Why you should register your Trademark in the USA?

Last Updated at: Dec 01, 2020
Why you should register your Trademark in the USA_
Tech giant and smartphone manufacturer Apple has recently filed a trademark objection notice against Prepear, a meal prep company. Apple claims that Prepear’s cartoon pear logo is very similar to Apple’s trademarked logo. Apple states that the registration of the logo would dilute Apple’s own logo’s distinctiveness. It would also be difficult for the consumers to differentiate between the products and services of both the companies-according to Apple.


Trademark is a word, expression, numerals, a combination of colours or a symbol that is uniquely designed to serve as the identity of the source of any product. The trademark helps a customer to recognize and identify ‘To which brand does the product belong to?’ and hence, it ultimately helps a customer to avoid the frauds. It can also be said as a marketing tool used by various manufacturers and service providers. The USA trademark registration is one of the simplest and sorted out processes that can be carried out quickly in just a few steps at the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) portal. 

Benefits offered by the USA Trademark Registration

Along with business, what matters is the peace of mind of the business is safe and secure. While it is not essential in any country to own a trademark, the benefits it offers makes it a win-win situation while registering the trademark. The list of benefits includes:

  1. Legal recognition: One of the significant benefits is the legal security and representation that the business gets through the trademark.
  2. Penalties and loss: If your company has a registered trademark, no one can copy it. In any case, if others try to infringe on other trademarks, it can cause them to lose all the profits that they have earned. Further, they will also be ordered to change their company’s name. Changing the name of the company can cause a loss of customers as well.
  3. State law and federal protection: As per the State Laws Protection, along with federal registration makes the mark safe and secure along with the business promotion within national boundaries.
  4. Expansion of business: If the trademark is registered, it becomes easier to expand the business globally. For example, some famous brands namely, Nike, Aeropostale, McDonald’s and many others have obtained recognition at the global level and registered globally as well. This expansion of trademark registration can be done using the Madrid system. 
  5. Unique trademark registration: With numerous brands being registered, once the company applies for the USA trademark registration, a thorough process of examination is done by the attorney, making sure that the trademark is not similar to any other. If a similar trademark is found, the application may be rejected. In this case, the company may have to reapply.
  6. Buying back registration: In case, the opposition parties apply to your trademarks or even copies your trademarks, buying back the registration for the same trademark can cost hefty amounts along with long legal procedures.
  7. Exclusive: Once registered, the individual or the company gets the exclusive rights for the mark, and can use it anytime they want, without any claims or objections.
USA Trademark registration

No specific date when the trademark came into existence is known, but it surely was the first method the tradesmen used for the identification of their goods and services. In the good old days, the trademark was referred to as an identifying mark. All the tradesmen across the Globe, major of them being the Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans used to expand their business by these identifying marks. The Neolithic man marked the walls of the cave just to indicate that he owned the cave, these marks are said to be the predecessor of today’s trademark.


From the beginning of the 13th century till the end of the 16th century, there were a lot of personal marks that were in existence which were in large use by merchants and traders around Europe. In the mid 15th century, the printer’s mark came into a trend that was put on the books in order to identify the printer. Nowadays, whether to put a mark or not depends on the choice of the person himself.         


The trademark registration process for business has been developed and made simpler over the years. To register the trademark across countries and boundaries, it is quintessential for the company to consult and hire attorneys, as in the case of improper registration, the penalty amounts can be quite huge. The trademark registration is not just essential but offers several benefits for a peaceful business.

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