How To Apply For an Online Caste Validity Certificate?

Caste validity certificates are essential for getting caste benefits in numerous fields. Applying this is not very complicated. It can be applied online without having to go anywhere.

A caste validity is important when it comes to specific immunities and benefits for a caste. The certificate ensures the validity of the caste certificate provided by the state government and examines a person’s eligibility to acquire caste benefits.

The government’s examination process ensures a person’s eligibility for caste benefits. This examination occurs more strictly than the Caste Certificate. All the ancestral details must be produced to verify a person’s caste. Caste validity certificates are only provided when sufficient proof is presented before the government and the legitimacy of the documents is proven true. 

This Caste validity prevails over the caste certificates. Suppose a caste certificate is given to a person who eventually fails to prove the legitimacy of his claim and gets rejected for a caste validity certificate. In that case, it will not be considered that caste, and the certificate becomes void. All the benefits of the caste certificates will be cancelled. If the person holds an office, he shall be removed from his position with immediate action.

Meaning Of Caste Validity Certificate

Recently the caste validity certificate has been given utmost importance regarding caste benefits. The students must produce caste validity certificates to get the immunities. It also helps in getting certain jobs. 

The caste certificates also help determine a person’s eligibility to acquire a caste validity certificate. The government has provided various benefits to specific castes like Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe or OBC.

In order to get these benefits, this specific type of certificate needs to be produced. 

It is an essential government document to decide the deserving persons to get these specific benefits. It determines and recognises a person’s caste and helps prove the legitimacy when any dispute arises related to it in the court of law. 

Importance Of Caste Validity Certificate

Caste validity certificates play an essential role in determining a person’s caste. This will help you get multiple benefits based on the caste category you fall in. 

  • Caste validity certificates help you get admission to various schools and colleges. The government has provided certain immunities to the students of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and OBC. These immunities can be a certain amount of admission fee exemption, a low cut-off mark for getting eligible, or reserved seats. The caste validity certificate helps to get these facilities in an educational institute.
  • It also helps in qualifying for competitive examinations. The qualifying mark for an entrance examination is variable according to the recognized castes in India. The mark may vary for Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and OBC. Producing the caste validity certificate can set your required mark low for a competitive exam.
  • The same thing happens with qualifying for a job. A caste validity can help you get a job easily and provide you with a reserved seat.
  • Caste validity certificates can help you get scholarships that will help you get easy admission to your required school and college. 
  • Governmental subsidies can help you get various benefits from many products and services. The caste validity certificate helps you get these subsidies.
  • If you are willing to get nominated for an election as a candidate, the caste validity certificate can help you get specific benefits.
  • Caste validity certificates are identification proof of the caste you possess. 
  • Caste validity certificates carry a high evidentiary value. So if any litigation arises on a dispute relating to a person’s caste, a caste validity certificate can be used as a good piece of evidence to prove the case.

Caste Validity Certificate Documents Required

 If you want to apply for a caste validity, you need to produce certain documents for the government. These documents are required to understand your eligibility to apply for a caste validity. Also, some documents are needed to prove the legitimacy of the caste claim of the applicant. 

  • To apply for the caste validity certificate, a person must fill out an application form for the caste validity certificate with all the necessary details. 
  • Along with the application form, a self-declaration of the applicant must be attached.
  • The pre-existing caste certificate is required to be produced for a better understanding of the applicant’s caste. 
  • You are also required to produce the caste certificate of your father and other relatives with the application form.
  • If you have available documents of your ancestor’s caste, you may require to produce that before the government.
  • An applicant must produce his Aadhar card as identity proof.

How To Apply For an Online Caste Validity Certificate?

 The caste validity is an essential document that can help you in various ways. The Certificate needs to be applied in the provided manner with all the original or attested copies of required documents attached with the application form.

  • If you want an application form for the caste validity, you need to visit your nearest Tehsil Office or SDM office, but you can also apply online. Online mode is a better option for students. 
  • In order to get the application form, you need to visit the concerned government website and download the editable caste validity application form in PDF format.
  • Fill out the form with all the necessary details correctly and your identification details and contact information. The information includes name, age, occupation and address.  
  • Put ticks on the required area to indicate what document you are producing. 
  • Upload scanned copies of the original documents required along with the E-signature. 
  • You can now print the form attached with the necessary Caste Certificate documents.
  • Your application is ready to be submitted to your area’s District Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committee. 
  • After examining the validity, the District Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committee will send the caste validity along with the E sign to your provided Email address. 
  • You can download the same, ready to produce the certificate whenever necessary.
  • The process takes nearly about three months.

Update Application Details

After successfully filing your E-application, you will get an 18-digit Caste Verification Application number. 

This number will be used if you log in again. 

If you want to update the application subsequently, you can get re log in to your application through the Caste Verification Application number and make necessary changes. 


 To be eligible for getting a caste validity certificate, you need certain eligibility. 

  • You must be an Indian citizen.
  • You should have a pre-existing caste certificate. 
  • You need to apply for the certificate in the state you are residing in.


The caste validity certificate: https://services.india.gov.in/service/detail/online-application-of-caste-certificate is a necessary document you will require in your entire life. The validity of this certificate stays forever and ensures all the caste reservation benefits to the holder. With the help of this article, apply it online for more convenience.

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