What do the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Mean?

Last Updated at: Jan 22, 2021
What does terms of service & privacy policy mean_
Recently the officials from India’s Ministry Of Technology have said that the Aarogya Setu app had a strong privacy policy. They assured that the privacy of the users would not be at risk at all, even if it was made mandatory for all employees, both in the public and private sectors.


In case you are planning on starting a company website, then this is an important question that you need to answer. Being able to differentiate between these two can become quite relevant later on. While most people tend to use the terms Privacy policy and terms of service interchangeably, they are different from each other. Furthermore, they are two crucial documents that start-up founders need to be aware of. Are you confused about what these words mean? Well, then you are in the right place! Here’s a look at what Terms of Service and Privacy Policy mean and why they are so important.

  1. What does Privacy Policy mean?

  2. What do Terms of Service mean?

  3. When to Use a Privacy Policy?

  4. What does Privacy Policy include?

  5. What does Terms and Conditions or Terms of Service Include?

  6. When to use Terms of Service?

What does Privacy Policy mean?

A privacy policy outlines how your website plans to use the information you receive from guests. It helps in letting your guests know how their information will be collected, shared, stored, and used. Privacy policies must include all the fundamental laws applicable to the particular industry in which you work. Legislation dictates that every website which collects information must have a Privacy Policy in place. Since the users are providing their personal details to the site, the Privacy Policy ensures that they are fully aware of what information they are sharing. Also, they deserve to know exactly how the information will be stored and used. Personal information involves everything from name and email ID to the user’s date of birth. 

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What do Terms of Service mean?

Terms of Service, also called Terms and Conditions, state what all requirements the website has before moving forward. It acts as a sort of list of requirements that the site has which the user must agree to if they are to move ahead. Your terms of service must include everything that prevents the user from raising claims later on, after using your website. Most Terms of Service contain multiple disclaimers which prevent the user from holding the site responsible for the information on it. Furthermore, it also states that the website owner cannot be held liable for any misinformation or misrepresentation of facts. A Terms of Service or Terms & Conditions lays down all the website’s terms, requirements, clauses and conditions for using their services. T&C can include everything from disclaimers to copyright protection laws. 

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When to Use a Privacy Policy

  1. In case your website or mobile application collects data from the user, you must have a Privacy Policy in place. 
  2. Furthermore, the Privacy Policy must be easily accessible and available to the users. 
  3. Also, the law suggests that websites and apps take prior permission by a Privacy Policy before taking information from users and visitors.
  4. The term ‘Personal Information’ includes everything from names to IP addresses, and hence websites need to be very careful when drafting their policy. 
  5. Furthermore, many countries and states have laws that make it compulsory for the agreement to have the word Privacy in its title.
  6. Also, in certain countries, the website must highlight the word Privacy in its homepage, and link that with their Privacy Policy. 

What does Privacy Policy include?

A Privacy Policy must disclose the following information.

  • What information the app or website will collect
  • Why the website or application is collecting this information
  • How the data collected will be used by the businesses
  • Whether the business aims to sell this information to any third parties
  • If so, how the third party seeks to use this information
  • How the user can review or alter their information

What does Terms and Conditions or Terms of Service Include?

  1. Information on copyrights
  2. Details regarding account deactivation
  3. What to do in case of abuse 
  4. How their billing and subscriptions work 
  5. What the forbidden activities on the website or app are 
  6. Uses of the platform 
  7. Various disclaimers.

When to use Terms of Service?

Unlike the Privacy Policy, a Terms of Service is not always legally required. However, several websites and applications feel the need to include such a clause to prevent defamation later. Terms of Service can also help prevent abuse from taking place on the website or application, and is, therefore, a good measure that you should consider. It also helps website owners and app makers limit the liability they face if their creation is used for illegal purposes. Without such an agreement in place, it becomes challenging to control how people use or abuse your website and app.

Furthermore, such agreements will help prevent copyright infringement as they will hold responsible anyone who plagiarizes your content. Posting inflammatory and defamatory comments and posts can also be controlled by enforcing a stringent Terms of Service. It also allows you to forbid various nefarious activities that can go on to discredit your website, or make it lose its credibility. Hence, we would highly recommend business owners have such an agreement in place.

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