What Are The Benefits of Changing Surname After Marriage?

In a conventional society like India, it is a social default to take up the husband's name after marriage. Why is it so? What are the pros of changing your legal name? Let's find out!

Right after your marriage, people would soon bring up the subject of changing your maiden name, and taking up your husband’s name. Believe it or not, the roots of our culture and traditions are so deep that you might have consciously or subconsciously thought about it yourself.

Though society implies that you are morally obligated to drop your maiden name and take up your husband’s, it is completely a personal choice.

Well, if you do want to know more about the name change, let’s start with the benefits.

Benefits of Changing Your Name in India After Marriage

  • As we already know, society does expect women to take up the husband’s name. By adding your husband’s name to yours, you get to put a full stop to the questions often being raised by relatives and neighbors.
  • As a lot of Indian parents are still living as per conventional traditions and customs, you might be able to keep your in-laws happy, and might not have much explaining to do.
  • The online name change thing is so deep-rooted in our customs that even some Government officials expect you to do so, or more so, might morally obligate you to take up your husband’s name to complete any Government process:
  • Sharing the same surname makes the work hassle-free. So, changing to add your husband’s surname to yours would help in documentation and make the paperwork easy for application of visa, passport, joint accounts, properties, etc.
  • If you wish to start life afresh in your marriage, leaving behind your past, changing names would help you do so.
  • it would be easier for your future kids to be known by a shared surname. In India, children are still expected to take up their father’s surname. Changing your surname will lower the risk of an identity crisis for your child.
  • Some women believe a change of name is a pathway to feel a sense of belongingness to the new phase of life or as a part of the new family.

The Process to Change Your Name in India After Marriage

  1. Get a joint affidavit with a declaration of marriage stating that you desire to change your name. You could change your name partially, or even add your husband’s name to yours. As a change of name after marriage, you will have to submit the following details.
    1. Current name with the father’s name and address
    2. A proposed new name with the husband’s name and address
    3. Date of marriage
  2. Print the affidavit on ₹10 stamp paper. Both the husband and the wife must sign the affidavit.
  3. Attach the Marriage certificate and passport-size photographs of both the husband and the wife.
  4. Notarise the affidavit by visiting a notary.
  5. You will need to publish a declaration of the name change in any two local newspapers. You can contact the newspaper agency to advise on the format.
  6. To get your change of name published in the Gazette, visit the local Government Press or the department that handles Gazette notifications and request them to publish the same in the Gazette.
  7. You will receive a gazette notification at your address within 15 to 30 working days.

Vakilsearch Can Help You Legalize Your New Name

The process of name change might seem simple but overwhelming. Sorting all the documents and following up with the procedure can seem time-consuming and confusing. That’s where Vakilsearch can help you. Experts at Vakilsearch will categorize all your documents properly, file them for you, and even inform you about the gazette notification. And the best part is you can make it happen right from your home, as it is a completely online process.

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