The Process of Getting a Food License in India

Last Updated at: Nov 23, 2020
From 1st September 2020 onwards, restaurants have started reopening in West Bengal, but  with a 50% occupancy in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the restaurant owners have urged the State Government to increase the seating capacity to 75% to meet running expenses. They have said that with the 50% ceiling, it has become difficult to meet staff salary expenses and other operating costs, which have increased while adhering to safety protocols.


Anyone planning to commence a new food business in India should possess a valid food license. In case, if they do not possess a valid food license, they cannot start a food business. So, it is mandatory to get a food license. The FSSAI issues food license.

Below we have discussed the procedure as to how to get a food license in India.

Application Process:

  1. Form B (Application form) needs to be filled. It is given in the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses), Regulations 2011.

The following documents need to be attached along with the application form:

  • A self-attested declaration as prescribed in the format in Annexure -1
  • Photocopies of documents that are prescribed in Annexure – 2 of the regulations.
  • Fees mentioned in schedule – 3 according to the type of the business.

This application form and the documents need to be sent to the Licensing Authority according to the category of business (state or central).

Additional Information:

2. If any additional information is required or any changes needs to be made in the application form, then the licensing authorities will inform you within 15 days of receiving the application.

3. 30 days time is given to fill the additional information or to make changes after the intimation related to changes. If the changes are not made within this 30 days, then the application for the food license will be canceled.

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Application ID number:

4. An Application ID number is issued after the License Authority receives the complete application. Application ID number is used for the reference in all future communication between you and licensing authority. Food license will be provided after 60 days of issuance of Application ID number.

Inspection of the business process:

5. According to the regulations of Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, after the issuance of Application ID number, licensing authority will inspect your premises where your business is going to be started.

6. If any changes need to be made related to hygienic, sanitary, etc. in your business premises inspecting officer will inform you. You need to make all the required changes within 30 days and intimate the information to the Licensing Authority.

7. Within 30 days of receiving the inspection report, license authority will consider your application. It may grant the license or reject the application.

8. After rejecting the application, you are given a chance of being heard. Even after hearing the if the authority still rejects your application then the details for refusal shall be noted in writing.

Issuance of License:

9. The License is issued in Format C under schedule 2 of FSSAI regulations by the Licensing Authority. The original copy of license should be displayed in your business premises all the time.

Online procedure:

Now the food license can also be applied through online.

  1. After the successful submission of the online application form, a unique reference ID is given for the application.
  2. A printout of the ‘Acknowledgement’ and ‘Online Application Form’ should be submitted to the Regional office of FSSAI along with the fee and supported documents, within 15 days from the submission date of application form.

In case if you think obtaining food license on your own is a significant process, then you can go for legal help. Many of the online legal platforms provide their services at a meager cost. You can compare different online platforms related to their services, price, etc. and consult them. You can check FSSAI registration