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AP Adarana 2 Scheme 2023: Apply Online, Eligibility & Status

This blog piece will primarily focus on the Adarana 2 scheme and the eligibility and documents required for such a scheme. Readers are requested to go through the blog thoroughly to understand the intricacies of the same.

Apply online, find out if you’re eligible, and track the status of your application for the AP Adarana 2 Scheme in 2023. The Andhra Pradesh government has launched the scheme. Through this programme, the state government financially supports labourers, artisans, etc., and attempts are made to raise their output. The state government offers a subsidy for purchasing technical equipment through this plan. In addition, this programme was created to give financial support to all of Andhra Pradesh’s employees, artisans, etc. This article will provide you with all the data about the Scheme, including the eligibility requirements established by the government, how to apply for it, what crucial documents are needed, etc.

Ap Adarana 2 Scheme Information

The AP Adarana 2 Scheme is a specific kind of programme that the government of Andhra Pradesh has launched for members of the underprivileged population. The government is attempting this programme to lessen labour-intensive tasks by modernising and advancing the artisans tools and methods, which will also raise the level of service.

N Chandrababu Naidu, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, introduced the programme in 2018. The Scheme was launched in 2019 after that, and applications are presently accepted online for this programme as well. In addition, thousands of qualified applicants apply daily for this Andhra Pradesh government programme and are also receiving its benefits.

Goals Of The Andhra Pradesh Adarana 2 Program

The Andhra Pradesh Adarana 2 Scheme’s primary goal is to offer financial aid to all residents who belong to the underprivileged class so they can purchase modern equipment. Additionally, by empowering and educating the disadvantaged courses through this programme, backward groups are made more productive and developed.

The state government has maintained the free application process for this programme. In addition, the financial help offered under this programme is distributed in the following three instalments.

  • First instalment of 30,000; 
  • Second instalment of 20,000; 
  • Third instalment of 10,000; 
  • Subsidy component for the acquisition of units with 70% NBCFDC loan, 20% NBCFDC loan, and 10% beneficiary contributions.

In addition, 125 members of the lower social strata can benefit from the Scheme.

The AP Adarana 2 Scheme’s Rules

  • Online status updates for applications submitted under this programme are available to citizens.
  • Such citizens may apply before the deadline if they wish to take advantage of this programme but have not yet done so.
  • The candidate should thoroughly read all application instructions before submitting an online application.
  • In addition, only citizens who qualify can apply; if there is any disagreement in the information provided, the application form will be rejected.
  • The application number you are given when you submit your application. The applicant is advised to safeguard that application number. Because it will someday be required.

Eligible citizens For AP Adarana 2 Scheme

These citizens who operate this business are qualified under this programme. The company is as follows: –

  • Goldsmith 
  • Hairdressing and music bands 
  • Blacksmith 
  • Tailoring 
  • Brass smithy
  • Dying
  • Carpentry
  • Stone cutting/building construction
  • Pottery 
  • Fishing
  • Oil pressing 
  • Knitting
  • Basketry
  • Cattle and sheep rearing
  • Stone carving
  • Toddy tapping
  • Laundry (washer)
  • Groundworker

Any other manual worker who remains to be a permanent resident of the state 

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Eligibility: Certain Important Points

Please note specific essential points about the given scheme: 

  • The applicant for this programme must be an Andhra Pradesh native. You cannot apply if you are a permanent resident of another state in India. However, you can work outside the state of AP. But, you need to have a permanent address in the state of Andhra Pradesh
  • In addition, the applicant should be from a disadvantaged group (Poorer segment or belonging to the menial labour class)
  • And only people between 18 and 50 may benefit from the Andhra Pradesh Adarana 2 Scheme
  • To be eligible for this programme, applicants must be registered with Praja Adhikarika Survey’s “Smart Pulse Survey.”

Required Documents

Following is the list of the documents that need to be furnished to process an application in favour of the scheme. The list of documents includes the following

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter Id Card
  • Mobile Number
  • Ration Magazine

How To Apply For The AP Adarana 2 Scheme

To make a valid application, the prospective applicant should follow a step by step approach as given below

  • The foremost thing you should do is go to the program’s official webpage. The website’s home page will then be shown in front of you
  • You must select the online application option on the website’s home page. The following page will appear in front of you
  • You must enter your mobile number below. It would be best to input the OTP
  • You must now opt for the “Validate OTP and Proceed” button. The system letter will be shown in front of you following the OTP verification
  • Following this, you must enter the ration card number. You will then see a list of family members’ names, from which you must select your own
  • The applicant’s name will be presented under the chosen name. After that, you must automatically update additional data in the supply department’s computer, such as age, date of birth, father’s or husband’s name, address, and address ration card. Following this, you must input your trade, caste or category, and educational background
  • After filling out all the fields, upload the scanned copy of your Aadhar card in the format specified. The next step is to check the box next to it
  • After submitting your application, you will receive a number that you must have on hand for future reference
  • The selection interview is the final application process. You must personally attend this interview to be considered. This takes place on the days stated at the MPDO office
  • By this, all applicants will receive SMS notifications on the registered cellphone number of the interview dates. Please contact the authority (Office of the incumbent) to proceed with the same.


The given scheme:, as mentioned above, is only applicable to the residents of Andhra Pradesh. Suppose you are a resident of Andhra Pradesh ( having a voter ID and Aadhar card at a permanent address in Andhra Pradesh) but working outside the state. In that case, you are also eligible to avail of the scheme. The fundamental objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the poorer segment, which includes manual labour like artisans, farmers etc. 

However, in case you remain a prospective applicant, you are requested to go through every detail to comprehend the application process. Following a step-by-step approach is necessary, while legal experts claim that the proper documentation should be furnished following the norms. This blog post has resolved all the doubts regarding the scheme. Experts suggest you get in touch with the legal professionals of Vakilsearch, a professional legal consultancy firm in India.

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