What are the annexures for an Indian passport application?

What are the annexures for an Indian passport application

A passport is an essential travel document for those who are traveling abroad for education, pilgrimage, tourism, business purposes, medical attendance, and family visits. During the past few years, the growing economy and globalization have led to an increased demand for passport and related services. To meet this demand, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) launched the Passport Seva Project in May 2010.

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The following are the annexures for an Indian passport:

Annexure A: Affidavit of date of birth to be submitted by illiterate applicants.

Annexure B: Identity certificate.

Annexure C: Affidavit for a passport of a minor by either parent (who are separated but not formally divorced).

Annexure D: Affidavit for lady applicant for change of name after marriage.

Annexure E: Change in name/deed poll/sworn affidavit.

Annexure F: Verification certificate for tatkal passports.

Annexure G: Declaration of parent/guardian for minor passports (consent from one parent).

Annexure H: Declaration of parent/guardian for a minor’s passport.

Annexure I: Standard affidavit.

Annexure J: Specimen verification certificate.

Annexure K: Specimen affidavit for issue or re-issue of passport that was obtained prior to marriage, by married applicants who are unable to provide the prescribed marriage certificate or joint affidavit with spouse due to marital discord, separation or without formal divorce decree by the court or due to total desertion by the spouse.

Annexure L: Specimen affidavit for a passport in lieu of lost/damaged passport.

Annexure M: No objection certificate. Annexure N: Prior intimation letter.


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