Things That Successful Brand Do And Don’t Do

Last Updated at: Nov 23, 2020
France’s No.1 milk brand, Lactel, is now in India and ready to take the dairy market by storm. Lactalis India comprises the three companies of Tirumala, Prabhat and Anik that it acquired during the last six years. Speaking about the launch of Lactel UHT Milk Mr. Rahul Kumar, Managing Director, Lactalis India said that they would aim for a market share of 5% in the segment in the next 2 years. 


It is very hard to make a business successful these days. News media loves to hype the companies which catch the lightning in a bottle with the viral success. For every one of those, there are dozens of companies that make advancement towards long-term success but never reach the feeds of Ad Age. So, in this article, we will be discussing as to how brands can be successful by focusing on a set of do’s and don’ts.



Every brand should have a clear agenda as to what it should focus on to gain customers. They need to keep a check on their agenda on a monthly basis to know if they are going in the right path or not. Focusing on the aim properly and working hard to accomplish it is one of the greatest privileges any brand can have.

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Be Predictable

A large chunk of branding is about dealing with the emotional expectations of the customers. If customers get what they expect, then the brand is on the right track to win. So, it is always suggested that the brand be predictable in such a way that they can connect with their customers easily.


For the sake of powerful branding strategy, it takes a full-time commitment. Developing the trust is one of the most important strategies to gain the customers. Trust is what holds up the brand name. It is never a bad idea to be transparent.

It need not be complicated. The first step would be trademarking your brand‘s unique identity. And keeping the branding simple makes it easier to distinguish, position and create a new identity which adds the value to the culture and story of the company.



If the employees of the company do not believe in the brand’s capability to succeed and win the hearts of customers, then it won’t.  Many companies have wasted millions of money by launching brands with doubt present. To avoid this situation, build goods and services that are useful and scratch your own desire. It is not easy to doubt something that works. Build the employee’s belief in the brand and then they will build a brand your customers will believe in.


Nothing is as bad as discouragement. It will for sure drain the hope and dreams. There will be the situation where one feels so discouraged and start giving up. But instead of that one has to move on. One has to question themselves as to what irreplaceable value does their brand bring to the customers? Is the brand moving forward? Measure the success on the progress of the brand.  It is not easy in the beginning. But ensure that employees are encouraged from time to time for the brand success.


Distraction is something bigger than the doubt and discouragement. It will lure the company away from doing the work. When brands get distracted they die on the vine.  So, always try to stay focused on the things which need to be accomplished. It is very easy to fall down into the rabbit hole and do hundreds of meaningless tasks instead of the two or three things which make the brand great.

If one tries to avoid these ‘’Don’ts’’ during the branding then it will work well for the company. So, try to work hard to keep the things simple by knowing the company’s identity, being predictable and staying honest.