What Licenses are Required to Start a Food Truck in Mumbai & Pune?

Last Updated at: Jan 07, 2021
Food Truck - FSSAI License

A food truck is a great opportunity to make huge earnings. You just need licenses and your passion for catering lip-smacking dishes. It is obvious to have doubts about licensing to start a restaurant business. You must have a business plan to start a food truck business. It will be a roadmap to future growth. Chalk your truck requirements – a basic food truck or customized, or remodelling of your old truck, equipment requirements, and plan your finances. And apply for licenses and permits. Licensing for a food truck may be a long process as it is not well organised at one window. There is no government regulatory body assigned to establish a food truck business. 


In India, there is no specific permit available for the food truck business. There are certain licenses for a food truck that is similar to those required to open a restaurant. The basic license and the foodservice permit are on main focus in every city. Different cities have different guidelines for food service permits. You may need additional permits also per your food menu and serving location. The truck Food business requires different license and permissions than a  license for a food stall.

Following are the license required for a food truck in India: 

Food License

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) provides the license under the Licensing and Registration of Food businesses Regulation, 2011 for every food business. And you have to follow their standards to ensure safe food for human consumption. 

FSSAI Registration and FSSAI License are different as per the business size and premises. Large food manufacturers/processors/transporters/importers of food products need to apply for state/central FSSAI license. If a business has a turnover of Rs.12 lakh or above per annum require this license. To operate a petty food business, FSSAI registration is required instead of FSSAI license.


  • Petty Food Business Operator will register by submitting an application form A with a fee os Rs.1.
  • You will get a Unique Application Reference.
  • Registering authority may grant or reject your application within seven days. If granted, you can start the business, otherwise, notice for inspection will be issued.

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get fssai license

Fire Department NOC

Food trucks may have gas appliances like boilers and oven. It is compulsory to possess a Fire License or No-Objection Certificate because these appliances might lead to accidents. Therefore, you need to submit an application for a NOC from the State Fire Department. They will issue provisional NOC within 7 working days of online payment UTR Number. 

Liquor License

If you are adding alcoholic beverages in your menu, you are required to apply for a permit for it to the state government. Serving liquor without a license may lead to a huge penalty, even forced to close your business. Therefore, make sure you file for the right type of license and follow your state’s liquor laws just like a restaurant. You need to contact your Local Excise Commissioner to apply for the license. Mumbai State Excise Portal 

Municipal Corporation Permit

Wherever you serve food, you have to get permission from the local Municipal Corporation in India. Because Municipal Corporations have the power to shut down business entities that do not have a license. Go to the Municipal Corporation office to obtain the permit.

Commercial Vehicle License

You will need a vehicle license and a NOC certificate from RTO. You are going to own a truck so, a commercial driving license is mandatory. 

There is a specified eligibility criterion to apply for a driving licence: 

  • 16 years and above persons can drive a gearless two-wheeler
  • 18 years and above persons can drive a light motor vehicle with gear
  • 20 years and above persons who have passed at least 8th class can drive heavy motor vehicles
  • The person should have learner license and knowledge of basic traffic safety rules

The Bottom Line

These business licenses and permits will provide your food business with many legal benefits, and help to build goodwill by ensuring food safety, even authorities provide assistance in business expansion. So, regulate your business with confidence and diligence. If you seek any legal advice, Vakilsearch team is here to guide you further.