AP Land Details

AP land details refer to land registration and acquiring land in Andhra Pradesh. Through an active online system called the Meebhoomi AP, an informative digital portal, everything regarding Andhra Pradesh land acquisition, registry, sale, and gathering of data on AP plots can come in handy. 

AP stands for Andhra Pradesh, and just like any other state in India, there is also an active online repository called the Meebhoomi AP that gives a compact and informative detail regarding land registration and records. It was established with much guidance from the Department of Revenue and provided important information and statistics about plots or lands. It is an online access system that contains the geographical distribution of lands, locales, maps, cartography etc. The AP land details are explained in a much more rational and comprehensive way, including holder records, formation of the land and all its records right from the first day, all types and detailed descriptions of the cultivable land and crops, liabilities, types of water and irrigation sources that are available, area of the land, type of soil, under whose ownership is the land in Andhra Pradesh and so on. The Meebhoomi website is an integral mechanism for looking into this. 

What is the Overview of the Meebhoomi AP that You Need to Know? 

Certain things you need to know about the AP land details include the following: 

  • You can track wholesome land record details with the help of the online Meebhoomi portal
  • There is something called the Adangal document and the 1B document, which you can procure from the portal
  • In this portal, you not only get the details about the land holding and the owner details, but you also get some of the best survey reports that are associated with a certain area of land: for example, survey number, patta names, all the passbook records and statistics of the patta holders, field measurement details, all the list of the village landlords and so on. 

What is the AP land Adangal? 

Generally, it is the work of the village administrative officers to maintain the Adangal about the land. This is a document containing all the requisite information about the land area and measurement, type of land whether it is suitable for cultivation or for construction, whether it is suitable for growing food crops or cash crops etc. 

Apart from this, the Adangal also contains land liabilities and is recognised as the Village Count number 3. It is important to check through the Adangal once to know more about the type of land buying and selling in AP. Because it is all about the land details. 

What is the 1B Record While Going Through the AP Land Details? 

If you are interested in the AP land details, then the 1B record can also be helpful. The AP state revenue department keeps track of it, and it also understands and records any recent developments that might affect the growth, valuation, and acquisition of lands in AP. 

The Meebhoomi 1B document is actually a detailed description of the Tahsildar recordkeeping for a single property. In this document, all the details of the land can be furnished. It is also important for future court proceedings and if you want to buy, sell, or trade-in land and property. you can check the 1B document from the online portal. 

What Are the Meebhoomi Website’s Benefits in AP Land Details? 

There are certain benefits of the Meebhoomi website in the case of the AP land details. You can check out the benefits under:

  • It is a single, easy-to-navigate, one-stop solution for selling, purchasing and knowledge about land in AP. The online portal is user-friendly, and you will have no problem navigating through its various aspects
  • It is also open to all the residents who live in Andhra Pradesh
  • All the significant service options about which you need to know are given on the Home page of the website, and you can also receive SMS notifications and also all kinds of notifications regarding the update in the system
  • The navigation of the field management, everything about the village maps and when you want to know about the Meebhoomi FMB, you can simply navigate through this website. Since it is a very well-organised portal, you can easily access all types of land records and data for a stipulated year as you want to know
  • Mee Bhoomi can give an easy and public view of the details about the land area under consideration
  • It is advantageous that the application format is currently available online and can be easily downloaded
  • It is now accessible for the target audience to download the application from the website and can be made available in printed format
  • The concerned land owner or the purchaser of the land can refer to the grievance records as stated
  • Real-time grievance status pertaining to the concerned land area is also available
  • The digital records about the land data help the users to fetch the crop details wherever concerned
  • If the landlord would like to make an online application for a bank loan to develop the land, it can be done with the help of digital details
  • The location of the land is easily comprehended from a remote destination. This can reflect on the surrounding locality as well
  • Any changes to the land under consideration, construction of boundary walls etc., can be easily incorporated as per the digital formats available. 

In addition, you can also check your land records in AP through this online portal as and when applicable. 


If you are a resident of AP, this blog is for you. In order to check for the land details, you need to go through the patta name, passbook details of the patta, and all other relevant detail. As far as the residency of Andhra Pradesh is concerned, each resident needs to check the relevant land survey reports, in addition to the details related to the development of the land, either in residential format or as a business asset. 

Checking can be done concerning the geographical area, as stated by the experts. This is precisely why Mee Bhoomi is an initiative taken by the state government of Andhra Pradesh to bring all the records related to land acquisition into a digital framework. Has it helped the public to understand the pattern of land distribution? Mostly yes. 

Mee Bhoomi makes it readily available for the public to make it readable with a click of the mouse. Thus, for any land owner or a prospective buyer, it becomes easier to get an encumbrance detail pertaining to the land area under consideration. If you are looking for such necessary information, it shall be easy for you to access the details as given. 

Surfing Government portals relevant to such information are strictly recommended. At the same time, you can take professional guidance from Vakilsearch, a legal consultancy firm located in Chennai, India.


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