All About AEPC Membership Renewal Form

Do you want to export ready-made clothing to other countries? Register with the Council for the Promotion of Exports of Clothing. Utilise different programmes and subsidies run by the AEPC.

AEPC Membership Renewal Form

One of the top countries in the world for apparel production is India. The total value chain of Indian textile and apparel items, from yarn, fibre and fabric to clothes with great worldwide appeal, has a tradition of fine craftsmanship.

Indian apparel has been successful in design hubs all over the world, and India’s silk, denim and cotton are highly regarded in other countries.

With the biggest area of 12.35 million hectares, or 37% of the world’s area under cotton cultivation, India is among the largest producers and consumers of cotton.

The handicrafts, traditional handloom, silk and wool items, as well as the organised textile industry located in India, make up a large portion of the widely diversified Indian apparel and textile market.

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How And When Was The AEPC Established?

The official organisation of Indian exporting apparel, AEPC, was established in the year 1978 and offers support to both foreign and domestic buyers as well as importers who chose our country, India as their significant resource for clothing. Its headquarters are in Gurgaon, and it has ten offices around India. Its registered office is located in Okhla.

Today, AEPC is a powerful organisation for developing and facilitating clothing exports and manufacturing. AEPC serves as another shop for information, technical help, advice, market intelligence and labour management, for exporters in India.

Members gain access to the most recent trade statistics, information on trade shows worldwide, possible statistics of trade and support for taking part in these shows. It also has a significant impact on organising trade missions and finding new markets for diverse nations.

The central organisation for the development of ready-made clothing from India is the Apparel Export Promotion Council. Between Indian garment exporters and international markets, the Council is a vital link. It is the only organisation at the national scale recognised under the Foreign Trade Policy and is funded by the Department of Textiles, the Indian government.

The Mission And Objectives Of APEC

By helping the industry reach national goals for job creation, export promotion, productivity and brand establishment sustainably and progressively, AEPC realises its vision while also delivering greater value to society at large and consumers in particular.

The main objectives of the Apparel export promotion council include promoting, progressing, growing, and expanding the export of all ready-made clothing kinds, except woollen knitwear and clothing made of leather, jute, and hemp.

Another objective is implementing all export promotion strategies, especially market research, to contribute to budgeting and foreign trade policies. providing inputs for various PTAs, FTAs, and bilateral trade agreements and monitoring importer tariffs and other restrictive practices is a huge task.

This helps the exporters to learn about the export costs and product range of other nations’ clothing; create new clothing designs and patterns; APEC helps to engage in marketing in specific foreign markets and send missions and trade delegations to other nations; and assess the country’s export potential in relation to readymade clothing.

Implementing worker and technical personnel training is another of the objectives of AEPC. This is done to raise the level of skill of those working in India’s garment industry and to support the technological foundation of the sector.

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Qualification to Register as an Exporter

  • The applicant is a legitimate company, individual, or firm
  • The applicant cannot still be insolvent after being discharged
  • The applicant needs a digital signature certificate and the IE code supplied by DGFT

AEPC currently offers offline registration. The completed application form and the associated documentation must be turned in to the regional office for offline registration. Demand draughts must be made out to AEPC in order to pay fees. It will shortly adopt a system for online registration

Eligibility For Exporter Members

The applicant must meet the requirements of a Registered Exporter in addition to the list below. Over the previous three fiscal years, the company’s total clothing export revenue was close to Rs. 1 crore. 

Schemes Or Subsidies For Exporters Under APEC

Under the Auspices of AEPC India, Exporters Have Access to Several Programmers and Resources

Exporters Availed Market Entry Initiative Framework, Technology Upgradation Financing Scheme, Market Development Aid Scheme, Awareness Of the product Scheme, Textile Center Infrastructure Investment Scheme, Garment Park, Scheme for Incorporated Textile manufacturing Parks, and Special Economic sones (SEss) are just few of the market development programmed offered by AEPC.

A pre-and after-shipment export credit, such as a packing credit, is eligible for an interest reduction under the Interest Equalization Scheme, also known as interest subvention.

The introduction of the Technologies Upgradation Investment Fund was made possible by innovative and effective technology. The Rebate of Government Levies Scheme aids the textile industry by offering zero-rated export duty and boosting overall market competitiveness.    


AEPC is a one-stop store for information advice, technical help, workforce development, and market intelligence for Indian exporters. Members gain access to the most recent trade statistics, possible markets, information on worldwide trade shows, and support for attending these shows.

It also significantly impacts finding new markets and organizing trade missions to diverse nations. A deeper awareness of International and Indian trade regulations, developing trade challenges, environmental and social compliances, quality management, and corporate sustainability procedures is made possible by the Council. 

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