A Complete Guide to Rental Agreement: All Possible Situations Explained

This Blog gives a comprehensive guide on rental agreements, so you know what to expect when signing one. Read on

A rental agreement or lease contract is necessary for those contemplating renting and those trying to put their residences out for rent. This perfectly suits today’s fast-paced real estate scenario, purchasing a new home no longer appears to be a cost-effective alternative. Instead, renting seems to be the only sensible alternative until you have already saved enough money during your lifespan to purchase a new home.  

This word may be unfamiliar to individuals who are unfamiliar with the process. As a result, we have come up with this article to discuss the entire notion of making the online bill agreement procedure a little easier for you.

Rental Agreement – What is It?

The most important aspect of the leasing process is the lease contract, which most individuals either miss or take for granted. A rental contract or agreement is legally enforceable between the landowner and the tenant. This contract is crucial since it contains all of the terms and clauses related to renting a certain property.

Typically, these contracts include the amount of the down payment, the rental income breakdown, basic information about the premises, the proportions of the real estate, and the length of the lease contract. Before accepting the Rental agreement, read every page thoroughly and double-check everything.

Importance of a Rental Agreement

When someone rents a house without going through the correct legal channels, it can be a frustrating experience. As a result, the connection between the landlord and the tenant may be strained.

Furthermore, these circumstances can lead to complex court action. Fortunately, this may be prevented by adequately structuring a rent agreement.

This agreement is equally essential for both the parties involved since it gives covered entities to the landowner and protects the renter from any illegal demands made by the homeowner.

Types of a Rental Agreement

There are two different rental contracts or agreements in India. These are the details

  • Rent Contract – Registered

It is a form of rental contract typically duly signed and engaged in the leasing process. The Public Registrar’s office digitised this record. The Sub Registrar’s office oversees the entire procedure from start to end for the appropriate area. Both the owner and the renter must be aware of the document’s signing for it to take effect. After that, the recorded rent agreement becomes a written record that can be viewed for any subsequent legal proceedings. 

  • Rent Agreement – Notarised

Certified notary attestation is required for this rent agreement form. The notary verifies the identification of the Supplier and The customer participating in the rental contract. The paper is then stamped with the notary’s authorised signatory, indicating that it was validated and acknowledged in his attendance.

What Does A Rent Contract Form Contain?

Below are a few of the items you should make sure are included in your rental agreement:

  • Tenants’ Information

The essential thing to have in any rental agreement is the names and addresses of everyone who will be living there. It is done while considering all of the legalities of renting a home. It also serves as a proof of obligation in accepting property ownership and the Patta Change online Process..

  • Tenancy Timeframe

It is crucial to prevent the property owner from forcibly evicting the renter before the pre-determined period specified in the contract. For the owner, including the tenancy term in the agreement ensures that the renter vacates the residence at the time specified in the agreement. As a result, the landlord has a legal assurance that the renter will not unlawfully seize ownership of the site.

  • Amount of Rent

The lease liability you must pay to the owner regularly is also included in the rent agreement. It also indicates the date upon which the tenant must pay the amount each month and any other fees related to the payments. It is stated in the rental agreement to avoid certain misunderstandings between the relevant parties regarding the rent.

  • Costs of Related Service

The rent agreement specifies maintenance expenditures and other applicable fees. The agreement also sets who is liable for the property’s maintenance and servicing costs; typically, the Property Consultant Services is accountable for these costs. It also includes information regarding who is responsible for damages or the expense of small and large repairs. Finally, it eliminates any potential for misunderstanding or controversy during the tenancy.

  • General Guidelines to Follow

The rent contract also includes the property owner’s general regulations that the tenant must observe. These regulations cover the upkeep of the investment home and the nearby areas. These restrictions usually include stipulations about subletting, alterations, and property management, among other things.

  • Refundable deposit

The security deposit is yet another item addressed in any rental agreement. The security deposit is the sum of money paid by the tenant to the landlord before leasing. The amount is specified in the rental agreement, and both stakeholders sign it as a token of acceptance. It gives the tenants assurance that they will be protected from the landlord’s illegal cash demands. In addition, if a renter vacates the property without leasing, the landlord receives a specific degree of security in terms of a down payment.

  • Period of Renewal

The rental contract also specifies when the agreement will be renewed. In addition, it sets that if the renter wishes to stay more than the agreement’s stated period, they must re-sign the contract.

  • Property Features

This section of the lease agreement lists all of the facilities present on the premises. In addition, this section includes the status of all of the technology and the number of facilities.

  • Clause of Exit

This chapter is about the homeowner’s leave process during said tenancy period specified in the contract. If the renter decides to leave the place before the scheduled departure date, they must follow the exit clause’s regulations.

  • Date and Signature

Finally, both sides must complete and sign the agreement to accept all conditions and terms.

Required Documents: Online Rental Contract/Agreement Registration

While constructing the rent agreement enrollment online, you must present a specified collection of papers. The following documents are needed to complete the rent consent form:

  • Landlords’ Documents
  • Aadhaar card;
  • Identification proof documents such as a driver’s licence, voter card, or passport.
  • Tenants’ Documents
  • Aadhaar card;
  • Identity proof papers;
  • Two passport-sized pictures;
  • If the renter is not an Indian national, they must show their passport.
  • Rent Agreement Stamp Duty

There is a fee called stamp duty that you must pay in needed to finalise your online bill agreement procedure. This cost varies based on the city in which you are filing your rental agreement. Here are a few examples of rental duties in various Indian states:

Delhi Utpo five years 2%
Noida Upto eleven months 2%
Karnataka Upto eleven months 1% rent + yearly security
T.N Up to 11 months 1% rent + security
U.P < one year 4% rent + security
Maharashtra Utpo five years 0.25% total rent
Gurugram Upto five years 1.5% average yearly rent
Gurugram 5 – 10 years 3% average annual rent

Process: Online Rental Contract

The processes for constructing an online rent contract are as follows:

Step 1: Make a rough copy of the leasing agreement;

Step 2: Print the draught on stamp paper with the appropriate value;

Step 3: Both parties involved and the two eyewitnesses must sign the stamped document;

Step 4: The paper must then be registered at the office of the Sub Registrar.

Process: Electronic Stamping

In several Indian states, you can use the e-stamping facility to submit your stamp tax and bbmp property tax online in Chennai to the government electronically. It is also Crucial to know more about the BBMP online tax payment System. The Indian government has designated the Holding Corporation of India Ltd to execute and supervise the procedure of e-stamping from 2000. Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi-NCR, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, and Assam are the places in India that allow e-stamping of tenancy contracts.


To avoid complications throughout the online rental process, ensure that your lease agreement spells out every agreement term. It doesn’t matter how trivial this topic appears; this is always a wise option to back up verbal commitments with written evidence. It is because, during a disagreement, this contract provides constitutional immunity that can be pretty useful. If all of this seems a little overwhelming, you should always seek the legal advice

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