What is Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of a company?

Last Updated at: Dec 23, 2020
What is Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of a company?
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A company registration number or Corporate Identity Number or Company Identification Number (CIN) is an exclusive identification number that the Registrar of Companies (ROC) assigns and it functions in different states under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Govt. of India. All details related to companies registered in India are under the MCA and more details and regular updates are found on their website www.mca.gov.in

Basic Understanding

CIN Number is the special digit code that holds the identity of a company and the various additional information of its corporate entity.

The Corporate Identity Number is a 21 digit alpha-numeric code/number which is issued to all types of companies like Private Limited Company, One Person Company, Limited Company, Nidhi Company, Section 8 Company, incorporated in India when it acquires registration from the Registrar of Companies (ROC) located in an array of states all over India. They can access all the related information of the company through this one exclusive number that is with the ROC/MCA.

We can know four important details through the CIN Number.

  • Year of Incorporation (Example: 2016)
  •  State code (Example: KL – Kerala)
  • Type of Company (Example: PTC – Private Limited)
  • Listing status (Example: U – Unlisted)

This basic information can be found on the Certificate of Incorporation. For more additional information, visit the MCA website.

Application process

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has made it easy and accessible to get a new company registered by submitting all the required documents and availing your registration number within a few days. Decide the type of company and check the points below:

  • Acquire Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Acquire Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Finding an eForm or New user registration
  • Incorporate the company

Acquire all the mentioned points by downloading and submitting the forms available on the MCA website along with adding the digital signatures wherever required and make the payment to submit the process ahead.

On submission, the MCA will review and approve the application for the company to receive a company registration number.

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Utilization of the code

After incorporating a company, the concerned ROC of the state issues a certificate containing an exclusive Corporate Identification Number (CIN No. or CIN Code) along with the approved name of the company selected. It is obligatory for every company to provide its exclusive Company CIN No. whenever there is a correspondence or form submission to the MCA, mainly during audits and reports. 

Additionally, the company’s letterheads, memos, bills, notices and official publications should have the CIN No. printed on them as a reference.

Detailed analysis

A deeper analysis of the company CIN No. Code indicates that it bifurcates the 21 digits into six sections:

  1.     Stock market listing status

The first character depicts whether the company is “Listed” in the stock market or is “Unlisted”. It refers to the Stock Market Listing status by starting with ‘L’ if it’s listed and with ‘U’ if not listed.

  1.     Categorization of economic activity

The next five numeric digits categorize the economic activity of the company. This categorization depends upon the economic activity undertaken by the establishment.

They categorize it as below:

Section → Division → Group → Class → Sub-class

  1.     State code

The next two letters represent the state code of where the registered office is situated and which ROC has registered the company.

  1.     Year of incorporation

The next four numeric digits depict the year of incorporation

  1.     Type of company

The next three letters represent the type of company, as to whether it is a public limited or private limited, etc.

  1.     Company registration number

The last six digits indicate the registration number of the company. The registration number comprises of the ROC code that they have registered the company in.

Abbreviations in CIN number code

  • FLC: Financial Lease Company as Public Limited
  • GAP: General Association Public
  • FTC: Subsidiary of a Foreign Company as Private Limited Company
  • GAT: General Association Private
  • GOI: Companies owned by Government of India
  • PLC: Public Limited Company
  • NPL: Not for Profits License Company
  • PTC: Private Limited Company
  • ULL: Public Limited Company with Unlimited Liability
  • SGC: Companies owned by State Government
  • ULT: Private Company with Unlimited Liability

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