[{"id": "199", "text": "Legal Notice (Bounced Cheque)"}, {"id": "197", "text": "Profit Sharing Agreement"}, {"id": "198", "text": "Profit-sharing Agreement"}, {"id": "185", "text": "Master Service Agreement"}, {"id": "194", "text": "Miscellaneous Corporate Compliances"}, {"id": "183", "text": "Professional Services Charges"}, {"id": "1", "text": "Private Limited Company Registration"}, {"id": "78", "text": "Trademark Registration"}, {"id": "4", "text": "Start a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)"}, {"id": "2", "text": "Register a Private Limited Company with Indian and Foreign Shareholders"}, {"id": "150", "text": "Copyright Registration"}, {"id": "26", "text": "Get help from a Company Secretary for your Private Limited Company"}, {"id": "153", "text": "Terms of Service"}, {"id": "6", "text": "Start a Sole Proprietorship Firm"}, {"id": "5", "text": "Start a Partnership Firm"}, {"id": "3", "text": "Register a One Person Company"}, {"id": "115", "text": "Non-Disclosure Agreement"}, {"id": "116", "text": "Employment Contract"}, {"id": "152", "text": "Terms of Service and Privacy Policy"}, {"id": "162", "text": "Legal Agreement"}, {"id": "12", "text": "Start a Public Limited Company"}, {"id": "91", "text": "Apply for a Provisional Patent"}, {"id": "187", "text": "Joint Venture Agreement"}, {"id": "189", "text": "Consultancy Agreement"}, {"id": "188", "text": "Freelancer Agreement"}, {"id": "27", "text": "Get help from a Company Secretary for your Limited Liability Partnership"}, {"id": "167", "text": "Company Incorporation in Singapore"}, {"id": "97", "text": "Apply for Service Tax Registration"}, {"id": "103", "text": "Apply for Professional Tax Registration"}, {"id": "127", "text": "Title Search"}, {"id": "95", "text": "File your Income Tax Returns"}, {"id": "128", "text": "Sale Deed"}, {"id": "14", "text": "Prepare the Bye-Laws of your Society"}, {"id": "161", "text": "Audit your Company"}, {"id": "186", "text": "Non-solicitation Agreement"}, {"id": "108", "text": "Apply for SSI / MSME Registration"}, {"id": "81", "text": "Apply for a Trademark in the U.S"}, {"id": "182", "text": "Vendor Agreement"}, {"id": "121", "text": "Get Advice from a Lawyer"}, {"id": "131", "text": "Agreement Review"}, {"id": "105", "text": "Apply for Shops and Establishment Act Registration"}, {"id": "119", "text": "Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)"}, {"id": "106", "text": "Apply for Importer Exporter Code"}, {"id": "92", "text": "Apply for a Patent"}, {"id": "132", "text": "File an RTI Application Online"}, {"id": "15", "text": "Register your Society"}, {"id": "136", "text": "Shareholders' Agreement"}, {"id": "130", "text": "Prepare a Power of Attorney"}, {"id": "122", "text": "Get a Detailed Legal Opinion from an Expert"}, {"id": "22", "text": "Register a Section 8 (Not-for-Profit) Company"}, {"id": "109", "text": "Apply for Trade License"}, {"id": "124", "text": "Residential Rental Agreement"}, {"id": "10", "text": "Start a Branch Office in India"}, {"id": "98", "text": "File Service Tax Returns"}, {"id": "117", "text": "Service Level Agreement"}, {"id": "137", "text": "Term Sheet"}, {"id": "120", "text": "Make a Will"}, {"id": "163", "text": "Legal Notice"}, {"id": "19", "text": "Register a Religious / Charitable Trust"}, {"id": "7", "text": "Start a Subsidiary of a Foreign Company in India"}, {"id": "113", "text": "Apply for Death Certificate"}, {"id": "44", "text": "Replacement of a Director"}, {"id": "164", "text": "Name Approval Expiry (Renew)"}, {"id": "165", "text": "Name Approval Expiry (Renew)"}, {"id": "100", "text": "Apply for Sales Tax Registration"}, {"id": "75", "text": "Convert your Sole Proprietorship into an LLP"}, {"id": "76", "text": "Convert your Sole Proprietorship into a Partnership"}, {"id": "70", "text": "Convert your Partnership into a Private Limited company"}, {"id": "80", "text": "Can your Brand be trademarked? Do a Trademark Search"}, {"id": "11", "text": "Start a Liason Office in India"}, {"id": "32", "text": "Get a Company 'COMMON' Seal"}, {"id": "129", "text": "Gift Deed"}, {"id": "55", "text": "Resignation of Designated Partner"}, {"id": "73", "text": "Convert your Partnership into an LLP"}, {"id": "118", "text": "Non-compete Agreement"}, {"id": "184", "text": "Apply PAN Card for your Business"}, {"id": "190", "text": "Surrender your Sales Tax Number"}, {"id": "83", "text": "Respond to a Trademark Objection"}, {"id": "191", "text": "Incorporation - Fast track process"}, {"id": "107", "text": "Apply for ISI Registration"}, {"id": "195", "text": "Miscellaneous Service"}, {"id": "170", "text": "Certificate for Commencement of Business"}, {"id": "177", "text": "Valuation of Business "}, {"id": "172", "text": "Draft a Consumer Complaint"}, {"id": "175", "text": "Business/Tax Advisory from CA"}, {"id": "176", "text": "15 CB Certificate from CA"}, {"id": "178", "text": "Statement of Accounts - Closure of Company"}, {"id": "179", "text": "Networth of Individual"}, {"id": "192", "text": "Transfer of Shares"}, {"id": "181", "text": "Convert your Private Limited Company into an One Person Company"}, {"id": "24", "text": "Get