Why a Patent Search Needs An Expert

Last Updated at: October 22, 2019
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To grant a patent for a product or process, the same has to be novel, possess an industrial application and be an extension of an invention, which already prevails. In India, it will take a couple of years to grant a patent as the owner gets a 20-year advantage over others. So, it needs serious examination while applying for a patent.

For a product or process to be granted a patent, it needs to be novel, have industrial application and not be an obvious extension of an existing invention. It takes two years in India to be granted a patent, because it gives its owner a serious 20-year advantage over rivals, and, therefore, needs serious examination. Given how much time it takes, you don’t want to make an application for a product or process that already exists, in some form. Therefore, you need to conduct a Patent or Prior Art Search.

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Now, some inventors believe they could do this themselves, without the help of a patent attorney. What’s in it for them is the Rs. 7000 to Rs. 50,000 they’d save in patent lawyer fees. But there’s also every chance that this saving would result in a botched up patent application that causes you to lose time and effort into building what already exists.

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Why a Patent Search
The Patent Office grants thousands of patents of each year, looks at several more applications, and also deals with hundreds of thousands of provisional patent application. Given these numbers over time, there are likely to be applications similar to yours. In one way or another, your application depends on the details contained in these applications. The Patent Office does have an online database of all of these, where you can search by a number of parameters.

The available parameters are:
Application Number
Patent Number
Applicant Name
Inventor Name
Inventor Country

What a Patent Attorney
Each search, particularly for popular industries, returns several results. As an industry expert, you would be able to tell if these are similar to your invention, but you would still need a patent attorney. The reasons for this are that patent attorneys know their way around the patent database. They are aware of all the terms to search for when you’re applying, are capable of interpreting the similarities between your invention and similar ones, and, lastly, will be able to advise you on whether you can frame your application to indicate how it is different from similar ones.

Does this mean that you hire a patent attorney each time you’re working on an idea? Not at all. You should do a preliminar prior art search yourself before you get started. You should be able to tell if there is an obvious clash between your application and an existing one.

It is possible to do it sans a patent attorney as it will help you save the money that you pay the lawyer. But remember that this savings that you intend to make might end up in a botched up patent application that cause you a lot of time and effort later on. So, always follow the suggestions given by those at the Patent Office.