How to track ARN status of GST application?

Last Updated at: Jan 13, 2021
How to check GST registration status – GST Application ARN status
In a significant move towards taxpayer facilitation, the Government recently allowed the filing of NIL GST monthly return in FORM GSTR-3B through SMS. The taxpayers with NIL liability need not log on to the GST Portal and may file their NIL returns through an SMS. After successful filing, an ARN will be sent to the taxpayer through SMS. The ARN can be used to track the status of the return. 


After completing Part A of your GST application, a Application Reference Number or ARN was created. This is a temporary number and only valid for 15 days or until a specific GSTIN is assigned to you.


Goods and Services Tax or GST was initiated in the country on July 1, 2017. GST is a single tax that replaces a few indirect taxes required by both the State and the Central government. The full form of ARN is the Application Reference Number. All organizations are required to evaluate whether the business is at risk to enlist for GST and appropriately get GST enrolment. In the wake of applying for GST registration, you will have an Application Reference Number (ARN).

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A GST Registration Application is handled following 15 days of use yet you can check the GST registration status online on the GST official website. One can check the status of the GST registration status with the help of the ARN number. Understand and follow the well-ordered list referenced underneath to check the GST status.

  • ARN number under GST represents Application Reference Number.
  • GST ARN number is generated on the GST website automatically after submission of the GST registration application.
  • So ARN number resembles an application form number which is dispensed to candidates as a token for evidence of registration under GST which is utilised to check the status of GST Registration.
  • This number would then be able to be utilised for following the status of GST registration application until GST Certificate and GSTIN is issued by the Government.
  • Taxpayers are recommended to keep their ARN secure as it will be utilised at various while checking the ARN number status.
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Here is a guide on the best way to check GST Application Status or GST Registration Status:

  1. Go to GST website –
  2. Click Services – Registration – Track Application Status.
  3. Enter your ARN number in the given field and complete the Captcha code and click on the SEARCH tab.

Then track Application Status page will be pop up. Enter the ARN number that you received after submitting GST Registration Application

You will be able to view the ARN status of your Enrolment Application. Moreover, your ARN Number Status will be sent to your registered phone number.

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How to understand the ARN Status Message?

It isn’t essential that every one of the applications recorded by the candidates gets the GST enlistment status. There will be situations where the application is dismissed by the official or held by the official. This can be for the need for more documents or elucidation on a few points and so on.

So give us a chance to see every one of those potential situations where a candidate may get different status against the application made by the individual who applied.

You can track the GST application status on ‘Track Application Status’ section in the government website of Goods and Service Tax.

GST application tracking

Significant Declaration According to GST Portal:

  • If a taxpayer has gotten ARN, at that point she/he ought to have the option to download the Provisional Registration Certificate from ‘Download Certificates’ accessible at GST site.
  • Any taxpayer, who has kept the enrolment form safe with all details however has yet not deposited the equivalent with DSC, E-Sign or EVC, at that point she/he will get the ARN at their registered email if the information given is effectively approved. Furthermore, if approval falls flat, the citizen would almost certainly sign into a similar portal onwards and rectify the mistakes. The details of the mistakes can likewise be sent to the enrolled email.
  • A taxpayer, who has submitted incomplete enrolment form can log in to the portal on the appropriate date to complete the rest of some portion of the form.
  • If an officially existing taxpayer wishes to enlist under GST then she/he might probably make application altogether for another registration at the GST portal.

When you check the GST Application with an ARN Number. And now, you will go over the accompanying statuses that are as per the following:

  • Provisional:

It is that the application has not been documented at this point but rather Provisional ID has been produced.

  • Pending for Processing:

The significance of this status is that the application has been effectively recorded however verification is yet to be finished

  • Validation against Error:

The point of this status is that the PAN details furnished by you do not tally with the subtleties given by the IT Department. You have to resubmit the form.

  • Migrated:

The significance of this status is that the application for movement to GST is effective.

  • Cancelled:

The significance of this status is that Registration has been dropped.

  • Approved:

The significance of this status is that your application is approved by the GST officer. And you will receive the GSTIN and GST registration application shortly.

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