funds.If you do not accept the next job in India, you can instantly withdraw the remaining sum from your EPF account.

Online Epf Registration

The PF Factor

You cannot withdraw your EPF account balance immediately after resigning from your job. If you choose to take your money from your PF account before the five-year period is through, you will be required to pay tax on the amount. Furthermore, starting December 2015, you will be required to meet with your ex-employer in order to get your PF money. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) plans to establish an online option for provident fund withdrawals by March 2016 after the Supreme Court’s expansion of the usage of Aadhaar cards for government initiatives. If the facility is successful, running from pillar to post to withdraw provident money will soon become obsolete. Furthermore, PF claims are likely to be ‘settled’ within three hours of receipt of an application following the establishment of the online facility. When you use online services, your Aadhaar numbers will be seeded into your Unique Account Numbers (UANs).The adoption of the UAN (Universal Account Number) has made the EPF transfer more transparent. As of October 16th, 2015, approximately 1.99 crore people had activated their UANs.

PF Funds Following Resignation

When a person retires from work and is out of work for more than two months, they can withdraw their whole Provident Fund (PF). For the individual to get PF funds, the gazette officer must certify that he or she has been unemployed for more than two months. It is against the law and therefore illegal for a worker to seek to withdraw funds before being unemployed for at least two months.

  1. Individuals must retire at the age of 58, according to the EPF Act, to receive the final payment of PF
  2. Individuals will receive both their payment to the EPF and the interest earned on that contribution
  3. Additionally, the employee is eligible to receive the pension amount contributed to the Employees’ Pension Scheme depending on years of service (EPS)
  4. Complete PF withdrawal is permitted if the employee is leaving India and settling permanently overseas. Withdrawal is also permitted if the employee accepts a job abroad
  5. Members of the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) may also withdraw the full amount if they are entirely or permanently unable to work as a result of mental or physical injuries
  6. A medical practitioner must produce a certificate, though. Those who have been diagnosed with leprosy or tuberculosis but have not yet received their PF money are eligible to receive the whole sum
  7. It is critical to understand that you must wait two months before you may access your pension benefits.
  8. Your retirement funds are protected by the two-month waiting period.
  9. Despite this, if you are in need of money and do not plan on returning to India, you can take your PF account amount after resigning. Observe the following details:
    • If you wish to travel abroad and have no plans to return soon, you can request an immediate withdrawal of your PF funds
    • If you work in a foreign country, you can request a withdrawal from your provident fund account after you resign
    • To qualify for the aforementioned discount, you must supply documentation such as visa and appointment letter copies
    • Second, a female employee may choose to withdraw funds if she intends to retire in order to marry. Surprisingly, few people are aware of this truth
    • However, this waiver is explicitly mentioned in section 69 para-2 of the EPF plan document
    • In order to prove her marital status, the young lady must produce documentation such as a wedding card. Women who want to leave a city or nation after getting married might take use of this option.

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After you turn in your papers, you have a million thoughts. Your provident fund account may not always be your top priority. Nonetheless, you cannot continue to put off taking your funds from the account.

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