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Last Updated at: Feb 25, 2021
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When you own a business, you obtain the freedom of being your own boss, and with that comes a lot of responsibility and power. The startup wave took off in India around 2014, and since then, the culture has been growing exponentially due to the high rewards it provides. Small business ideas for home-based enterprises have been the most popular, as they require very little capital. However, obtaining an excellent small business ideas list might not be very easy due to a large number of businesses already out there. We have compiled a small business ideas list for entrepreneurs in India to experiment and explore to help you out. 

Small Business Ideas List in India

The Indian government has been encouraging individuals to take up the startup trend and build their own empires. Similarly, to offer support and encouragement, the government has put in place several schemes and welfare projects, including Startup India and Stand Up India. Moreover, all these projects help individuals unlock their entrepreneurial potential and create small business ideas for home-based ventures. But, what constitutes a good home-based business in India? The answer depends on a lot of factors, including your goals, capital, expertise and the underlying market conditions. However, the one aspect that remains constant is that coming up with a small business ideas list in India requires a lot of research and study.

Future of Small Home Businesses in India

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, India’s economic condition and trends have undergone several changes. Further, here are a few predictions made by experts regarding the future of small home businesses in India.

  1. Bigger move towards digitalisation due to problems with physical meetings and handovers. 
  2. New businesses will focus more on digital marketing techniques to raise their visibility and brand value.
  3. Moreover, smaller businesses will have to provide more personalised and customised services to retain customer loyalty.
  4. The rise in popularity of remote working will provide more opportunity for people to start their own business, leading to more micro-entrepreneurs and sole proprietorships.
  5. Additionally, there will be a significant rise in team collaborations and partnerships that occur remotely.
  6. Customer emailing lists and newsletter lists that offer personalised content and discounts will rise in popularity.
  7. Further, businesses will have to create ongoing product value and align all their products with a singular brand image to build a loyal customer base.

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Best Online Small Business Ideas List

  1. Blogging: One of the easiest ways to make money with little to zero investment in the modern world; blogging requires only a stable internet connection and a laptop. All individuals have to do is consistently write high-quality, SEO-friendly content and stick to a niche they have expertise in. Individuals can monetise their blog through promotions, partnerships and AdSense.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Earn commission by selling or marketing third-party products online via a blog, Youtube channel, social media handle or website. This is growing in popularity as you can start earning almost immediately as you get paid a percentage for every product you sell.
  3. Virtual Assistant: Large companies like Amazon and Myntra require virtual assistants to support customers facing technical issues. You require very little training for such roles as all you have to do is answer basic queries, perform minor tasks and handle issues as per an instruction manual. 
  4. Social Media Management: With most companies moving their business online, there is a lot of pressure on businesses to maintain a good presence online. Social media consultants help companies do this by operating their social media handles and improving customer engagement online. It requires some basic training, after which you can earn up to INR 50,000 a month by working for a few non-competitive companies. 
  5. Online Tutoring: Multiple platforms offer online teaching jobs to college graduates and students, making this a very profitable business idea. Such jobs pay between $5 to $60 per hour. And require only a rudimentary understanding of the subject you wish to teach as in most cases; you will be teaching school students. You can grow in this business by making your own online course for a particular subject. And spread the word regarding it through your social media handles. 
  6. YouTube Channel: If you have an interesting take on things or have an interesting lifestyle, consider starting your own Youtube channel. Once you have enough followers and subscribers, you can start monetising the channel in different ways. All you have to do is create high-quality, engaging content and interact with your followers on social media to create an online tribe.
  7. Alternatively: Market any skill you have online and turn it into a service-based business. Some of the odd-jobs you can pick up include resume building, graphic designing, logo and web designing and translation. 

Best Small Business Ideas List

  1. Makeup Artist: While this requires slightly more investment, it also offers more returns. In case you have a knack for fashion and makeup, consider setting up a salon in your home to turn your house into a money-minting machine. You can expand your network and provide various services to clients to grow your business and make a decent amount every month. 
  2. Photography: If you have a passion for photography, consider turning it into a small home-based business idea by turning it into a freelance photographer. Moreover, this side hustle requires you to build a portfolio for yourself and promote it using your social media handles. This option offers a lot of flexibility as well, making it a good option for employees and college students. 
  3. Warehouse Space: In case you have a large garage or storage space available in a second-home; then consider renting it out to e-commerce providers as a warehouse. It requires no capital and can help you gain a decent amount every month as rent. Further, e-commerce providers will use your space to store their products before shipping them out. Making this a win-win for both parties. Additionally, if you have a second home, you can also convert it into an Airbnb to receive even more returns. 
  4. Food: If you have a love for cooking, then consider turning your passion into a money-making business. It is by starting an online bakery or catering service. All you have to do is set a menu after considering consumer preference. Market it online through social media and fulfil all the orders you receive. However, make sure you meet with a lawyer. This is first to ensure you meet all the legal obligations associated with starting a food-related business in India.
  5. Other ideas you can consider include candle-making, gift assortment and packing. Yoga or hobby classes, incense stick making, and yard cleanup services.
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