Thiruvananthapuram Central Station gets ISO certification

Last Updated at: Dec 23, 2020
Thiruvananthapuram Central Station Gets ISO Certification

Railroads Network has been the foundation of our economy. As a significant segment of infrastructural improvement, trade and business, the Indian Railways has precluded the hindrances of language and cultural progress. It is essential to ensure that the central comfort offices at the railroad stations are following the inside and out standards, for instance, ISO 9001 certification.

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Indian Railway system and its advancement:

Indian railway system and railway stations were once considered one of the most laid back departments. And the concept of health and hygiene in railway stations, platforms and trains were far from imagination. Plastic packs, empty bottles, faecal matters were a noteworthy scene which can be taken into account. Toilets in trains and stations were also not clean all the time. The scenario has not changed still in many of the Indian railway stations. But, since the past couple of years, the condition of Indian Railways is improving expeditiously.

The Indian Railway stations are presently advancing tirelessly as per international benchmarks. One significant scene is the Habibganj railroad station of Bhopal. It is the central railway station of the nation to hold an ISO certification. This top tier railroad station has striking and tasteful highlights. And this is why it received the ISO 9001:2000 criterion in the year 2008.

Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station:

A particular and high-class railway station that has set a model of value administration is the Thiruvananthapuram Central rail line station in Kerala. It has been as of late conceded the ISO confirmation 14001:2015 for model Environmental Management System.

Thiruvananthapuram Central railroad station is subsequently granted the ISO confirmation. A few plans are to build the handling facility and set up a solar pan at the station. The station received the certification for amenities including LED lights, energy-saving fans, and AC, elevators and lifts. It also includes emergency clinic service, infant emergency room, women traveller assistance centre. Most importantly, there are amenities for cancer patients too.

Why is ISO certification provided?

The station collects almost 2.5 ton of waste from 15 trains positioned at the Thiruvananthapuram station every day. The station contains the ability to process just around one ton for each day of the created waste. This incorporates biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. Sanitation, train, track, and platform maintenance has been redistributed to various temporary workers. Additionally, at the backside of the station, there is a waste gathering focus. It is purportedly to process trash gathered from the trains. The waste includes the waste collected from the platform. The temporary service providers, who handle independently, take care of it. About 300 kg of waste is allegedly accumulated from tracks and platforms.

The waste, gathered from the trains, is brought to the accumulation place for processing. The accumulation focus has 13 staff, allocated for separation and processing task. The four aerobic dustbins help in dumping the biodegradable wastes, which weighs approximately 250 kgs. The station has dustbins, and a scrapping machine destroys the plastic waste. We can utilize this processed plastic spare for tarring and manufacturing PVC pipes. While other debris, for instance, plastic containers, aluminium foil, newspapers and disposable plates are precisely pressurised and stuffed in packages. It is done by utilising a baling machine which is then taken to morsel shops.

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Let’s discuss the Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station in detail on how it earned ISO certification.

How is Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station famous?

The Thiruvananthapuram Central is an important railway centre point as-

  1. It is the largest railroad station of Kerala. They respect travellers as it is the crucial unit division of Southern Railways system.
  2. Currently, Thiruvananthapuram Central has transformed into the main railroad station in the State of Kerala. This is to achieve one of the most significant accomplishments, i.e. the ISO certification 14001:2015.
  3. It has accordingly got into the records of ISO certified railroad stations of Indian Railways.
  4. The previous two ISO guaranteed stations were the Habibganj railroad station of Bhopal and the Coimbatore Railway Junction of Tamil Nadu.

How has Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station earned ISO accreditation?

As analysed above, Thiruvananthapuram Central is one of the largest railroad stations of Kerala. There are several travellers in and out. And hence it is an important rail route hub of Southern Railway. The central station truly deserves the ISO accreditation.

Above all, the administrations are according to the technique and guidelines. The revered Indian Railways has set these concerning the following key points:

  1.       Train scheduling,
  2.       Signal & media transmission,
  3.       Hygiene and sanitation,
  4.       Medication for travellers,
  5.       Travelling improvement,
  6.       Ticket bookings and some more.

To begin with, the managing panel has decided to display the ISO declaration. The authorities have planned to display it at the Thiruvananthapuram Central station’s entrance. Indeed the visitors can now observe this extraordinary achievement.

Eventually, the Indian Railways has set an example of excellence in executing and managing the overall health, hygiene, and service.  Besides, this will encourage various organisations to go for ISO affirmation.


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