Why trademark watch is important

Last Updated at: Dec 23, 2020
Why trademark watch is important

Trademark is basically any word, logo or symbols that are used for representing a company or product. Most companies already understand the benefits of registering corporate brands as trademarks in the countries and regions in which they trade.  It is important for each and every company to protect their chosen brand or product name.


Early deduction

Early trademark deduction and a watch over is very important. The earlier, trademark misuse is identified, the easier it is for the companies to enforce their trademark rights. To identify this, keeping an eye over the trademark is very important. An early deduction is also important when it comes to identifying and monitoring markets or brands at risk and for building up evidence of misuse to be used when acting against such infringements. Online trademark watching also plays a crucial role.

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Role of trademark watch

Trademark watch is one such activity that protects the marks from the potential infringements. Trademark watch is basically a process of monitoring the trademark and looking out for all the similar marks that are registered. The watch can enable the firm to initiate an action against the infringement. Trademark watch is carried on to make sure that there is no similar mark or potentially harmful mark registered.

Effective watching strategy

Trademark watching is an important tool in the proactive monitoring of registered marks and devices, helping companies to identify and act against any misuse of trademarks in a timely manner. However, to be truly effective, a trademark strategy needs to be formed taking into account the size and reach of the brand owners portfolio.

What to Watch

A brand owner’s trademark watching strategy should cover all relevant trademark registers to identify applications for identical and similar trademarks, as well as wider internet monitoring, for example, to identify the sale of counterfeit goods on auction and social media sites and other possible damage to a brand or reputation.

Trademark watching is to prevent the others from using the same symbol, word, counterfeiting etc.

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Forms of trademark watching

Identical trademark watch:

Identifies marks for example logos that are visually or phonetically identical.

Similar trademark watch:

Identifies identical and confusingly similar marks, for example, Green Trends and Grant Trends. In order to avoid this kind of confusingly similar names,  a keen watch of it is very important.

Technology and trademark watch

Technology has improved the process of trademark registration and protection manyfold. Before tech invasion, all the marks were recorded in the form of scripts drawings etc. Which lead to a lot of confusion but with the help of technology trademarks are being protected and the watch can now be done by various means which saves time. The most common practice is to establish a team of lawyers who individually keep a watch on the weekly journals published by the trademark office.

 A firm without using technology for trademark watching will be wasting expensive human capital and resources just to make sure no one is infringing. Technology plays a major role in trademark watching.


 Therefore to protect a brand, the owner should keep a watch over the potential dangers towards his logos, symbols, words and act as required against the harms of trademark infringements. Technology has enhanced the process of trademark watch as it is now much easier and swift as compared to the olden times and this can just be the thing that can change the protection of a person’s intellectual property. Hence trademark watch is very important in order to avoid any copying of the symbols, marks etc.

Trademark watch safeguards the marks of potential infringements. Basically, trademark watch is the process of monitoring the trademark and checks the similar marks which are registered. The trademark watch looks for the similarity in the marks that are potentially harmful. As the technology is improved, the processing the trademark is easier and quick. Therefore, trademark watch is very essential to avoid copying the marks or symbols.

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