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How to Buy Kerala Lottery Ticket Online And Get It By Post?

Kerala Lottery Tickets are also available online. Here is how you can buy them and receive them by post.

The game of lottery has its popularity in the state of Kerala. The Kerala Lotteries are regulated by the State Government. Hence, they are well-regulated and reliable. Since the emergence of online lotteries people started using digital platforms to buy tickets. 

Similarly, Kerala Lottery tickets become available online and thousands of people wanted to buy them. However, a majority of the population is unaware and does not know the exact steps to follow before getting the Kerala lottery ticket online and receiving it by post later. Here we will cover the important information on the mentioned topic.

A brief about Kerala Lotteries

There are a handful of agents who deal in online lottery. Also, they send it to the buyer via postal services. The lottery draw only takes place on Wednesday and Saturday. Therefore, the buyer needs to be attentive and check regularly on these days. One can go online and register on the official website of Kerala Lotteries and buy their tickets online or from an authorized agent. Once a person is registered, they will be asked to select their preferred number and make the payment using a debit or credit card. This is a weekly program conducted by the Government of Kerala. 

The state government hosts two lotteries called the Kerala State Lotteries and Trivandrum International Airport Limited Lotteries. There are a set of 49 numbers in total out of which six are drawn out of seven winning numbers. Whereas, TRIAL lotteries draw a total of five numbers out of seven winning numbers. The individuals can make their own choice and start bidding by using the two online ways available for acquiring the lottery.  

Methods to buy Kerala Lotteries

There are two ways to buy tickets online. The first way includes buying lottery tickets from the official website of Kerala lotteries. Go to and you will see the available tickets with their mentioned prices. Choose the ticket and make the payment. 

The second way is to buy the tickets online from a third-party website that sells them online but they are not authorized by the state government. Let’s understand the two ways to buy tickets further.

1st method

The first way includes buying tickets online from the official website of Kerala Lottery. After opening the website, click on the Lottery Tickets tab on the top menu bar, then go to the buy option. You will see a “Buying online” option at the bottom of the page. Start with registering yourself on the website. The website will extract details like name, mobile number, and official id. 

Once the details are entered, a verification code will be sent to the registered mobile number and it will help the website in validating the information of the person and checking whether the number entered is valid or not. There is a higher chance of fraud online. So the website requires all the important information to avoid any inconvenience. 

2nd Method

The second way is buying the lottery from a third-party unauthorized website. Such websites are not regulated by the government. Such websites are run by agents who sell tickets online and a few options are available as it is not the choice of many people. The official website remains the topmost choice. The lack of information among the masses regarding the second option is one of the many reasons for its unpopularity among the players.

Tickets are available in the denomination of ₹100 and ₹1000. Only five tickets can be purchased during a single transaction. The lottery assures the winning amount of ₹1 crore for each draw. There is also a list of upcoming lotteries and different options available which makes it easier for people to choose and bid. 

How to receive tickets by post? 

Although people who do not have access to online banking may face issues while buying tickets online. They make payments by visiting the nearest bank and sending money after purchasing Kerala Lottery from agents online. After making a bank payment, you can receive the lottery tickets via post at the mentioned address. Make sure you write the correct address on the website as it will help the agents to courier it to the address. 

There is a minimum quantity that needs to be bought. At Least 12 tickets must be purchased if the price per ticket is less than ₹100. For instance, if the cost of each ticket is more than ₹100 then a person only needs to buy a minimum of 10 tickets. The courier charges also vary for each transaction. For transactions below ₹2000, courier charges of ₹40 are charged. Similarly, banks charge different bank transaction charges. The transaction charge is ₹50 for a transaction below ₹2000. 

It has become easier to participate in the game and try your luck in the game with the help of online mediums. Lottery tickets are received by the concerned person by paying a little extra amount. Although, the physical form of the lottery is still more popular as a lot of people consider the online lottery as a scam due to a lack of knowledge. Open a bank account and hold a debit or credit card before buying tickets online. Keep the documents ready as it may ask for details during registration.


Incomplete and little information can be dangerous things. Before bidding and buying tickets online, you must read and learn about how it works to save your hard-earned money. There are many sham websites. Always prefer the official website of Kerala Lotteries for buying tickets. Read the terms and conditions carefully as it can help in avoiding any loss of money. 

Although buying tickets online is not rocket science,  people who are new to technology may encounter some issues. Take help from an online source to learn about buying tickets online and how to operate the website. Check the authenticity of the website from where you are planning to get the tickets. Make sure to satisfy the minimum transactional requirements of the websites to complete the deal. Research on your own, read articles, and take suggestions before bidding. 

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