help from a Company Secretary for your Not-for-Profit Company"}, {"id": "13", "text": "Get a Section 80 G Tax Exemption"}, {"id": "180", "text": "Franchise Agreement"}, {"id": "156", "text": "Get Basic Legal Opinion"}, {"id": "159", "text": "NIL Returns Service Tax Filing"}, {"id": "155", "text": "Get Basic Legal Advice"}, {"id": "160", "text": "Accounting and Book Keeping"}, {"id": "158", "text": "Get Expert Legal Opinion"}, {"id": "157", "text": "Get an Advanced Legal Opinion"}, {"id": "168", "text": "Change in trademark application"}, {"id": "87", "text": "Copyright Your Movie"}, {"id": "169", "text": "CA certification"}, {"id": "36", "text": "Change the Objectives of Your Business"}, {"id": "82", "text": "Assign Your Trademark"}, {"id": "139", "text": "Share Purchase Agreement"}, {"id": "193", "text": "Trademark Search"}, {"id": "39", "text": "Appointment of a Director"}, {"id": "72", "text": "Convert your Sole Proprietorship into a Private Limited Company"}, {"id": "86", "text": "Copyright your Photo"}, {"id": "196", "text": "Patent Extension"}, {"id": "125", "text": "Commercial Rental / Lease Agreement"}, {"id": "9", "text": "Start a Holding Company in India"}, {"id": "50", "text": "Replacement of Designated Partner"}, {"id": "74", "text": "Convert your Private Limited Company into an LLP"}, {"id": "174", "text": "Founders' Agreement"}, {"id": "154", "text": "Privacy Policy"}, {"id": "171", "text": "Disclaimer"}, {"id": "79", "text": "Renew your Trademark"}, {"id": "173", "text": "Increase in Authorized Capital and Issue New Shares to existing promoters"}, {"id": "59", "text": "Change LLP Agreement"}, {"id": "40", "text": "Appointment of a Whole time Director "}, {"id": "20", "text": "Alter your Trust"}, {"id": "42", "text": "Removal of a Director"}, {"id": "43", "text": "Resignation of a Director"}, {"id": "49", "text": "Adding a Designated Partner"}, {"id": "33", "text": "Get a Company 'FOR' Seal"}, {"id": "37", "text": "Change the Objectives of Your LLP"}, {"id": "60", "text": "Change Name and Objectives of your LLP"}, {"id": "38", "text": "Change your LLP Name "}, {"id": "21", "text": "Close down your Trust"}, {"id": "48", "text": "Adding a Partner"}, {"id": "56", "text": "Resignation of Partner"}, {"id": "57", "text": "Manage Company’s Capital Investment"}, {"id": "58", "text": "Increase in Contribution to your LLP"}, {"id": "66", "text": "Close your Branch Office"}, {"id": "67", "text": "Close your Liaison Office"}, {"id": "68", "text": "Close your Holding Company"}, {"id": "112", "text": "Apply for Birth Certificate"}, {"id": "96", "text": "File your TDS Returns"}, {"id": "41", "text": "Appointment of a Managing Director "}, {"id": "126", "text": "Leave and License Agreement"}, {"id": "135", "text": "Prepare Investor Pitch Deck"}, {"id": "134", "text": "Prepare Financial Projections for Section 8 Company"}, {"id": "114", "text": "Apply for Marriage Certificate"}, {"id": "104", "text": "Profession Tax Filing"}, {"id": "93", "text": "Apply for a PAN Number"}, {"id": "65", "text": "Close your Subsidiary Company"}, {"id": "8", "text": "Start a Subsidiary of an Indian Company in India"}, {"id": "45", "text": "Change in Designation from Additional Director to Director"}, {"id": "46", "text": "Change in Designation from Managing Director to Director"}, {"id": "47", "text": "Change in Designation from Director to Managing Director"}, {"id": "111", "text": "Apply for Name Change"}, {"id": "28", "text": "File Annual Returns for your Limited Liability Partnership"}, {"id": "54", "text": "Change the Official Address of Your LLP (from one state to another state )"}, {"id": "52", "text": "Change the Official Address of Your Business (from one state to another state )"}, {"id": "53", "text": "Change the Official Address of Your LLP (Within the State)"}, {"id": "63", "text": "Close your Partnership"}, {"id": "64", "text": "Close your Proprietorship"}, {"id": "51", "text": "Change the Official Address of Your Business (Within the City)"}, {"id": "69", "text": "Close your Public Limited Company"}, {"id": "61", "text": "Close your Private Limited Company"}, {"id": "34", "text": "Get Share Certificates for your Company"}, {"id": "30", "text": "Get a DIN number (Director Identification Number)"}, {"id": "18", "text": "Close down your Society"}, {"id": "62", "text": "Close your Limited Liability Partnership"}, {"id": "77", "text": "Convert your Private Limited Company into a Public Limited Company"}, {"id": "90", "text": "Patent Search"}, {"id": "85", "text": "Copyright your Video"}, {"id": "35", "text": "Change your Company Name"}, {"id": "110", "text": "Apply for Food License"}, {"id": "29", "text": "File Annual Returns for your Private Limited Company"}, {"id": "89", "text": "Respond to a Copyright Objection"}, {"id": "88", "text": "Copyright a Software | Computer Program"}, {"id": "31", "text": "Get a Digital Signature Certificate"}, {"id": "94", "text": "Apply for a TAN Number"}, {"id": "101", "text": "File VAT Returns | Sales Tax Returns"}, {"id": "84", "text": "File a Trademark Opposition"}]



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