Permanent Patent: All You Need to Know!

Applying for a permanent patent can be challenging, but with the help of the right expert it can be taken care of.

You are on the right page as you can know everything about permanent patents here. A permanent patent application is a complete specification that features the invention’s complete portrayal from the strategy point for completing it. The inventors claim to secure their rights over the patent item or innovation.

It is a generally authoritative record that allows privilege or power of a specific research field. It is an invention or other process when applying to an individual for the same.

A further patent is a privilege granted to the invention’s owner or proprietor. It can be anything extending from the specific product or service it fulfils. A proprietor has the privilege to prevent others from utilizing, making, or bringing in the creation without approval. It can only be done through a patent.

Basics About Permanent Patent

A permanent patent mainly confirms full coverage of the patented invention under the country’s legal system or legislation. The right evolved through the patent is enforced in the legal court in which maximum systems embrace the right to stop or the infringement of abatement. On the flip side, a court can also pronounce a patent invalid in a compelling contest by any 3rd party.

Benefits Of Having A Permanent Patent

Inventiveness Test

The patent proprietor will control the creation’s utilization for 20 years with the respective rights. The patent can transform into business and slow down the opponent for a long time.

Selling Capacity

The patent owner has the right to transfer or sell the patent to someone else at their discretion.

License Right

Section 70 of the patent act deliberates, among other things, which means the right of the proprietor for the grantee of the patents to grant the license of the mentioned patent. For instance, a patentee of any invention, including a sound system, holds the right to license their right to any other party to trade or manufacture the system in any unique territory.

Right to Assign

Under section 70 of the act, the patentee ultimately holds the right to assign the patent to other individuals. Such assignment or licensing should be in writing or an expressed agreement. Decree must be registered to evade all the litigation letters.

Exploit The Patent Right

Section 48 of the patent act 1970 confers the right of the patentee, the assignee, or the agent to exploit the patent whenever the right is exercised in the given circumstances enforced by section 47 of the act.

A Noteworthy Credibility

A patented product is generally here to improve brand recognition and empower the business to charge some premium. Considering the patent for any fruitful item or service would expand the business valuation.

Surrender Right To The Patent

The act under 63 provides for a patent at any time by guiding the notice to the controller to offer the surrender of the patent. The controller publishes the offer in India to allow other 3rd parties to have any interest. They have to do it before accepting the offer to surrender.

Rights To Sue For Infringement

The patent confers the exclusive right, and it can be meaningful while lasting only when the act gives the right to the patentee to take any legal action for the patent write protection. The agent or the patentee needs to understand that they have the right to institute a civil suit in court, which is no lower than the District Court in any infringement case.


Who Is Eligible To File A Patent?

The patent application can be filed by anybody who has invented the product for the first time or is the inventor’s assignee. The application can be filed alone or together with any other party. Furthermore, legal representation of the inventor may apply in the case of the inventor’s deceased.

Eligibility Requirements To Get The Patent Registered

Patent registrations do not apply to all inventions, and the invention must satisfy some criteria to get the patent right.


It means that the innovation should be new, and you cannot patent any publicly available invention.


It means that the product of the process should be inventive, and it should not be evident to any skilled person if it is not patentable.


The new product’s intentional process should be helpful and applied in the industrial process.

Check The Patentability

Firstly, you need to do the patent search before you start the registration process. You have to check if the invention is not registered already to verify the patentability. It should be patentable considering the patent act 1970. Additionally, the innovation should be new as you cannot patent any invention which is available already.

Drafting The Application For Patent

There are mainly 2 types of patent applications. The provisional patent application is the first, and the complete patent application is the second. You have to fill the form 2 for all the patent applications. While drafting the patent application, you have to ensure that the description of the invention is mentioned in detail and there is a description of the future scope and function of the invention. Don’t forget to mention the invention title.

Patent Filing Application

Application for the patent should be filed by self or through the patent agent. You have to give patent specifications during the application and should give inventorship or declaration.

Publication Of The Patent Application

The patent application is published in the Official Journal after at least 18 months of filing the patent application.

Examination Of Patent Application

The applicant is required to make a request for it in the form that is prescribed for the examination of the patent. While filing for the patent application, you must ensure that all the mandatory documents are ready for it, like description claims, abstract drawings, if applicable, and your identity and address proof.


Claiming for a permanent patent is not a 1-day job, as there are multiple steps involved. If you are looking for one, then indeed you need the assistance of an expert. Vakil Search could be of a big help here in providing all the support needed.

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