What is Domicile certificate and the procedure? – West Bengal

Last Updated at: May 02, 2020
What is Domicile certificate and the procedure_ - West Bengal

What is a Domicile Certificate?

Domicile or Residence Certificate is a proof of residence, issued by the state government. This is a primary legal document that is used to prove the residency of a person residing in a particular state.

A person having a domicile certificate can avail various benefits like education, government-sponsored scholarship and employment under state quotas. It is also applicable to certain job profiles where local residents are preferred.


The Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI cannot be considered as a Domicile certificate. It is a proof of identity, not proof of residence.

A resident has to possess a domicile certificate issued by his/her state government or the union territory to avail of all the above-mentioned benefits. In this article, let us understand how to obtain a domicile certificate in West Bengal.


  1. Any person who is a resident of India and bonafide residents of West Bengal who is having a permanent home in the state is eligible to avail of the service.
  2. A person who is residing in the state for 15 years or having a permanent home in the state but residing somewhere else for earning a living.
  3. Any woman who is not a resident of the state, but married to a person who is a permanent resident of the state is eligible to obtain a Domicile certificate.

Documents required for obtaining domicile certificate

To obtain a legally binding domicile certificate, one has to submit the following documents:

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. Proof of Age:
  • Birth Certificate
  • 10th School Certificate / SSLC
  1. Proof of Residence
  • Ration Card
  • Driving License
  1. Self-declaration form
  2. Duly filled application form
  3. Document proof, if you are a landowner of the state.
  4. Passport size photograph – 2 Nos.

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Affidavit for Domicile Certificate

Every applicant has to submit an affidavit for obtaining a domicile certificate. The affidavit for the domicile certificate should contain the following details:

  1. Name, age, and address of the applicant
  2. Name of the father and name of the spouse and other details, in case the applicant is a married woman and not being a permanent resident of the state in which she wants to claim domicile certificate.
  3. The exact period of stay in the address mentioned in the number of months and years.
  4. A self-declaration stating that all furnished information and submitted documents are genuine.
  5. Signature of the applicant
  6. The date on the affidavit.

There are no fees involved to obtain a domicile certificate in West Bengal.

Where to get the application form?

Any person can get an application through an online portal or from any of the following offices:

  1. Tehsil Office
  2. Revenue department office
  3. Office of District Collector
  4. Sub-Divisional Office
  5. Any other office is specified by the particular state government.

Office Location & Address:

Sub Divisional Officer,

Room No. 46 (General Section)

North 24 Parganas


Sadar-Sub Division

Hooghly District Magistrate & collector’s Office,

Collectorate Building,

Chinsurah Dist.-Hooghly


Procedure to obtain Domicile Certificate

Step 1:

Visit the Government Website.

Step 2:

Login to the e-District portal, if you have already registered or Sign up with all the required details to access the site.

Step 3:

Now, click on the Local Residence (Domicile) certificate option given the list.

Step 4:

You can see the detailed instruction and requirements to apply for a domicile certificate. After going through all the instructions, please click the tab “Apply” to proceed further.

Step 5:

In the redirected page, fill in all the details in the respective blank section.

Step 6:

Submit a scanned copy of the documents which have been listed on the site. Once it is over, please click “Submit.”

After the submission of all the documents and establishing the required details, your application will be processed by the government officials.

Once you fulfil all the necessary things, your request for a domicile certificate will be approved. You can download the certificate from the approved section.