What are the Documents Required for FSSAI Registration?

Last Updated at: Dec 10, 2020
Documents required for FSSAI Registration
Given the COVID-19 situation, the FSSAI has provided additional time to FBOs (Food Business Operators) and distribution agencies to comply with Food Safety and Standards (Recovery and Distribution of Surplus Food) Regulations, 2019. In a notification dated 25th June 2020, the timeline for compliance has been extended till 1st January 2021.


The FSSAI or the Foods Safety and Standards Authority of India was set up under the Foods Safety and Standards Act of 2006 to maintain the quality and standards of food among the food businesses all over the country. The FSSAI registration is a statutory mandate for the Food Business Operators or FBOs of India. Henceforth, the Food Business Operators must get the FSSAI registration or the FSSAI License depending on the nature of their business. Any Food Business Operator can easily get registered or avail a license from FSSAI through its official website. It is important to go through the documents required for FSSAI registration before applying for the registration or license.

Required Documents for FSSAI Registration

The Food Business Operators are required to submit different types of documents to get their FSSAI Registration or FSSAI license. The Food Business Operators with the small-sized businesses that have an annual turnover up to Rs. 12 lakh are eligible for the FSSAI Registration. Small, medium or large-sized Food Business Operators with the annual turnover exceeding Rs. 12 lakh has to apply for the FSSAI license. Some of the common documents required for both the FSSAI Registration and the FSSAI license are listed below.

  • Passport-sized photographs of the applicant
  • Proof of possession of any premises other the address mentioned in the ID proof
  • Declaration form
  • The photograph of the production unit
  • The blueprint or the layout plan of the processing unit, which shows the operation wise area location and the dimensions in the meters or square meters. This is mandatory for the manufacturing and processing units only.
  • A list of the address and the contact details of the directors or business partners and the photo ID proofs of them issued by a government authority
  • The list of the equipment and the machinery along with their names, number, installation capacity and the working capacity in horsepower
  • The chemical and the bacteriological analysis report of the water, which is to be used as one of the food ingredients from a recognized organization for the confirmation
  • The certificate of the Food Safety Management System plan
  • The copy of the certificate which is obtained under the Coop Act, 1861 or the Multi-State Coop Act, 2002 in the case of co-operatives
  • The partnership deed or the self-declaration for the proprietorship or the memorandum and the articles of the association towards the constitution of the business organization
  • The board resolution of the company along with the nomination of the persons.

Apply For FSSAI Registration

Required documents based on different types of Food Business Operators

The documents which the various Food Business Operators are required to produce along with the application of the FSSAI Registration and the FSSAI License are listed as follows:

  1. The 100% export oriented units

For this unit, only the above-mentioned documents are needed to produce at the time of the submission of the application.

  1. The milk and dairy units

This unit includes the milk chilling units which are equipped to process. This unit requires all the above-mentioned documents along with the document of the source of the milk or the procurement plans for milk which include the location of the collection centre of the milk.

  1. The slaughtering units, meat processing units, vegetable oil processing unit

The required documents for these units are all of the above mentioned, along with the NOC from the local government body such as a municipality and panchayat.

  1. Packer or the repackers

The additional document which will be needed for this unit is the list of the food categories along with the necessary documents mentioned before.

  1. The Relabeller

All of the mentioned documents are needed along with the proof of expected annual turnover, NOC, and copy of the Manufacturer License. The evidence of the turnover has to be attested by the applicant.

  1. The proprietary food

Apart from all the above mentioned necessary documents, the undertaking from the Food Business Operators on the letterhead needs to be submitted.

  1. The storage

The storage units have to present a self-attested proof of expected annual turnover while applying for the registration or license as well as other documents.

  1. The Merchant exporters

During the application process, the document of IE CODE which is issued by DGFT and the undertaking for exporting the Food Business Operators are to be given in addition to the common documents.

  1. The head office or the registered office

The Food Business Operators belonging to this category must produce the recall plan on which the products are distributed with the details.

  1. Other units

There are Food Business Operators who manufacture various articles of foods containing ingredients or substances. They sometimes use technologies, processes, and combinations also. These kinds of FBOs and the FBOs are new to the market. Their safety has not been established through the regulations. They must apply for product approval before getting the FSSAI Registration or license. The documents required for FSSAI registration required for these FBOs are the same as the documents required by other FBOs.

The Food Business Operators include the transporters, restaurants, hotels, caterers, food catering services, mid-day meal canteens and caterers, mid-day meat canteens and caterers. The distributors, marketers, a retailer of snacks or tea, wholesalers, food vending agencies, food vending establishments, hawkers, importers, manufacturers and exporters also fall among the FBOs. Therefore, they all will need registration or license and therefore will require to produce the above-mentioned documents.

The FSSAI Registration and the FSSAI License are essential for the Food Business Operators. FBOs operating without valid registration or license will be penalized. The whole process of registration takes a minimum of 7 days without the inspection process. If the inspection takes place, the procedure may take 30 days. You will receive the FSSAI Registration or the FSSAI License, whichever you have applied for, along with a 14- numbered digit. This number has to be printed on the packages of the foods or the food products manufactured by your organization. There are many benefits of taking the FSSAI Registration and the FSSAI License such as mass awareness and legal safety. You can expand your business by showing these documents as proof of the reputation of your organization.